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If you’re like me, you’ve wondered how to get free money right now at some point in your life. It’s a legitimate question to ask when times are tough.

When I finally accepted that my husband’s health issues were not going away, I knew that I wanted to make it possible for him to work from home with me.

Since I already had two blogs making some money as well as servicing remote clients, making extra money to close the gap didn’t seem unreasonable.

But to make the final decision to close the door on my husband’s career of 8+ years felts intimidating. We needed free money now to make that happen. In this list, I’ll explain the ideas that made us feel comfortable when my husband finally quit his job.

Our story aside, you’re here to learn how to get free money on PayPal or by mail. Money is legal tender and you have to be willing to exchange something for it.

If you have a little time to spare, you can be well on your way to covering your needs with these different ways to make instant money online absolutely free.

Get Free Money Right Now With Your Smartphone

Making money from your smartphone is easier than ever with the latest advancements in technology. Whether you’re reading this on your phone at home or you want to earn while on-the-go, these first free money hacks are perfect for you.

1. Download Apps To Earn Money In Your Sleep

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel is an app that runs in the background of your phone (or computers) and offers legitimate opportunities to win cash or gift cards every week.

The company collects anonymous data usage from thousands of smartphone users and uses it to predict market trends for big brands. It helps marketers keep up with the demands of consumers, without encroaching on anyone’s privacy.

To earn an easy $50 per year doing absolutely nothing, download and install the app on your devices. For as long as you decide to keep the app installed on your device, you can continuously earn points and credits toward future rewards! It’s an easy way to earn money in your sleep.

2. Complete Paid Offers for Free Money Now

There are various companies that will pay you to sign up for offers like trials, games, samples and more. Some offers require you to purchase something in order to get paid, but you can either skip those or choose only the ones that you would’ve purchased at full price already. Earning cash back on the things you already purchase is the best hack for free money to date.


InboxDollars Offers

InboxDollars is my all-time favorite place to go scavenge for paid offers. I’ve earned money by doing easy tasks like requesting a free insurance quote, watching short video ads, playing games, trying free products and much more. This company keeps a dedicated page updated with free offers that pay good money.

I’ve had hundreds of dollars in free money mailed to me from InboxDollars just for hopping on the website in my spare time. As a new member of InboxDollars, you can get free money right now just for signing up.

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Pinecone Research


As a member of Pinecone Research, you can earn some quick cash for testing and reviewing products and completing questionnaires about the products and services you use. The offers pay up to $3 per brief task.

You can sign up for a free account and start earning money as soon as you fill out a few demographic questions. This information helps the company match you with eligible offers. Sign up with Pinecone Research to get free money.

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3. Negotiate Lower Payments with Your Creditors


You can potentially put 25% of the money you spend on monthly bills back into your pocket using Billshark. When you need money now, saving money fast could make all the difference.

If you pay the bills in your home, Billshark wants to help you get free money back into your pocket. The company negotiates with your creditors on your behalf and keeps your bill payments as low as possible. Check out Billshark to see how much money they can get you every month.

4. Rake in Cash While You Shop

Earning cash back while using a credit card is old news, but not everyone knows that there are apps that pay you to shop. These apps get paid to promote popular brands and then turn around and split the earnings with you. It’s an easy way to earn money while shopping for the things you need.


Rakuten cash back

Rakuten is a free cashback website that helps you put money back into your pocket when you shop online and in certain stores. I’ve used it on and off over the years and have received just over $300 from the company! Get a $10 bonus for signing up and using the app. If you end up loving it, you can earn an additional $25 for each friend you invite to the app (plus gift them a $10 sign up bonus at the same time!).

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Ibotta cash back earnings

Ibotta pays you to shop for necessities like groceries. While you jot down your next shopping list, hop on the app to see what cash back deals they have going on. The deals change every week so you can watch for your favorite brands (and try some new ones!). Sign up now to start saving while you shop!

5. Refer Friends for Free Money Now

It’s one thing to refer friends to spammy websites, but it’s a whole new thing to legitimately help friends and get free money now. There are plenty of free survey apps and websites that you can earn a decent referral fee without expecting your friends or family to pay a dime. The best way to convince friends to sign up is to try the companies out yourself and genuinely share the ones you like the most.

Here are some refer-a-friend bonuses that can add up fast:

  • InboxDollars – a free microtask website that pays members to do all kinds of tasks like playing games, shopping online, answering surveys, signing up for free offers, and much more. Get $5 for signing up and earn 30% of each referral’s income.
  • MyPoints – a free cashback shopping portal and survey center that rewards members in points, which can later be redeemed for gift cards and PayPal cash. Get $10 for signing up and earning your first chunk of cashback.
  • Respondent – a company that pays its members to participate in research studies about products and services you already use. Get $20 to refer friends to the general website or $50 to refer them to specific studies.

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6. Get Free Money from Robocallers

woman talking on phone to robocaller

Did you know that you can potentially make $500-$1,500 per illegal robocall or text made to your mobile device? If you receive calls like this all the time, you just might be able to cash out fast. Gather the proof and send in your demand letter today.

Click here to learn exactly how to cash in on those robocalls.

How to Get Free Money Right Now Online

Getting free money online is more than possible these days since you can reach tons of people without stepping outside of your home. This next set of ways to make instant money online absolutely free won’t make you rich overnight, but could help you get to your income goal quickly.

7. Make and Sell Printables Online

Etsy Store

Printables are one of the best things to make and sell online. You can make them once and sell them over and over. I created an Etsy store with a few simple printables and earn a small residual from them each month. As time allows, I will continue to create more designs and continue to make money doing nothing.

There are tons of different types of printables that people will pay for. Just think of what would make your life easier like a printable checklist, schedule or journal pages, then create them, and start selling digital copies.

You can open an Etsy store and list your first 40 items for free to see if this method could help you make $2,000 fast. After you’ve sold 40 items, Etsy charges just $.20 per listing plus a 5% processing fee. It’s easy to cover these costs with digital items like printables because it doesn’t cost you anything to supply the product.

8. Design Graphics to Print on Clothing and Handbags


You don’t have to be a professional graphic designer to create the perfect t-shirt. Printify is a dropshipping genius that lets you upload graphics to place on shirts, sweaters, leggings, handbags, smartphone cases and more.

You can list your designs on Printify and sell them for a profit. Once a customer places an order, Prinitfy handles the printing, packaging and shipping. You just handle the designing and marketing side of the business.

Click here to sign up for Printify and upload your first design.

9. Build a Subscription Box

subscription box full of goodies

Life is all about convenience. Subscription box businesses make life simpler and a bit more fun. You could potentially make money quickly by starting a subscription box business online.

Getting started is simple. The hardest part is deciding what to put in your subscription boxes. To decide, think about the audiences you can reach on social media, then build the perfect box just for them. Check out these 50 subscription box ideas to help inspire you to get started.

10. Get an Instant Offer on Your Electronics

BuyBack Boss homepage

Buyback Boss provides instant cash offers for used smartphones and tablets. If you have some devices on hand that you’re no longer using, you can turn them into quick cash online.

Simply visit Buyback Boss and request an instant price. If you like the offer, go ahead and accept it! Buyback Boss provides a free shipping label so that you don’t have to shell out any money to send in your device(s).

11. Create Content for Online Businesses

man creating content

Since the content on the internet increases exponentially by the day, there’s no shortage of work in this industry. To capitalize on this era, you can become a content creator. There are all kinds of content you can create such as articles, video content and voice recordings. There are endless opportunities to put your writing skills to work as a content creator.

12. Publish eBooks

Make money selling ebooks

I used to think it would be difficult to become a published author. Then one day I planned out an entire eBook and wrote it over the next three long weekends. Now I earn a residual income from selling copies every month.

You can make money selling eBooks on all kinds of topics. Choose a topic you know well, research it to make it even better, and put it all together to make the perfect Guide. Once you’ve published your first book, you may be addicted to the income and decide to start writing more books immediately.

How to Get Free Money Right Now In Person

It’s not easy to make money in a day, but with the right effort and maybe a little luck, it’s possible. Choosing just one of these free money hacks may not get you enough money, but putting them together could get you to your goals today.

13. Flip Stuff for a Huge Profit

flea market flipping workshop

Flipping has been a popular way to make money for many years now. High ticket items like houses aren’t the only items that make good money either. Rob and Melissa are a couple who earn a full-time income flipping all kinds of treasures. They find deals at flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores and even junk piles to flip for a profit. Check out their free workshop to learn how they do it!

14. Ask for Free Money


When it comes to needing free money in a bind, sometimes the answer is right in front of you–just ask for it. If there’s a reputable cause behind your needs, start a GoFundMe account. Of course, getting money this way to buy a dirt bike would be extremely difficult, but sharing your story on an accident that requires payment on medical bills could tug at the heartstrings of potential donors. Share your campaign on social media to get it in front of the most eyes possible.

Do you have friends or family who might the willing to give you free money? If so, share your GoFundMe campaign with them or ask them for cash.

15. Deliver Food Without a Commitment

Instacart driver

If you have a reliable car and some extra time, sign up as an Instacart shopper. Between your other side hustles to earn $2,000, you can fill your spare time delivering groceries. Customers can leave you tips, too, to help you get closer to your earning goals. The nice thing about Instacart is that there are no minimum requirements. You can pick up as few (or as many) orders as you would like.

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16. Walk Your Neighbor’s Dog


Chances are you have a few dogs in your neighborhood that are dying to be walked. You can list your local dog walking and dog sitting services on Rover. Make sure to share your listing in local Facebook groups and forums in order to get fresh eyes on your service offerings!

17. Rent Out a Room in Your Home

free Airbnb bedroom

If you’re traveling, or simply have a few extra rooms in your home, you can get free money fast by listing your space on Airbnb. It doesn’t take long to describe your living area and make a complete listing on the platform. The more popular your town, the more you can charge for each night a guest stays.

If you’re really in a bind for money, consider listing your home on Airbnb and staying with local family and friends when your home gets rented.

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18. Rent out Your Stuff on Fat Llama

Fat Llama

If you have some photography equipment, tools or other gadgets that you’re not willing to sell for quick cash, then consider listing them on Fat Llama and renting them out to people in your area. This is a great way to earn money on items that you aren’t currently using. If you have a larger item like a boat or RV, you could get a lot more per day.

Other Odd Ways to Get Free Money Right Now

If you haven’t found the right opportunity, try these additional odd but realistic ways to earn cash right now.

19. Flip Land Fast

Flip land webinar

I’ve heard of flipping houses for a decent income, but never thought of it as a fast way to make money. Typically it requires a lot of hands-on labor or money to hire contractors to make the house worth more. But then I came across this free land flipping online class and it clicked. You don’t need to buy and fix up a house in order to make good money with this strategy! Selling land is much faster than selling a house since there’s no preparation required.

Sign up for Jack’s free online class to see how he makes good money flipping land.

20. Refinance Your Student Loans

Lendkey homepage

In some ways, saving money is the same as making money because it adds more cash back into your budget. One odd way that people are doing this is by refinancing their student loans. You can quickly check how much money you would keep in your wallet using an estimation tool like the one LendKey offers. Visit the website, click “Check Your Rate,” add your information and submit the form. The company does all of the work of finding the best rates and recalculating your interest and loan payments.

Don’t underestimate the power of saving money fast when you’re in a bind. You may end up reaching your goals without ever earning an extra dime!

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21. Time The Market


There are people who hack their way to free money by watching the stock market every day to try to buy and sell shares for a profit. It can be a bit of a gamble if you don’t know what you’re doing. You can sign up with a company like TimingCube to tell you exactly when to buy and sell your shares at a potential profit.

The company emails buy, sell and crash notifications to its members so that you can try to time the market just right. You can give TimingCube a test run to see if stock market investing is a good choice for you.

22. Enter Sweepstakes

If you’re feeling lucky, you could potentially win free money. I would never suggest gambling away your money, but there are plenty of sweepstakes you can enter for free.

Before entering any sweepstakes, consider opening a separate email account or using an old email address that you no longer receive important communication to. Once you start entering your email address, you will likely receive extra emails to your inbox. Yes, you’ll want to check your email to see if you’ve won, but you won’t want to get bogged down by spam and lose anything important along the way.

How to Get Free Money from The Government

If you need to make ends meet, you can get governmental aid until you can get back on your feet. If you’re eligible for free money from the government, start here.

23. Apply for The Star Credit (Or Other Credits In Your State)

I didn’t realize until recently that I could get free money mailed to me from my state for the Star Credit. In New York, the state will return a hefty chunk of change based on your school tax bill if you earn less than $500,000 per year. Make sure to check your state’s tax credits for these gems because I spent the first six years of homeownership paying the full amount in school taxes (which is not cheap in my county!).

24. Apply for Unemployment

If you’ve recently lost your job in the US and don’t know where to turn, you can apply for unemployment through your state’s website. Each state has different requirements so read through them before you apply.

25. Apply for Disability

If you are unable to go to work due to health issues, check with your state to see if you are eligible for disability. You may need to visit your primary care doctor to request the proper documentation for the application.

26. Apply for Foodstamps

You don’t have to be unemployed or disabled to receive food stamps, but there are certain income requirements. You can apply for food stamps online to see if you’re eligible.

27. Check for Unclaimed Money

On occasion, people forget about old bank accounts, property, or investments from past years. You can check to see if the government is holding some of your unclaimed money here.

Don’t Wait to Make Instant Money Online (Absolutely Free)

It doesn’t have to take weeks to earn an extra paycheck or two. In fact, you can make instant money online if you put your mind to it. The best thing to do is to choose multiple ways to get free money right now from this list and implement them. If you don’t make enough overnight, then add another one or two ways to your schedule. The more ideas you try, the more money you can get.

The nice thing about the real free money hacks on this list is that they are not all one-and-done tasks. You can come back to them time and again to continue earning money as needed. We use freelance services and blogging to make the most money, but there are so many more opportunities to consider! What will you try in order to get free money now?

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