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No matter where you look on the internet, it seems like someone is trying to scam others out of their hard-earned money. Money flipping sounds fairly close to those money scams, don’t you think?

The premise behind how to flip money seems like a lose-lose situation for most. But truthfully, you can actually flip cash without getting caught up in a scam.

Did you know there are several ways you can actually flip money legally and legitimately? I have found several ways to flip money fast and I actually do them every day.

I make money by flipping money; sounds too good to be true. However, let me tell you about the many ways you can also flip money.

What Does Money Flipping Mean and How Does It Work?

Before we go over how to flip your money, we first have to define what it means to flip money.

Whether you’re a business owner selling goods or a service provider selling time and skills, you’re already flipping money.

Money is just a placeholder for value. Regardless of whether you’re offering physical items or your time in exchange for payment, you’re basically already flipping money.

It’s obvious that money flipping is possible; you’re already doing it every day. But the question still remains: Are there any legitimate ways that you can flip money legally without having to participate in the daily grind? Is flipping money legal?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is below.

21 Ways to Flip Money Online

If you have access to the internet, you can potentially flip money quickly from the comfort of your home using these simple methods.

1. Flip Art Shares

Masterworks screenshot

Investing in art means engaging in the buying and selling of art pieces. It can be a lucrative investment if you have the time and patience it takes to wait for the right time to sell or buy.

Art pieces go up or down in value depending on when the market crashes, which makes investing in art somewhat risky.

Masterworks is an online platform for buying and selling shares that represent art pieces. They research and find the best artists, purchase the art, secure it, and hold it for 3-10 years until they sell it.

Anyone can invest in the art pieces, and you can potentially sell your shares on the site’s Secondary Market before Masterworks sells the artwork.

Click here to start flipping art with Masterworks!

2. Flip Shares of Real Estate

Crowdstreet screenshot

You don’t have to purchase property yourself to flip money using real estate shares.

Instead, you invest in a portfolio of real estate and receive dividends on your return. With just one investment, you can start earning right away in this lucrative real estate opportunity. You can also choose to sell your shares if they increase in value.

With Fundrise, investors (that’s you) pay a 0.15% annual investment advisory fee. This breaks down to approximately $1.50 for every $1,000 you invest. Separate from this, standard portfolios pay 0.85% per year for every $1,000 invested, meaning $8.50 per year. Their minimum investment is $500.

CrowdStreet offers fee-free crowdfunding investment opportunities. Their investment minimum is $25,000 on the majority, while some investments require $100,000.

Start investing in crowdfunds for free with CrowdStreet.

3. Flip Shares of Your Diversified Portfolio

M1Finance screenshot

If you’re wondering how to flip $1,000 dollars, a great option for beginners is to diversify your investments. These all-in-one investing solutions let you invest on autopilot so you don’t forget to add your contributions.

With Wealthsimple, you can set up automatic deposits to a diverse portfolio. They help you choose your portfolio based on your comfort level for risk.

The dividends you earn are automatically reinvested and your account is always adjusted based on any market changes. Your account fees with Wealthsimple will vary depending on the amount you invest.

A free automated investor platform is M1 Finance. Invest in a strategy that is right for you. Automate your contributions so that you are always on track with your investment strategy. There is no need to manually trade.

Start investing automatically for free with M1 Finance.

4. White Label A Product to Sell on Amazon

Amazon FBA Vik JC

When you think of Amazon, do you think of a major eCommerce website that dominates online sales, or do you think of the small businesses and individuals who make money selling on Amazon? Truthfully, you should consider both.

There are millions of active sellers on Amazon who flip money on autopilot. There are different ways to build an income selling on Amazon, whether it’s to white label or rebrand products as your own or to drop ship products from trusted brands.

Vik JC is an Amazon guru who wrote a free eBook called 5 Simple Steps to Profitable Amazon Selling. In it, he breaks down the money flipping process that most successful Amazon sellers use to make residual income from their online stores.

The low-startup-cost method that Vik JC teaches is great for beginners who are ready to start making money without spending thousands of dollars upfront.

Grab the free eBook now to get started!

5. Negotiate Your Bills Lower

Spending a small amount on a bill negotiation app can save you hundreds in the long run. Putting money back into your pocket is what Billshark is designed to do.

Billshark is an app that negotiates bills on your behalf. Bills like cable, internet, phone, medical bills, cancel old subscriptions, and more. It makes saving money easy in places you didn’t know you could save.

Billshark does all the work for you based on a review of your spending account. You only pay if the app can save you money. Bill negotiation is a one-time cost of 40% of the amount it saves you. Each subscription Billshark cancels costs you $9.

The company helps customers save an average of 25% on bills in seconds, putting much more money back into your pocket then you’ll spend on the service. Since the investment into Billshark is small, it’s even possible to double your money in a day.

Click here to get a free estimate from Billshark and see how much you can put back into your budget.

6. Bet on Your Own Weight Loss

Healthywage screenshot

While betting and gambling isn’t something I would suggest you do because of the lack of control you have over the outcome, betting on your weight loss is different. It is something you can control. People actually flip money by leveraging their weight loss journey.

Using the HealthyWage app, you can make a weight loss challenge and bet against your friends. It’s a healthy way to encourage you all to lose weight and make some money from it.

In the app, you can make your own personal challenge or join in on other teams. Some members have made thousands of dollars betting against their own weight. Cash for your weight loss is incentive enough to sign up!

Click here to use the HealthyWage calculator and see how much you can earn!

7. Flip Books Online

Zen Arbitrage screenshot

Many of us still like the feel and smell of a good ol’ physical book, despite the resources nowadays for digital downloads. Because of this, books are still very popular today and make for a good money flip opportunity.

Tools like Zen Arbitrage collect information about the most profitable books being sold on Amazon. You then purchase these books and turn around to sell them at a higher price. Then, you profit the difference.

Zen Arbitrage provides a full training and access to their complete system for only $97 per month. If you want to give it a try before you purchase their monthly plan, you can use their 14-day free trial. If you can’t see yourself flipping money fast using the system, you can cancel anytime if you choose.

8. Further Your Education

woman working on a laptop

You don’t need to go to college full time to learn a new skill or trade. Whether you take an online course, study for a new certification, or hire a one-on-one coach, each investment helps you flip your money into a new service you could offer.

Some of my favorite online trainings are FREE (with the option to purchase the full course to learn more if you like it). If you are wondering how to flip $500 dollars, then consider investing it into an online course that resonates with you. It can help you improve existing talents or learn them from scratch:

Proofreading. If you enjoy reading through content and pointing out the spelling and grammar issues, then consider learning how to become a proofreader. You can check out Caitlin Pyle’s free online workshop to learn if it’s a skill you’d like to invest in.

Freelance writing. If you can put your thoughts in writing in a clear and interesting way, then a great skill to learn is how to become a freelance writer. Holly Johnson earns a 6 figure income as a freelance writer and helps others get started in her free online workshop.

Photo editing. For the artistic and creative individual, consider learning how to become a photo editor. You can start with Katie Rivera’s free training video to see if investing in this skill is right for you.

9. Time the Market (The Smart Way)


Stock and equity markets are ideal for both short- and long-term investing. You can flip stocks for a quick profit day trading, or invest for a longer time period in order to earn more in the long term.

All you need to do is predict the market accurately, and buy, hold and sell at the right time.

But what if you don’t have a firm understanding of the stock market and how it works? Perhaps you’ve never traded before, and are scared that you will end up losing money.

TimingCube is a system that you can use to decide when to buy and when to sell. TimingCube’s algorithm identifies and predicts market trends and uses them to send you buy and sell signals. All you will have to do is simply act upon them to make profits.

So if you’re interested in flipping stock, try TimingCube.

10. Flip Your Spare Change

Acorns homepage

Investing money is the best way to flip money passively. It’s one of the only ways you can truly make money doing nothing. I like to use an app like Acorns to invest automatically.

If you have little money available to invest, Acorns makes it easy. Instead of committing to a set dollar amount per month, you can have Acorns round up and invest the spare change from your everyday purchases.

For example, if you spend $24.75 on gas using a credit or debit card connected to your Acorns account, the app will round up your purchase to $25 even and invest the $.25 excess on your behalf.

As time goes on, you’ll invest more money without noticing a difference in your cash flow.

This is also great to teach the younger generation how to flip money as a teenager with their birthday and Christmas money.

Sign up for an account with Acorns to start investing immediately.

11. Flip Domain Names

Flippa domains

Have you ever attempted to use a domain name that was not available, just to later search for it on the Web and find out that it is being sold by a third party at a markup? I know the feeling.

In a nutshell, this is what domain flipping is: buying sought-after domain names at a cheaper price and then later reselling them at a premium.

Domain flipping has made some people huge fortunes. For example,, which was purchased by its owner, LLC (simply to pair up the two domains to ensure that all traffic related to the term was directed to its website), eventually sold for a whopping $90 million.

Unfortunately, the days of million-dollar domain names are just about over. There are very few such domains left that can be sold at such a high price, but it is still possible to make some good money flipping domains., and Godaddy Auctions are some of the domain-flipping marketplaces that you can utilize to guide you in this type of approach.

12. Flip Websites

The art of the microflip

Website flipping takes the concept of flipping money one step further.

While domain flipping includes purchasing a domain to sell at a premium, if you go the website-flipping route, you either buy a decrepit website or design a new one from the ground up and add value to it in order to sell it at a higher price.

This value addition can include optimizing the website for UI/UX, adding interactive features, ranking the site on different keywords for search engines, increasing website traffic, or even turning it into a money-making business.

You can buy and sell these websites on, Empire Flippers, Website Broker, etc., or you can pitch potential businesses that would be interested in purchasing the sites from you, with some customization.

To learn how to get started, check out Jenn Leach’s course, The Art of The Micro Flip.

13. Retail Arbitrage

selling online

Retail arbitrage is one of the best ways to flip money online. This essentially refers to buying a product at a lower or discounted price and flipping it for a profit.

So, for example, say you notice that a product on Amazon is selling at $30, while the same item or a similar one is available on Craigslist for $20. Retail arbitrage would mean you’d purchase that product to then list it on Amazon or another platform for $27 or $28.

This way, your buyers get a discount and you turn a profit, as well.

While this model can’t make you a millionaire or be turned into a sustainable business, you can use it to flip money quickly and easily.

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14. Airbnb Arbitrage

Airbnb screenshot

Because this is a relatively lesser-known concept, going the Airbnb arbitrage route means less competition and more profits. So stick with me.

With Airbnb arbitrage, you invest some money upfront and reserve the listings of a common tourist area during popular vacation times like the summertime or during holiday weekends.

Target lower-priced homes with good reviews and a flexible cancellation policy. Then relist those reserved listings again on Airbnb for a profit.

When someone purchases your listing, relay the instructions on how to get into the home – and there it is: your job done and profit in your bank account.

15. Start an Online Business

This is not a “how to flip money online fast” tip, because it is rare to be able to flip money quickly by starting a business.

But if you’re here to play the long-term game, this is the ultimate venture. You’ll have to invest some capital, put in the work, and be consistent with it to see success.

Starting a business – even online – isn’t a quick cash flip, but within just a few years, you could see a tenfold return on your initial investment.

Another thing you can do if you don’t want to put in the work is to invest into other businesses or startups for equity in the company.

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Ways to Flip Money In Person

You can work offline and flip money locally, too. Any of these home based business ideas can benefit from online advertising, but it’s not necessary if you don’t have access to the internet.

16. Flip Land

This is a common business model that essentially involves buying a piece of land at a low price and selling it for profit. If you have the cash on hand, it’s one of the best ways to flip $10,000 quickly. There are even cheaper land plots if you don’t have quite that much to start with.

This method skips the renovations and updates that are involved in house flipping, and you will be required to do very little to maintain the land.

It is also a safer investment, because land prices almost always increase over time.

Lands of America, Land Modo, and LandWatch are some of the websites that can help you in your quest to flip land.

Real estate investors and authors Jack and Michelle Bosch offer a free online webinar to share how to get started flipping land.

17. Flip Houses

This concept is quite popular with real estate investors.

With this method, you purchase a rundown house that is in need of repairs, updates and/or renovations, and then sell it at a much higher price.

This does require a lot of upfront capital to cover the cost of the house, as well as pay for the updates. But the profit margins will more than make up for it.

Before you begin flipping a home, do extensive market research to pick a location, because where profits are high, losses are higher.

Try this house flipping spreadsheet for free to estimate if the investment is worth it to you.

18. Buy Rental Properties

rental property to flip money

Flipping houses and land will not necessarily provide you with a consistent stream of income, but purchasing rental properties and collecting rent from tenants will.

Rental properties are also a much safer investment. If you’re new to the real estate investment game, rental property investment can be an ideal place to begin.

If you’re ready to jump into the rental investment side, get started with Roofstock to understand how rental property investments work. Search for rental properties in your price range, analyze details about the property, and make an offer.

If your offer is accepted, the fee to Roofstock is 0.5% of the contract price or $500, whichever is higher. After your purchase, you close on the deal through escrow.

Once your property manager establishes a tenant, you can start collecting rental income right away. Thankfully, Roofstock will still provide you with support while you earn.

19. Flea Market Flipping

Feal market flipping is similar to retail flipping, in which you purchase a product at a low price and flip it for a profit.

The only difference is that instead of looking for products on one platform and selling them on another, you look for products in local flea markets, garage sales, thrift stores, yard sales, etc. Learn how to flip money in a day by gaining knowledge of product value and demand.

The draw of these types of places is that you can find inexpensive products and also have a high chance of finding things that have value.

These products can be easily upsold on online platforms like Facebook Marketplace, Craigslist, eBay, etc.

If flea market flipping sounds like something you’d like to do but you’re not sure where to start, check out Rob and Melissa’s free webinar for beginners.

20. Buy Storage Space to Rent Out

Renting a home to make a profit is a popular investment option, but you should definitely look into renting out storage space.

If you’re wondering how to flip $10,000 dollars, you can invest in building ample storage space in your home or on your property to rent out. Additionally, you can buy and update existing storage spaces to rent out.

To get started in this money flipping opportunity, use You can list your storage for rent there whether it be for personal storage or vehicle storage. It’s free to list your available storage space. After you list, you then respond to renters’ requests and start making money.

21. Flip Antiques

If you enjoy hunting for antiques at auctions, flea markets and garage sales, turn your hobby into a side hustle.

Like all other flipping businesses, this method is also based on the buy low, sell high formula.

There is always a demand for antiques if you can find the right buyer or market. You can sell both online and offline, and there is the potential for you to turn a huge profit if you can get your hands on something valuable.

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Money Flipping Scams and Pitfalls to Avoid

There is a lot of information (and misinformation) out there about how to flip money, including scammers who are ready to benefit from your every mistake. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid that typically make promises of getting free money now:

Pyramid or Ponzi Scheme

Pyramid or Ponzi schemes are notorious scams that have gypped many people of their money.

The scheme basically involves forcing people to pay a fee to take their place at the bottom of the “opportunity,” or pyramid. When your row is complete and people begin to join the row below you, you take a cut of their investment.

The promise most of the time is that every time you move up the pyramid, your payout will be double your initial investment. But most people know that this simply doesn’t happen the majority of the time. The only people who benefit in a pyramid scheme are the ones at the very top.

Sending Gift Cards to Scammers

No legitimate person or business will ever ask you to pay them via gift cards. So if someone promises to flip your cash if you give them a certain amount of money on gift cards, it will always be a scam.

Most of the scammers who do this will reach out to you via social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

Some of them will even send you to their professional-looking websites that include flowery testimonials, or to their well-maintained Instagram accounts that showcase photos of their clients living a lavish lifestyle and tossing around bundles of cash. You might be tempted to believe that this is the proof you need of the reward that awaits you.

But asking you to pay them with gift cards only is a huge red flag. If you were to do what they ask, you’d never hear back from them again. Report such people, and never pay anyone with gift cards.

Excessive Gambling or Betting

These aren’t scams, but are self-sabotaging habits that can very soon leave you with empty pockets.

While flipping or trying to flip money is not a bad thing in and of itself, an obsession with flipping money can take you down some dangerous paths.

This article is simply focused on the legal methods of flipping money. You should always refrain from using any illegal or unethical methods of earning or flipping money.

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If It Seems Too Good to be True, It Probably Is

There is no magic method of flipping money. You won’t be able to flip cash overnight by just doing nothing. To turn a profit, you will need to invest your time, money and efforts and take some risks.

Flipping money also requires patience. Above all, avoid the scams and other pitfalls we discussed above.

Take the time to build up multiple streams of income and flip money the right way, over time. If you’re ready to be consistent and do what it takes, nothing can stop you.

How to Flip Money

How to flip money

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