33 of The Most Profitable Service Businesses to Start Now

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I’ve earned a consistent income by completing services for remote clients for many years now. It’s one of the most lucrative and easy ways to break into building a business of your own.

Offering a service online or in your local area is one of the quickest ways to make money from home, too. Whether your goal is to supplement or replace your full-time income, this list of service business ideas offers the fastest solution to your income needs.

Service business ideas typically require few assets, small investment, and little time to launch. You don’t have to rely on a supply chain or stocking products that may never sell.

I’ve earned a great income offering services online and it’s a bonus that the typical pay per hour is more than any local job I’ve ever held.

Starting a service business is simple because so much of the business relies on your talents and hands-on work. If you have been considering starting your own home business and would like to show a profit in the very first year then check out the best service business ideas to get you started.

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33 Most Profitable Service Businesses

Some of these services are common but there never seems to be a shortage of demand for them. If you network with small businesses and bloggers, you can typically find clients who need these services. The nice thing is that most of these service business ideas are not one-and-done projects but instead they often lead to ongoing work.

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1. Proofreading Service

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If you love perfecting grammar, spelling and sentence structure, consider starting a proofreading service for online content creators. Poorly written content can often prevent a business from being successful online. But proofreaders can help businesses succeed simply by helping them fix errors and publish professional, well-written content.

Caitlin Pyle has my full attention when it comes to proofreading tips and support. She earns more than $50,000 per year as a proofreader and teaches others how to do the same in her FREE 76-minute workshop by Proofread Anywhere!

If you have a question as to whether or not proofreading is for you, grab a seat at Proofread Anywhere right here — Caitlin even walks you through what it takes to be a proofreader, so you won’t be wondering if you really could be successful in the industry or not.

2. Personal or Business Consultant

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Are you passionate about and talented in a certain area that others would pay to learn? Consider offering your personal or business consulting services to help others acheive their goals.

One popular way to branch into consulting in the mom niche is by becoming a baby sleep consultant. Depending on the time you put into building your business and working with clients, you can earn a solid six figure income by offering this lucrative service to tired parents.

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3. Permanent Jewelry Welding

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Service-based businesses have endless potential as long as what they offer is trendy and profitable. Imagine how defeating it would be to start a business from an idea you believe is great, only to find out that there’s no demand for your services. The permanent jewelry business isn’t going anywhere and is sure to make you money quickly. In fact, you can become a permanent jewelry welder with just a weekend’s worth of study.

Permanent jewelers weld jewelry pieces – including necklaces, bracelets, and anklets – onto their customers. While the idea of permanent jewelry isn’t new, this service has gained an overwhelming amount of traction during recent years. Permanent jewelry welders are in high demand at events like birthday parties, bridal showers, ladies’ nights out, and other vendor-style gatherings. This service can be performed in as little as 10 minutes per customer at $40-$80 per piece, depending on the specific type of jewelry.

Take an online permanent jewelry training course and learn how to earn more in one weekend than many people earn in two weeks of full-time work. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make money in this booming field; get started now with the LINKED Permanent Jewelry Training certification course.

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4. Microblading

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Microblading has risen in popularity during the past several years and has become a booming industry, in demand both for customers and for artists interested in making this their career. Thanks to the ability to create flawless eyebrow designs and also give their happy customers the convenience of not having to spend time each day filling in their brows, microblading technicians have quickly found this to be a lucrative service business.

If you are interested in joining this part of the beauty space, take the steps to become a microblade technician and set up a microblading space inside your house. This will give you the opportunity to offer microblading services and make money right from the comfort of your own home.

As a microblade technician, you could make hundreds of dollars from a single session. Get paid to help others become more confident in themselves with eyebrows they can’t wait to show off.

5. Freelance Writer

Freelance writing will always be near the top of my list of suggested service businesses because I have personally earned tens of thousands of dollars writing for clients in the last few years. You can pitch content ideas to large publishers or you can start your own freelance writing business and work with all different sizes and types of clients.

6. Social Media Manager

Do you enjoy being on social media throughout the day and creating engaging, meaningful posts? If so then you may enjoy offering social media management services to online businesses. Learn how to build communities, encourage engagement, likes and shares and prove to your clients that you can build their business.

7. Graphic Designer

Another service business ideas for the artistic eye is in graphic design. If you can create beautiful images with fitting text overlay, then offering graphic design services might be an option for you. Pinterest is a highly visual platform and bloggers and business owners often need graphic design help in order to be successful over there. You can start out by using graphic design tools like Canva to keep your start-up costs low.

8. SEO Freelancer

Every online business owner should focus on optimizing their content for search engines like Google and Bing. This process is known as SEO and requires a few crucial steps.

If you have a working knowledge of SEO and enjoy helping others rank their pages on Google, then consider offering SEO freelance services. You can offer keyword research, on-page SEO, or link building services, to name a few ideas.

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9. Virtual Assistant

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Virtual assistance can include all kinds of online services. From scheduling appointments to responding to emails, virtual assistants help clients as needed to run their business smoothly. The nice thing about offering virtual assistant services is that you can quickly fill your schedule with only one to five clients depending on their requirements.

Gina Horkey is a pro virtual assistant who teaches beginners how to pick a service and scale it into a business–check out her free resource over at Fully Booked VA.

10. Bookkeeping Service

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You may not need a college degree to become a bookkeeper and offer your services to local businesses, but you do need to be great with numbers. Help businesses in your area learn how to organize their finances by offering a bookkeeping service that comes to them as needed.

Learn more about starting your own bookkeeping business for free at Bookkeepers.com.

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Unique Service Business Ideas

Looking to offer a service that a little less mainstream? If so, these unique service business ideas may interest you. There are so many services that people need but can’t do themselves. Successful businesses will almost always have hired help in different areas because no one person can do everything!

11. Song Lyric Ghostwriter

Enjoy writing songs by not feeling talented enough to perform them? Offer your services as a song lyric ghostwriter and earn money from your musical talents this way. One great musician could mean a lifetime of partnership using your great lyrics.

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12. Online Clothing Consignment Service

Stock up on second-hand clothing in your local neighborhood and offer your online consignment services for a cut of the profits. People often trash or donate clothing because they don’t have time to sell them online, but with your help, you can both earn money from used clothing.

13. Children’s Book Ghostwriter

Have you ever thought of an epic story for a children’s book but had no idea how to publish or market such a book? Well, consider doing the fun part and ghostwriting the story under an already established author. Sure, you give up the fame, but that doesn’t mean you give up the income! Plus, you can skip the hassle of marketing the book and leave that to your client.

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14. Children’s Book Illustrator

Maybe you struggle to come up with a story, but creating artwork for a children’s book is something you could do. Many authors partner with illustrators like you to create the perfect children’s book. Illustrators retain the credit for their work and typically earn a royalty on each copy that sells.

15. Resume Writer

Resumes are the first thing that potential employers see and it’s still important that it impresses at first glance. If you’ve created fantastic resumes in the past and enjoy helping others land their dream jobs, consider offering a resume writing service to college students or those looking to move into a lifetime career. You can use a tool like MyPerfectResume to format gorgeous resumes in just a few minutes.

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Online Service Business Ideas

Ready to start an online service business but not quite sure where to start? These ideas can be offered fully online and can lead to some lucrative remote opportunities.

15. Audio Transcription Service

Clients are ready to pay you to listen to their recorded audio and type it into readable documents. This service is known as transcription and can lead to a nice income. List your services online or look for existing online transcription jobs waiting for you to apply.

17. Business Coach

Build ongoing relationships with businesses within your expertise and provide coaching services to help them grow. There are all kinds of small business owners who struggle to find success in their niche and need someone like you to coach them.

18. Sales Support

Many online businesses need additional help in their sales department. Whether it’s email customer service throughout the sales process or after-sale support, an online business service in this area is viable. Offer your sales support to businesses within your expertise to help them successfully grow.

19. Web Designer

Do you have an eye for design and you’re tech-savvy? Consider starting a website design business and creating beautiful websites for your clients. Website pricing can range from $1,000 to $50,000 per design and often leads to ongoing website management services to continue earning money from a single client.

20. Email Marketer

If you have a persuasive yet entertaining way of writing, then perhaps offering email marketing services to various clientele is for you. As an email marketer, you would be responsible for setting up email campaigns and newsletters to bring subscribers back to your client’s product or service.

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Local Service Business Ideas

If you’re not quite ready to start an exclusively online service, perhaps a local service business is something that interests you. These business ideas are perfect to offer locally and can easily be promoted online to reach your local target market.

21. Dog Walking Service

You’ll want to be an animal lover in order to start a local service business and get paid to walk dogs. So many people understand the importance of walking their dogs daily but do not have the time to do so. Whether they work long hours throughout the day or cannot walk well themselves, there are always people who could benefit from a dog walking service. You can list your services on Care.com to get started with your first local clients.

22. Doula Services

Being at a birthing mother’s side as her doula is one of the most miraculous services you could offer. The opportunity to help moms in most vulnerable states bring their babies earthside is an incredible experience that you are unlikely to grow tired of performing time and time again.

Offer doula services to expecting mothers in your area and start growing your own business. The clear training and knowledge that give doulas the expertise to help moms transition from pregnancy into motherhood is a special service that not everyone can provide. Charge a fee for your presence and advocate for your client when they need your voice.

23. Housesitting Service

Leaving town can lead to nervous homeowners when no one is nearby to watch their home. As a responsible business owner, you could offer house sitting services and get paid to live in someone else’s house to help ease the nerves of people in your area. A clean background check and some great local reviews will help your local service business take off in no time.

24. Childcare Service

Offering childcare in your home or your clients’ homes is a great local service business to start in your area. You don’t have to start a daycare in order to offer childcare services, but you can also go that route if desired. Be sure to check local laws and requirements for starting a daycare service.

25. Laundry Service

An untold number of families could benefit from a laundry service. Simple tasks like swapping the clothes from the washer to the dryer or folding the clothes can be extremely helpful.

Laundry tends to accumulate quickly, and as a mother myself, I know that the faster the laundry piles up, the more overwhelming it becomes to tackle it. Start your own laundry service business for people like me and make money helping others. You can charge per hour, or you can charge by the task. Take on as many clients as you want and keep a consistent weekly schedule to bring in the most income.

26. Cleaning Service

Get your hands dirty by offering your cleaning services to local neighbors and businesses. Cleaning is something that everyone needs but rarely wants to do themselves. Start a cleaning business and pick up reoccurring jobs and build relationships with people in your area.

27. Organizing Service

If you enjoy organizing but don’t like to get your hands dirty, skip the cleaning steps and go straight to organizing. People are willing to pay for organization services to help them get their homes and property in shape.

28. Music Instructor

Teaching others to play an instrument or sing is something you may enjoy offering as a service. If you have a talent in music and you’re able to give clear instruction, consider making money with music as a music instructor.

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29. Transportation Service

You can sign up with Uber or Lyft to offer personal transportation services in your area, or you can get paid to drive cars across the country. Whether you’re looking to earn extra money on the weekends or replace your full-time job, transportation is something that many people need on a day-to-day basis.

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30. Storage Service

Do you have extra storage space in your home or garage? People are willing to pay monthly for storage service like this. You don’t need to build 100 storage units to make money from your extra space with Neighbor.

31. Party Planning Service

If you enjoy planning fun events, a party planning service is something that might be needed in your area. You can plan birthday parties, baby showers and office parties of all types. One of the prime benefits of this service business is that you can get paid to attend the events and parties that you plan.

32. Wedding Planning Service

You may only ever plan one wedding of your own, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy planning additional weddings as a wedding planning service. Help brides enjoy their special day by planning the perfect day.

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33. Room Rental Service

Have an extra room in your home that would make a great rental space? It’s simple to start a room rental service using a trusted service like Airbnb. Simply clean up, take some great pictures and list your space for a competitive rate. A private entrance and well-maintained living area help improve your income possibilities as a room rental service.

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How To Start A Service Business

These service business ideas only scratch the surface of what you can offer online and locally to earn money as a small business owner. If you’re ready to start your own business, it’s easy to get started.

To start a service business you’ll need to know:

  1. How to choose a niche
  2. How to promote your business

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