How to Invest and Make Money Daily (13 Legit Ways)

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It’s about time your hard-earned money started to work in your favor for a change.

That’s what investing is all about. It’s about taking an educated leap of faith that the money you invest will return positive rewards. Some days, it’s a gamble. The trick is knowing how to invest and make money daily.

I remember a time when I had enough of the living paycheck to paycheck lifestyle with nothing to show for it. So, I decided to research how to invest money to make money fast. It was interesting to learn all the different options available to invest and earn daily profit.

If you’re like I and desire to have your money work for you instead, consider all the ways you can invest. Thankfully, there is no shortage of investment opportunities to profit daily from.

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13 Ways to Invest and Make Money Daily

person looking at investments on a tablet

Due to the nature of investments, it’s a given that your money can rise and fall on any given day. To see daily income, it’s a smart choice to diversify your investments to make money passively.

1. Cash App

Cash App logo

If you’ve wondered about making daily money investing in Bitcoin, ETFs or individual stocks, Cash App might be a great place for you to start.

Cash App is a versatile platform that allows investors to buy and sell stock as well as trade Bitcoin. It is all app based so investing can be done right from your phone. Select the option you want to buy, enter the dollar amount you wish to invest, and submit.

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One thing I love about Cash App is that it lets you automate your daily investments. To lessen your risk or loss (because investing is risky), you can start with a small dollar amount and set rules for when you want to buy and sell stocks or Bitcoin.

For example, you can invest $20 today and set the app to buy a certain dollar amount if the price falls, or sell a certain dollar amount if the price rises.

Additionally, if you use the Cash App debit card to buy your coffee or restaurant purchases, you can earn between 10 to 20 percent of your purchase in Bitcoin. There are often other cash discounts and free stock offers of up to 15 percent at popular places like Starbucks, Walmart, McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, Taco Bell, and many other places.

To get started, download the app and use the referral code JSMTBXW for a $5 new user bonus! That way you can even start investing using the free money instead of your own.

Find ways to make $20 that you can then invest.

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2. Fundrise

Fundrise logo

If you’ve been interested in investing in real estate, Fundrise may be for you.

Fundrise is a real estate investment company for private real estate options. It believes in offering high investment return options for people to receive the same rewards as professional investors. With real estate being sought after time and time again, Fundrise makes it easy to invest with a low cost portfolio.

Decide to invest in commercial or residential real estate and begin building your portfolio. Receive a higher return on investment based on the low fees from Fundrise. Investors pay an annual fee of 0.15%, which could be waived. There is also a standard advisory fee of 0.85% annually.

3. Wealthsimple

Wealthsimple logo

Wealthsimple is a Canada based company that believes in an automated way to invest money online and earn daily. Its features include automatically investing your spare change and high interest savings.

Add the funds you wish to invest and Wealthsimple diversifies that money into stocks all across the stock market. You choose the risk level you want to participate in and the company does the rest for you. Use options like auto-deposits, dividend reinvestment, and automatic rebalancing to maximize your investment returns.

Wealthsimple is a commission-free investment company. Choose from the three levels of accounts you wish to deposit into. Please keep in mind that account fees will vary.

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4. M1 Finance

M1Finance logo

M1 Finance is an online investing market centered around the investor. It offers automation features and low account fees. It believes in long-term investments, meaning that day-to-day trading is not prominent.

Invest money for free in an M1 account and set it up to maintain automatically. Choose the stocks you want to invest in or select a portfolio that was created by an investment expert. Use funds to invest in fractional shares as well.

There are no account maintenance fees with M1 Finance; it is a free investing platform. Easily start an account using the app or online.

5. Crowdstreet

Crowdstreet logo

Crowdstreet is a real estate investment company that allows investors to put their money into diverse commercial investment opportunities.

Choose how you wish your funds to be invested whether that be diversified, direct real estate options, or tailored by an investment manager. Investment managers advise you on how to invest and make money daily.

The majority of the investment opportunities require a minimum deposit of $25,000. Only accredited investors may invest on the platform. There is no fee to open an account but based on the type of investment you choose, there is a fee ranging from 1-2.75%.

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6. Roofstock

Roofstock logo

A first time investor can have success with real estate investment options.

Roofstock is a company that allows new investors and experienced global asset managers to invest in real estate. Investors can purchase and own residential real estate from anywhere in the world.

Search for available properties, analyze the property you are interested in, submit a free offer, and close on an investment property.

Roofstock charges a fee of 0.5% of the contract price or $500 (whichever is higher).

7. Robinhood

Robinhood logo

The name says it all; the wealthy aren’t the only ones who can invest with this company.

Robinhood creates financial products that help anyone begin investing at their own pace. It is a company that strives to give everyone, no matter their current socioeconomic status, the ability to access financial markets.

Investing options start as little as $1 with no minimum account balance requirements. It offers fractional shares so that you can invest the amount you want and then the company will convert those dollars into parts of a whole share.

Robinhood is a commission-free trading service so you won’t pay any fees on the money you make. A sign-up bonus includes a surprise stock that appears in your account after linking a bank account.

8. Acorns

Acorns logo

If you are interested in small investing options, Acorns has many of them to consider.

Acorns is a micro- and robo-investment company with five investment portfolio options to choose from. Start investing with as few as $5. Invest spare change, diversified portfolios, education investments, and more. It also offers kids’ investing accounts so that you can help them plan for the future.

There is no commission fee. However, there are account maintenance fees ranging from $1-$5 per month. Learn how to invest and make money daily with Acorns’ guided support and watch your income grow.

9. Stash

Stash logo

This is a great choice for easy investment options for anyone.

Stash offers fractional share options with investment opportunities under $5. It is a long-term investment trading site. Choose from multiple available plans to invest with, choose the investment type, and invest how you want. Use the Stock Back Card, which allows you to earn stock for your spending.

Stash also offers frequent stock parties where users can earn fractional shares of stock. Maintenance fees begin at $1 per month and range up to $9 per month based on the plan you choose.

Get a $5 bonus when you become a new investor with Stash.

10. Masterworks

Masterworks logo

If you are a fan of art and appreciate unique masterpieces, then you’ll be interested in investing with Masterworks.

Masterworks is an investment option for individuals to invest in masterpieces, such as artwork by Pablo Picasso, Andy Warhol, Claude Monet, and so many more. Each masterpiece offers a share opportunity where investors receive a share of the art piece that they profit from once the piece has sold.

Masterworks offers art pieces to invest in based on the trends and current momentum of artists. You invest in a share of the piece and wait 3-10 years until Masterworks sells the piece before collecting your income. You collect pro rata proceeds after Masterworks receives its fee, which is a 1.5% annual fee and 20% of the profits.

All investment options include blue-chip artwork. To sign-up, new members must request an invitation and proceed with an interview before being allowed to access the platform.

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Other Ways to Invest and Earn Daily Profit

Investments displayed on laptop screen

Stocks are not the only way to invest money online and earn daily. Here are some other options that you can use to grow your income.

11. Buy a Profitable Online Business

Research online businesses you would want to invest in and buy those businesses.

Use Flippa, an online marketplace where you can find available online businesses to purchase. You can choose from businesses such as Amazon FBA stores, digital services, blogs, apps, and more.

According to Flippa, there are more digital assets than there are homes. Buying online businesses is perfect for entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and other online businesses.

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12. Invest in Learning a New Skill

Humans never stop learning; we thrive on new information and evolve as we learn.

Investing in a new skill is investing in yourself to increase the possibility of earning more money daily. Use your new knowledge and skills to sell your services to others.

This type of investment will return rewards based on your willingness to apply yourself to make money daily.

13. Start a Blog

Invest and make money daily by starting a blog and driving an income through your website.

As a blogger, it can take some time to get started. We all know time is money, therefore, consider investing in educational items that help you get started quicker. Additionally, you can invest in freelancers on places like Fiverr to get help with your blog website and content.

An investment in your business as a blogger will generate a daily income for you sooner.

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Snowball Your Investments to Make Money Fast

There is no one-size-fits-all with investing. Investment options are abundant and unique. Choose how to invest and make money daily by snowballing your investments.

The more money you invest, the more you can potentially grow your money. While investing can provide many unknowns, you won’t know how investing will work for you if you don’t try.

Find multiple ways to invest that work for you and your unique needs to earn daily profit. Take a leap of faith and try a new investment strategy. No matter how you invest, ensure you do your research beforehand to confidently put your money where it will grow.

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