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Starting a $50,000+/year business is simple, but promoting your business successfully can be a challenge. That’s why I’m sharing how to promote your business so that your revenue and income can grow exponentially.

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    Whether your business is online, local or both, most of these methods listed will work for you.

    The first secret to promoting your business successfully is to choose one to three methods to start. If you try to promote your business using all 10 methods from day 1, then you’re likely to burn out before seeing success.

    When you commit to too many business promotional methods at one time, you risk stretching yourself too thin and failing in all areas.

    If you have the budget to hire someone to assist in the promotion of your business, then your success may be tenfold. The ultimate goal is to only take on as much as you and your business can handle.

    With this in mind, I will share how to promote your business with my top 10 recommended methods (starting with my favorites).

    Make sure to apply these methods to your business model as you see fit and you will soon know which business promotional methods should be at the top of your own list.

    promote your business online and locally

    10 Ways To Promote Your Business

    How To Promote My Business On Google For Free

    Content Marketing (SEO)

    Writing content that your target audience is searching for is the number one promotional method that I recommend.

    Creating content that caters to search engines and human readers is called SEO (search engine optimization). This simply means that Google knows exactly what you are talking about in your content and can show it to those searching for you.

    Think about it. If you have a question, where do you go for quick answers? Google. It’s easy and you can type in any search query and get an answer to your question almost instantly.

    Learn how to SEO your content online (this works for local, national and international businesses).

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      How To Promote Your Business On Social Media


      Many businesses find major success on Pinterest. It’s a search engine that often gets put in a category with social media. But Pinterest that and much more.

      Users come to Pinterest to search for ideas, products, pictures, tutorials and much more. If you visit Pinterest and search for a few key terms that describe your business, you can quickly see if your topic is popular on the platform.

      Growing your Pinterest following and reach is simple once you’ve learned the basics and found a strategy that works for you.

      The online course called Pinteresting Strategies is the first instructional I followed and found success with on Pinterest.

      Learn how to use Pinterest to increase your blog traffic.


      Some businesses are perfectly optimized for social shares naturally. But more often than not, gaining traction on Facebook takes proactive work and advertising.

      I rarely pay to promote a post on Facebook. In fact, my success with promoting my business on social media doesn’t come from my small business page or group, it comes from proactively helping others in larger groups that don’t belong to me.

      For example, by answering questions about SEO (that I love answering), businesses reach out to me to help them work on their website.

      This works in many service-based businesses because it builds trust and relationships with others in your niche.


      Instagram is a highly visual platform that allows you to connect with others based on interest. Many businesses promote on Instagram and grow a large following of raving fans.

      A good way to find out if Instagram (or any other social media platform) is good for your business, open the platform and search for businesses like yours. Are others finding success? Do they have a high number of followers and interaction on their posts?

      If you enjoy taking pictures or have to for your business anyway, then sharing them on Instagram could be a great promotional method for your business.

      How To Promote Your Business Online

      Email Marketing

      Your email list is an important way to build dedicated customers and clients.

      For example, if you were a book writer and publish something new each year, your email list will be there waiting for each new book announcement.

      Use your email list to help your target audience get to know you and when it comes time to promote your business, they will be happy to purchase your product or services.

      Affiliate Marketing

      If you know anything about affiliate marketing, then you may think it odd that I should mention it as a way to promote your business.

      I’m not talking about the typical way that affiliate marketers sell third party products and services, I’m talking about you being in the shoes of that third party.

      Set up an affiliate program or a referral system that allows others who know and trust your business to refer their friends and family to you.

      Word of mouth recommendations are some of the best ways to get new customers and clients. Why not give back to those who recommend you by sharing a percentage of your earnings?


      This may sound like an odd way to promote your business, but I had to share it because Craigslist is where I found my first client.

      When I first started my home-based business, I had no idea where to find my first client. I didn’t even know what type of work I was looking for or how much to charge for my services.

      But after typing out a detailed, well-written advertisement for my writing services, I landed my very first client from a free Craigslist ad.

      Even if your services are not local only, Craigslist could help you reach a new audience in your niche.

       This mom makes $50,000 per year and teaches how in her free 9-day email course! Signup to learn more.

        How To Promote Your Business Locally


        Especially useful for local businesses, online directories are a great way to promote your business.

        If you’re running a business that focuses on local services or products, then making your business easy to discover is imperative.

        Make sure your business is listed in local directories and online directories. Many people are searching for local recommendations online, and finding you first could lead to more business and income.

        Local Newspapers

        Many people still read the local newspaper. If there is affordable ad space, consider listing your business there.

        Many online businesses can also be found in large newspaper advertisements. Don’t underestimate the power and reach of the paper!

        Bulletin Boards

        Have you ever visited a local restaurant and noticed a bulletin board with papers tacked to it? People still read those!

        Create a nice advertisement that explains your product or service and be sure to provide your phone number or website address.

        Promoting Your Business

        There are so many people that need your business. It’s important that you promote your business in as many locations as you’re able to upkeep.

        But if you’re new to online business, remember that promotional burnout is a real thing. It’s more important to be consistent in fewer places than it is to be present in all places.

        In other words, if you can only keep up with two or three of these business promotional methods, then you’re far better off than showing up to all of them once but then never returning again.

        If you’re ready to find more customers or clients for your business, then choose some promotional methods and start to promote your business today!

        I created The Pay At Home Parent in February of 2018 to help you be a successful home-based business owner, blogger or side hustler. As a wife, mom and frugal homemaker, I still make a full-time income on a part-time work schedule and I know that you can too!

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