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We empower entrepreneurs to achieve financial and career freedom, affording them the opportunity to pursue their passions from home.

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Our Mission

History & Mission

Founded by Trinity Owen in 2018, The Pay at Home Parent® has the mission to help families reach financial and career independence.

Financial Independence

We help thousands of struggling families achieve freedom from money worries through smart budgeting, selective spending, and building passive income streams.

Career Independence

We encourage entrepreneurs to explore and pursue opportunities based on personal interests, skills, and ambitions without constraints from external forces.

After three years of feeling stuck in a soul-sucking cubicle, I knew that the corporate life was not for me. So many new moms, including myself, struggle to find passion in their work lives while also being called to raise their children. I was determined to find a way to pursue my true passion as a stay-at-home mom and make a living in the process.

With the financial pressures families face today, having a single income is often not enough to make ends meet. This harsh reality fuels my mission to match 50,000 entrepreneurs around the world with their dream jobs or start-up businesses each year.

Having personally experienced the lifestyle freedoms that accompany financial and career independence, I cannot wait to help families take the same steps with confidence.

fOUNDER AND cfo of The Pay at Home Parent

Meet Our Team

The Pay at Home Parent® would just be an empty shell without our beloved team of highly-qualified individuals. Our resources are meant to equip driven entrepreneurs with the tools they need to make informed decisions on how best to start their journey to financial and career freedom. We can help you navigate everything from identifying and cultivating your skills to launching and growing your business. No matter what stage your business is in, we’ve got you covered! Get to know us on a more personal level and let us help you get started.

Jared Owen
Samantha Flores
Amira Irfan, esq.
Jessica Payne


A work-from-home mother with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Television Broadcasting and more than a decade of experience in print editing and journalism.

Danna Gamble
Danna Gamble

Couponing Expert

Author of Get Your Coupons Together and go-to savings expert with over 10 years of experience in couponing, budgeting, and saving.

Our Philosophy

By investing in yourself and your professional development, you can unlock a world of amazing possibilities.

Investing money on courses or certifications will sharpen the skills necessary to become an expert in your chosen field and increase your worth.

Doing so allows for new opportunities that could result in greater income. Essentially, spending a little now can mean making more later!

Woman researching short certification programs on a laptop

14 Best Short Certificate Programs That Pay Well

If you’re ready to invest in your abilities and earn a certification for one of the top-paying skills, then follow your dream and act on it now.


35 Best Stay-at-Home Mom Jobs That Pay Well

If you’re ready to change your income, career, and life, this list of job ideas is perfect for moms who dream of working from home.

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Connect With Us

We invite you to follow us so that we can have the opportunity to develop a closer connection with you. Allow us to support your journey toward financial and career freedom.

  • Break free from the bonds of money woes and achieve financial freedom.
  • Stop working harder just to put more money in your boss’s pocket.
  • Find an income source that aligns with your passion and talent.
  • Work from home so that you can be there for your children.