Avoid the Sketchy $750 SHEIN Gift Card Reward

Woman shopping on smartphone holding SHEIN gift card

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Stumbling upon a free $750 SHEIN card might seem like a dream come true. We all love new clothes – especially when we can get get them for free.

Affordable clothing companies like SHEIN let us sport the latest looks without the high price tags. The deals are made even sweeter when there are whispers of an opportunity to get a free $750 SHEIN gift card.

Unfortunately, not everything is as it seems. Read on to find out how to obtain legit free gift cards.

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What is the $750 SHEIN Gift Card Offer?

A company called Flash Rewards supposedly gives its members a $750 SHEIN gift card that can be used to purchased clothing and other products on the SHEIN website.

⛔Popularized by Flash Rewards

Flash Rewards participants are told that they will be given the gift card after they complete a series of tasks. It’s unfortunate not that simple, as they must jump through a lot of hoops to earn the reward.

Flash Rewards and other similar sites play off of the popularity of companies and apps like Cash App, PayPal, and SHEIN. They try to use the allure of earning $750 to one of these sites to their advantage, but they actually have no relationship with those brands. They are simply using those big names to gain traction in a highly competitive industry.

⛔Demands a Lot from You

Flash Rewards advertises itself as an easy-to-use app on which users can complete tasks for a variety of gift cards. You just won’t know in advance how long the assignments will take, how much information the site will collect from you, and how to ultimately redeem your promised rewards.

⛔Intense Requirements

To earn the $750 SHEIN gift card, you must complete 20 tasks, like signing up for multiple sites and offers. You may even be required to pay for a product in order to complete your assigned list. The likelihood of anyone actually finishing all of the tasks is low, due to the number of steps it takes to check off just one item. If you don’t complete all 20 offers, you will lose your shot at the $750 gift card.

Is Flash Rewards Legit?

Woman shopping on smartphone holding SHEIN gift card

The Flash Rewards’ $750 gift card offer is legitimate, but the app makes it difficult for the majority of participants to actually earn that money. You will instead find yourself spending a lot of time trying to complete all of the required tasks.

⛔You Have to Spend Money to Make Money

Not all of your assignments will be free to do. Users often have to actually pay out for subscriptions or services they don’t need, defeating the purpose of getting free money. Even if you complete 19 of the 20 tasks, you still won’t get the $750 gift card, no matter how much time or money you spent up to that point.

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⛔You Have to Provide Your Personal ID

The Flash Rewards fine print specifies that in order to receive your $750 SHEIN gift card reward, you will have to submit a photo copy of your valid United States ID.

⛔You Have to Consent to Receive Robocalls

Another caveat included in Flash Rewards’ Terms and Conditions is that members must consent to place their phone numbers on various automatic dialer systems. You could end up receiving a barrage of unwanted sales calls from Flash Rewards and its “marketing partners.”

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⛔Payout Is Not Guaranteed

Many people who have attempted to earn with Flash Rewards have given negative reviews about their experiences. These include not receiving rewards, missing points even after completing tasks, and failure from Flash Rewards to answer questions or assist with problems.

Ultimately, attempting to earn the free $750 SHEIN gift card sounds like a complete waste of time.

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Best Alternatives to the $750 SHEIN Gift Card Offer

The following alternatives to the $750 SHEIN gift card offering from Flash Rewards provide one-and-done offers, and you can use them to meet your monetary goals plus earn free gifts cards to retailers like Target, Walmart, and Starbucks.

✅1. Swagbucks (Trusted Rewards Site)

Swagbucks app

Rewards site Swagbucks pays users actual cash for every task they complete, including taking surveys, playing games, reading emails, completing offers, and more. This site is free to use.

As a member, you can choose how you want to earn, and you will never be required to complete a task that doesn’t align with your preferences. Each offer is assigned a set number of Swagbucks payouts, allowing you to select the highest-paying rewards, many of which are free to complete.

Complete high-paying Swagbucks offers like downloading apps (including Sofi, Stash, or Chime) or reaching specific levels in games like Merge Dragons, Yahtzee Buddies, and Scrabble Go.

When you are ready to cash out, select the payout of your choice on the Swagbucks rewards page, which updates often. If you don’t see a SHEIN gift card listed at the moment, request a PayPal deposit and then purchase yourself a $750 SHEIN gift card.

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✅2. InboxDollars (Legitimate Offers Site)

InboxDollars App

The popular, reputable site InboxDollars pays its users for their time spent completing activities.

Check off tasks on the InboxDollars site, like couponing, taking surveys, and watching short videos. These can all be completed at your own pace, and you don’t have to spend a required amount of time on the platform in order to keep your account active.

You will be paid as soon as you complete your chosen activities. If the current payout offerings do not include a SHEIN gift card, check back later in case they are updated.

In the meantime, request your InboxDollars rewards in the form of a PayPal withdrawal and then purchase your own SHEIN gift card.

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✅3. KashKick (Automatic PayPal Cash Offers)

Kashkick site displayed on a laptop

Kashkick gives its members opportunities to earn some extra money.

Site users earn rewards and loyalty prizes after signing up for free Kashkick accounts. Available tasks include testing products, taking surveys, and playing games for money. 

Various brands use Kashkick to connect with users like you to try their items and provide feedback. The platform will give you a portion of the income it receives in exchange.

Swap your Kashkick earnings for a PayPal deposit and then purchase your own $750 SHEIN gift card.

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Don’t Get Sucked Into the $750 SHEIN Gift Card Offer

The Flash Rewards $750 is technically a legitimate offer, and the only real evidence against it are some negative online reviews.

Despite the fact that this is a real prize, it isn’t easy to earn. The company has made it challenging for users to ever actually take home the promised money.

The only real way to earn $750 at SHEIN is to use an alternative site like the ones mentioned above. ✅Swagbucks, ✅InboxDollars, and ✅Kashkick are all legitimate, safe sites that help members reach their SHEIN gift card goals.

Don’t waste your time and money on something that’s nearly impossible to earn. Your rewards are waiting for you on sites like InboxDollars!

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