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Is it just me, or does it tire you too that everything revolves around money? I’m not proud of it, but in the past, I remember praying (more like begging) God for more money so that I could stay home with my newborn baby.

It’s the thoughts and prayers like these that bring the waterworks. Friend, if you’re in this place—I feel your pain—as if it happened to me just yesterday.

If you’re like me, you need to figure out how to make $3,000 fast–not just how to make quick money in one day–but a consistent income for the foreseeable future.

I work multiple freelance jobs that make $3,000 a month, on top of the residual income I earn from blogging. Starting a blog was one of the best decisions I’ve made, but it took a lot of time and effort before I earned any money from it. The nice thing, however, is that you can start a blog for less than the price of a cup of specialty coffee.

It may sound cliche, but if you’re wondering how to get free money, it’s important to change your mindset. There’s no such thing as free money (until after you’ve spent the time or money putting systems into place). You need to be willing to put in the work, and then you can potentially make $3000 dollars in one day. But it’s going to take a lot of effort and late-night hours upfront to make it happen.

Plus, there are actually tried and true ways to make money online and locally (for those who aren’t computer savvy).

    For a limited time, grab this FREE email course by a fellow introvert mom who spills ALL of her secrets that helped her earn $50,000 per year working a part-time schedule at home!

    27 Ways to Make $3,000 Fast

    It’s extremely difficult to make $3,000 in 24 hours, but if you can give yourself a week or even a month, you can do this. I’m going to share with you the quickest ways to make money without a job.  You won’t necessarily cash in overnight and you certainly won’t become a millionaire with these ideas, but you can use them to make ends meet if you truly need 3000 dollars fast.

    1. Write and Upload Stupid-Simple Slogans

    how to get paid to write slogans
    Image Credit: Slogan Seller

    One of the easiest ways to make money fast is to write one-, two-, sometimes three-word-slogans to upload and sell for a residual income. It’s amazing how much money you can get paid to write slogans. Let’s just say I know of a guy who sold the slogan “fabulous” over 250 times and made bank (especially for the amount of ” work” he put in).

    Ben Olson was a college drop out who discovered the potential behind writing slogans for a living. He made more than $3,000 in a month doing this stupid-simple task!

    I was skeptical of his method, so I read exactly how to do it for myself. I didn’t expect to learn much since I already make money writing, but there were a few things he said upfront that were both simple and mind-blowing. He teaches something that I happened to know how to do (and know that it works!), but with such a unique spin on it that I never would have thought to do it.

    This is such an easy way to make money that I’m convinced anyone has the ability to do it. And the best thing about it is that your slogans don’t have to be creative or original to earn you good money.

    Click here to learn exactly how to get started selling slogans!

    2. Share Your Opinions as a Respondent

    A respondent is someone like you or me that answers free paid surveys about different brands, products, and services in exchange for a hefty chunk of change. Some respondents report earning between $100 and $140 per hour! The upside is that there is endless work in this industry. The downside is that not all of it pays so well (some pay less than $5 per hour, so watch out!).


    Surveys from companies like Swagbucks typically pay between $.50 and $1.25 each but take as few as 5 minutes to complete. Let’s say you’re watching your favorite TV show while surfing the web for some ideas to make extra money. Instead of wasting time, you can sign up with a handful of legitimate respondent companies and make some money in the meantime.

    Swagbucks homepage

    Click here to sign up for Swagbucks and start earning today!


    Sign up with LifePoints to earn points for every survey you complete. The company paid its members more than $22 million in 2019 and continues to generously pay participants for their opinions on popular brands.


    Click here to sign up for LifePoints and start earning today! 

    Opinion Outpost

    Opinion Outpost wants nothing more than your honest opinion. As a member of this free company, you can get paid to answer short surveys for some cash. Once you reach 50 points in earnings, you can cash out for a $5 gift card. Or you can get PayPal cash when you reach 100 points (worth $10). Cash out your earnings over and over as you answer easy questions during your free minutes.

    Opinion Outpost

    Click here to sign up for Opinion Outpost and start earning today!

    Survey Junkie

    Survey Junkie is one of the best companies to sign up for if answering questions is something you could do in your spare time. As long as you’re at least 18 years old, you can sign up to see what types of tasks are currently available. They also occasionally invite members to review products or participate in remote focus groups or phone surveys. These opportunities can pay up to $150!

    Survey Junkie home page

    Click here to sign up for Survey Junkie and start earning today!


    There are more than 12 ways to make money with MyPoints, but answering questions about brands and products you already use is one of the most popular. Sign up as a free member and get a $5 bonus when you complete your first five surveys.

    MyPoints homepage

    Click here to sign up for MyPoints and start earning today!

    The more companies you work with, the more paid opportunities you can choose from in your spare time. You can also earn PayPal money by taking these no minimum payout surveys.

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    3. Demand Robocallers Pay You $1,500 per Call

    Did you know that robocalls to your cellphone without your consent are illegal? And if you get these types of calls (who doesn’t?), you could get paid up to $1,500 per call?

    Thanks to the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act, people actually make money from robocalls without stepping foot in a courtroom. Just two illegal calls to your device could earn you $3,000 fast, but chances are you’re getting closer to 10 robocalls from companies (worth $15,000)! Don’t let those pesky callers get away with it. Learn how to make the proper demands and get paid what you’re due.

    Calls into Cash Facebook screenshot

    Doc Compton, creator of, figured out how to track telemarketers and boiled it down into a simple step-by-step process. He compiled instructions from both attorneys and regular people who have been cashing in on these calls for years. If you get unsolicited calls to your cellphone and suspect they could be robocalls, then grab Doc Compton’s Turning Robocalls into Cash Kit. Just one successful payout is well worth putting your investigation skills to use.

    4. Review Useful Products

    You can many money fast and earn free stuff as a product reviewer. There are companies that will send you valuable products for free. Some companies even pay for you to write a brief review on the items you received.


    PINCHme is another company that connects brands with its members who then complete brief reviews regarding the products and services. Some members report receiving entire boxes of free samples to review. The extra bonus is that if you love a product, you’ll often receive coupons and discounts for participating.

    PINCHme doesn’t pay its product reviewers in cash, but instead sends out samples for free. The nice thing is that you can select the products that fit your lifestyle and needs. While you won’t earn money for the quick reviews you complete, you’ll still get free products and the extra coupons and discounts to save on future purchases.

    Read more in this PINCHme review.

    PINCHme free samples

    Click here to sign up with PINCHme and start getting free products!

    Vindale Research

    Review products from popular companies and brands like Amazon, Disney, Samsung, and many more. The task is simple. Sign up for a free Vindale Research account. Then, answer demographic questions so that the company can match you with fitting products. Finally, answer review questions on the brands that fit your lifestyle.

    The company pays via PayPal. You can earn up to $50 for each review or offer you complete.

    Vindale Research

    Click here to sign up with Vindale Research and start earning!

    5. Do Keyword Research

    Keywords are the search phrases that real people type into Google more than 3.5 billion times per day. Organic results are the websites that populate after the search is executed. Digital marketers pay good money for custom lists of keywords that they can use to bring their content to the first page of Google’s search results.

    The key to getting keyword research jobs is to understand how to do keyword research flawlessly. Once you learn the exact steps, it’s quick and easy to find keywords on any topic and in any industry. Check out this eBook called Get Your Keywords Together. You’ll learn everything there is to know about becoming a keyword researcher using only free SEO tools.

    Get Your Keywords Together Mobile Ebook Cover

    You can pitch your services directly to online publications, business owners, and bloggers. With your pitch, provide a small list of 3 to 5 keywords that are perfect for the company you’re pitching your services to. It demonstrates your skills before ever asking for payment.

    You can set your own prices based on the project, number of keywords found, or hours spent researching.

    6. Create Beautiful Resumes

    My Perfect Resume

    Not everyone has the ability to create the perfect resume for their next job. You can be the help they need and make good money doing it. You can create beautiful resumes quickly and easily using My Perfect Resume. The website allows you to choose a template and build a resume out line by line. It’s so easy and the results look amazing and professional.

    There are three ways to make money fast with your own resume creation service:

    • Construct resumes from scratch (a $100+ service)
    • Proofread and redesign an existing resume (a $40+ service)
    • Redesign an existing resume (a $25+ service)
    • Bonus: Offer add on services like multiple resume designs to choose from (+$5 or more)

    Thousands of people have lost or quit a job recently and need help getting back into the workforce. Having a beautiful resume to submit to potential employers is the first step in the hiring process. You can help these people by providing a needful service like resume creation and designing. Give My Perfect Resume a try for free to see if you could pump out resumes for some fast money.

    7. Sell Stuff on Amazon

    Amazon seller ebook

    You don’t have to invent a trendy new product or settle for tiny profits to become an Amazon seller. I was ecstatic when I sold my first product on Amazon, and couldn’t wait to list more items to grow my residual income. If you can navigate Amazon and follow some simple instructions, you can learn how to make $2,000 fast (or more) selling on Amazon.

    Vik JC offers a free eBook that maps out his simple 5-step process to starting an Amazon store that makes money. Not only is the book free, but his method doesn’t require a lot of money to get your business going—and it doesn’t involve Amazon arbitrage (relisting existing Amazon listings for a low profit).

    To learn how to get started, download Vic’s free eBook, 5 Simple Steps to Profitable Amazon Selling. You can quickly springboard your earnings into some nice residual income of $2,000 to $4,000 per month (or more).

    8. Recommend Cool Products for a Commission

    Wealthy Affiliates sign up

    You don’t have to become a direct sales rep and sell to your friends and family in order to make $4,000 fast. Instead, start recommending cool products to a wider audience in exchange for a commission on every sale you refer. The best thing about affiliate marketing is that you can reach far beyond your personal circle and sell to people who actually want to buy the products you recommend.

    Wealthy Affiliate is a free platform that can help you choose products to recommend and set up a free website to promote them online.

    You can build a social media following or attract traffic to your website directly by writing content about the products you recommend. As people search for reviews, best options, or problem solvers on Google, they will potentially click on your website and buy something through your affiliate link. You will pocket the commission again and again, just for helping people find the products they need.

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    9. Tutor English Online

    VIPKid Sign Up

    While this is not the gig for everyone, tutoring English online has proven to be a good income source for many people. English tutors report earnings of up to $22 per hour picking up tutoring sessions in their spare time. There are some tutors earning as much as $3,000 or more every two months working part time.

    VIPKid is a great platform that connects tutors with Chinese students. And before you skip this potential opportunity, consider the basic skills and requirements you need:

    • A Bachelor’s degree in any subject
    • A positive, upbeat attitude for teaching children
    • Residency in the US or Canada
    • Fluency in English
    • The ability to follow simple lesson plans
    • A laptop or PC with internet access

    One of the most difficult things about VIPKid is the application process. The company purposely does this to ensure that hardworking people show their true colors by sticking with it to the end. But once you get through, teaching English to kids is a fun, simple experience.

    You can read more about becoming a VIPKid tutor in our review.

    10. Teach on Autopilot

    Thinkific sign up

    If teaching online sounds intriguing but you don’t have the time to physically teach a class, consider recording an online course and selling it again and again. You can make money fast by teaching a class on autopilot. Instead of waiting for you to be available, students can purchase and watch your online class 24 hours a day.

    Thinkific provides FREE training for beginners who want learn more about creating online courses. They also provide a user-friendly platform to promote and sell your course to eager students.

    The nice thing about creating an online course is that you don’t have to have a degree or teaching experience. But you will need to have some knowledge and experience on the topic you wish to teach about. There are thousands of topics to choose from, and you don’t have to choose something that has never been covered before. Instead, offer your personal spin and teaching style on an existing topic.

    Click here to get free training on how to create an online course!

    11. Start a Dropshipping Company

    man running a dropshipping company online

    One of the best ways to start a lucrative online selling company is to drop ship goods. You won’t need to stock, package, or ship items with this moneymaking venture. Plus, you won’t have to pay for products before you sell them, which keeps your out-of-pocket costs low.

    Click here to check out this free dropshipping course to learn how to get started. Corey Ferreira set up an e-commerce dropshipping store in 2017 and sold over 8,000 items using the exact methods he teaches in this free webinar.

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    How to Make Quick Money in One Day Online

    The hands-down best way to make quick money in one day is to offer a service online. You don’t have to leave your home, learn a new skill, or go back to college to do this. Just pick a service that aligns with your current skills and get started immediately.

    There are a few ways to make money fast by offering services online. For example, I make money offering SEO and freelance writing services. But those are just two popular options among many others.

    12. Write Articles

    Earn More Writing

    Freelance writing is a great place to start if you enjoy writing. You don’t need to have a ton of experience, but you’ll make the most money if you have some background in writing since most clients pay per word. So, the faster you can write, the more money you’ll earn per hour. Check out 6-figure earner Holly Johnson’s free online workshop where she shares her secrets about becoming a freelance writer.

    13. Proofread Articles

    Cailtin Pyle proofreader

    Proofreading is a popular service that people offer content creators. Since there is so much content on the web and new articles being published every day, there is no shortage of work in this industry. As a proofreader, you would simply read through articles of all sorts and mark errors for the original writer to correct. Caitlin Pyle’s free online workshop where she shares exactly what it takes to become a successful proofreader.

    14. Edit Photos

    photo editor

    Becoming a professional photo editor is the perfect service that aspiring photographers can offer from home. It’s a lucrative part- or full-time service that you can offer again and again. Additionally, once you find loyal clients, you shouldn’t have to spend all of your time looking for more work. Katie is a photo editor who shares her secrets to success in this free online training video. Check it out to see if you have what it takes to earn money fast as a photo editor.

      For a limited time, grab this FREE email course by a fellow introvert mom who spills ALL of her secrets that helped her earn $50,000 per year working a part-time schedule at home!

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      How to Make Quick Money in One Day In Person

      You don’t have to work online to make fast money these days. There are other ways to add to your bottom line by harnessing opportunities in your local neighborhood.

      15. Rent out your Car

      Getaround website

      If you own a car that sits idle during various times throughout the day, consider renting it to nearby drivers through a secure service like Getaround. This is a fantastic way to earn passive income.

      Once you sign up with the company, they walk you through the steps of setting up a rental schedule, then you set your own rental rates and rent it out! You also set your own rules when it comes to renters using your car. The nice thing about Getaround is that once they learn your schedule and preferences, they handle all the customer interaction. And they have special insurance to make sure you get compensated if any damage should happen to your car.

      Check the local listings in your area to see how much others are listing their cars for. You can potentially make $3,000 fast by renting out your vehicle in a high demand location.

      16. Deliver Food with Postmates

      Postmates home page screenshot

      As a Postmates delivery driver, you would deliver groceries, prepared food from restaurants, and potentially alcohol (in some areas) to customers in your area.

      Postmates is a massively popular delivery service that hires almost anyone who is 18 or older with a reliable vehicle. Even if you don’t own a car, you can rent one from HyreCar. This company saw the growing need for delivery services like Postmates and decided to design a platform to help people find readily available vehicles for delivery purposes.

      The company runs everything through the Postmates Fleet app so that you know exactly what to pick up and where to deliver it every time you choose an available delivery job.

      Postmates always pays a minimum delivery fee of $4 no matter how short the drive is, and it only goes up from there. Plus there are other earning opportunities which include $.10 per minute you wait for an order to be ready, around $.60 per mile you drive to the drop off location, plus %100 of the tips you earn. You can apply to become a Postmates driver here and potentially start earning an average of $25 per hour.

      You won’t be able to make $3,000 in 24 hours with Postmates alone, but these opportunities could put you closer to your goals.

      17. Make Money Sharing Your RV

      RVShare home page

      Not everyone has an RV sitting around, but if you do, you’re in luck. People in your area may be willing to pay some decent cash to rent it out for a few nights. Using a service like RVShare, you can get your RV in front of these people immediately. Depending on your area, you may be able to make an easy $200+ per night you part with your RV.

      Unless you’re a full-time RVer, why not make money fast sharing it with people in your area? The nice thing about RVShare is that you can set your own rules and rates, and offer hassle-free insurance in case anything happens to your RV. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved!

      Click here to see how much your RV is worth per night.

      RVShare home page

      18. Sell Your Services Locally

      You can earn money quickly by offering your services to local clients. Since there’s no limit for what you could do, here are just a few ideas to get your ideas turning:

      • Sign up for Rover and offer dog walking and pet sitting services.
      • Sign up for Bookscouter and help local people sell online in exchange for a commission.
      • Offer house cleaning or car detailing services.
      • Offer lawn and gardening services.
      • Offer babysitting services.

      19. Take Advantage of Cash Back Offers

      Earning cash back alone will not get you to your goal of $3,000, but if you don’t take advantage, you’re leaving money on the table. And every little bit counts. Plus, cash back is basically free money that you can earn every time you go discount shopping online and in store.

      Even though you’re trying to make money, chances are you still have to spend money on necessities. If you haven’t taken advantage of all the cash back apps on the market, then you’re missing out on this free money every single day.

      With competition for your digital dollars on the rise, there are companies that will pay you money to click their links before you shop. Dosh is a cash back app that makes it easy to earn money while shopping in stores as you normally would! Don’t take my word for it. Click here to sign up for Dosh, grab your first $5 bonus when you link your card, and start raking in the cash back perks.

      Ibotta is another cash back app that you need to have on your phone when you’re wondering how to get free money. It’s geared toward grocery shopping and gives cash back bonuses for a lot of items that you already purchase. Between my husband’s quick trips to the store and my planned shopping trips, we easily earn some decent cash back each month. Click here to sign up for Ibotta and get your first $10 bonus plus earn cash back on your qualifying purchases!

      How to Make $3,000 in A Week

      If you’re desperate, there’s always a way to make $3,000 in a week or maybe two weeks max. But you must be willing to work on more than one of these ideas during this time period.

      20. Sell Your Used Smartphones for Cash

      Get an instant cash offer for your used smartphones and other electronics from Decluttr. It’s extremely quick and easy to grab a quote for your items. If you like the price offered, then just follow the instructions to ship your box of stuff to the company.

      Once they receive it, they’ll send you your money fast! Decluttr makes it easy to sell your extra gadgets when you need to make $3,000 fast. You can turn this into a consignment gig and sell old phones on behalf of your friends and neighbors. Then, split the profit as a commission for your efforts.

      21. Rent out your home, Apartment, or A Room on Airbnb

      If you have the space to spare, consider renting your home (or just a room within your home) on Airbnb. It’s a platform that connects renters with customers who need a short-term place to stay. There are different ways you can do this and make great money depending on your area.

      Some people will list their home on Airbnb for anywhere from $100 to $400 per night (depending on location) and then grab a few nights in a local hotel while their home is rented out. In this case, you pocket the difference between your Airbnb list price and your hotel/motel stay. Sign up for a free account with Airbnb and start renting out your home for some fast cash!

      You can even have fun with it and go on mini-vacations to other homes in your area. Just make sure you choose a stay that is cheaper than the price you rent your own home out for so that you can make some money on the deal. Get up to $55 credit toward your future stays here.

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      22. Sell Your Stuff

      If you’re in a bind and need $3,000 right now, selling stuff right out of your home might be the fast way to go. Do you have a treadmill collecting dust? An extra flat-screen TV? Bedding that you didn’t end up using for long? There are tons of things that are worth selling. As long as you’re able to part with the item and won’t be tempted to buy it again (brand new) in the future, then this is as a great solution.

      23. Purchase used items and sell online for a profit

      If you don’t have many items of your own that are worth selling, then you can buy and then sell stuff for a profit. The official term for this side gig is called flea market flipping. You can buy and sell used clothes, books, toys, electronics and many other items that you find for a great price. Simply find great deals in your area and list for a profit on sites like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist or eBay.

      24. Pick up Overtime at Your Job

      Don’t forget that your boss might have some extra work at your current job. If you’re really strapped for cash and need to reach your income goal fast, you should be working overtime (like yesterday). Ultimately, your goal is to get your bills paid and meet your needs. If that means working some overtime, then don’t be afraid to ask for it!

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      What Should I do to Get Money Today?

      Understandably, you may need to do something quick—as in money in your hand today. It’s okay to ask for help and then use some of the following ideas to make $3,000 in a month to pay back a small loan.

      The real problem when some people need to make money fast is that they start to use credit cards or Payday loans. But there are better, safer, ancheaper ways to borrow money when you’re desperate for money today.

      25. Get a Short Term Loan

      You can connect with a lender for up to $5,000–even if you have bad credit–using Bad Credit Loans. It’s free to request a rates, and you can compare multiple options to choose the best fit. While the interest rates you’ll see may be higher than expected, remember that these loans are meant to be short term. If you can pay it off quickly, the loan won’t have time to build up in interest payments.

      Click here to get a free list of lenders and rates here.

      26. Donate Plasma

      There are high paying plasma donation centers that take walk-in donations. You can literally drive to a center, donate plasma, and make $50 fast (today). Each center has its own set of requirements, but most expect you to be at least 18, healthy, and have a valid ID. You can call ahead before visiting a donation center so that you know exactly how much it pays, and what documents you’ll need to bring. According to the FDA, you can donate up to two times in a seven day period, for an average income of $400 extra per month.

      27. Ask for Help

      If you’re facing an emergency and need $3,000 in your hand right now, I don’t want to mislead you. Yes, the following methods can help you make $3,000 fast, but that doesn’t always mean you will have the cash in hand right away. It can take a few days to weeks to actually have the money in your possession.

      If you need to ask for help, consider setting up a GoFundMe account and asking friends and family to donate to your cause. Your story may not go viral across Facebook, but it doesn’t take an army to raise $3,000 quickly.

      Do You Need to Make 3000 Dollars Fast?

      These are not your typical online “make money for doing nothing” suggestions.

      Each one of these is going to require some time and dedication to get the ball rolling. But once that ball is rolling, you could be raking in up to $3,000 per month!

      Get started on a few of these today and you could have some extra money in your pocket by the end of the day.

      Stick to them daily and you could have a few hundred extra by the end of the week.

      But no matter what, just remember that you’ll get out of these job ideas what you put in.

      Don’t expect to sit back and watch the money roll in – that just doesn’t happen for anyone overnight.

      Instead, hustle hard and build the income you need to make ends meet (and more).

        For a limited time, grab this FREE email course by a fellow introvert mom who spills ALL of her secrets that helped her earn $50,000 per year working a part-time schedule at home!

        Make 3000 Fast

        Make 3K Fast

        For more than 10 years I've been researching, testing, and sharing work from home opportunities with fellow introverts.I created The Pay At Home Parent in February of 2018 to help you be a successful home-based business owner, blogger or side hustler.As a wife, mom and frugal homemaker, I make a full-time income on a part-time work schedule and I know that you can too!

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