10 Ways to Get Paid to Post Ads for Companies Online

Over the years, I have made purchases on things that were recommended to me by friends, websites, and ads. Some…

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Over the years, I have made purchases on things that were recommended to me by friends, websites, and ads. Some of those purchases have been life-changing and I never would have known about them without that advertisement.

Obviously, I do my research on the products before finalizing my purchase. However, without that initial ad telling me about a product, I really could have missed out on a great thing.

Think about the ads you see daily, whether that’s on your news feed from family and friends or ones that pop up as you’re scrolling. You may not know, but people actually get paid to advertise those products. It’s a great opportunity to get paid to post ads for various companies on social media, email, or on a blog of your own.

You might be wondering if people actually make money posting ads; the answer is “YES.” There are several ways you can get paid to promote products. In fact, it’s not unheard of to make $200 a day by posting ads.

I’m sure you’re intrigued so let me show you how to advertise and get paid online.

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Where to Get Paid Ad Opportunities and How Does It Work?

Both large and small companies look for ways to get eyes on their company to entice more sales. They rely heavily on word-of-mouth. That means they need others to promote them to friends and acquaintances.

Some opportunities to get paid to advertise can come from online companies seeking new users, companies in your area to get people into their store, or new apparel brands looking for their design to get out into the world.

Getting paid to post ads can happen in a variety of ways; here are some:

  1. Receive free products in exchange for your promotion of the company
  2. Get a monthly allowance for posting ads
  3. Receive a commission for each person who says you referred them

Refer Friends to Companies

Referring friends to companies is a simple way to get paid to post ads. Basically, if you like a company, share it with your friends. When they sign up for a free account, you get a commission.

Some companies that offer to pay for your promotion include Rakuten, InboxDollars, Respondent.io, and Cash App. They do not have strict marketing guidelines meaning you can share your unique referral ad almost any way you choose. These companies are open to everyday users.

The more you refer, the more you can make in commission just for posting an ad. Take advantage of your social channels and post your ad on your various platforms to maximize your earning potential.

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Affiliate with Companies

Becoming an affiliate with a company includes promoting its products or services and getting paid a commission. Each company will offer its own commission percentage based on how much its product or services costs.

This one can be easy to do, especially if you’ve tried the product or service yourself and loved it. Essentially, you are telling people about your experience and advertising why they should buy it, too.

Places like Share-A-Sale, Amazon, and Clickbank offer affiliate programs. Each program has its own unique rules. Make sure to read the fine print on what is allowed for promoting purposes.

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Partner with Companies

If there is a product or service you’ve had a great experience with, reach out to that company and inquire about a paid sponsorship. This kind of ad is fun to do because you can generally create the ad how you want.

For example, some motherhood blogs will promote a certain brand of juice they buy for their little ones. They will share all the good things about this juice in a post on their Instagram and/or Facebook accounts. This kind of post is popular and will be easy to monetize if you have a sizable following.

The larger your following, the more you can charge for each sponsored post. If you aren’t sure which companies to approach, you can use services like GoSnap and BrandSnob to connect you with paid sponsored opportunities.

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Display Ads for Companies

In order to display ads for companies, you will need a website of your own or a YouTube channel. These platforms will give you the chance to get paid to post ads for companies online.

With ad displays, your audience is viewing your content in addition to other companies’ advertisements throughout. You can post ad pictures in various parts of a blog post or allow ads to show on your YouTube videos.

When people click on those ads, you get paid a certain percentage. If people signup, purchase, or take whatever action the company is asking, you get paid even more.

Companies like Google AdSense and Media.net offer this as a way to make money on your site. Both ad companies are great for beginners to use as well. However, the more traffic you have, the more opportunity you have to make money.

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Become a Brand Ambassador for Companies

Many newer or smaller companies look to add brand ambassadors for their clothing, jewelry, or health food items. Brand ambassadors wear or use products from the company that is being advertised. Typically, brand ambassadors post pictures and videos of them wearing or using the products to show their audience how great the products are.

Companies like It Works, Monat, and many others use this as a way to get their products out on the market. Ambassadors get paid to promote products. The amount of money you can make with each company will vary based on how much you are promoting and how large your following is.

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10 Places to Post Ads and Get Paid

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Now that I’ve covered how you can get paid to post ads on social media, websites, forums, and more, let me show you the specific places to get started. Learn the best ways to get paid to post ads for companies.

1. Your Own Blog or Niche Website

I chose this as number one because it really is the best way to advertise and get paid online. Having your own blog or niche site means you can post or advertise for whichever companies you choose. Some bloggers and websites easily make $200 a day by posting ads.

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate a company on your site and get paid to post ads. You can dedicate one blog post specifically to that company and get paid to blog about why it is a great company, what it offers, and tell your audience why they should buy from it.

On your site, you can get paid to advertise by displaying random graphics on various posts or pages to lead your traffic to a partnering company’s site.

2. Your Email List

If you have subscribers to your website, use that email list to promote the companies you have partnered with. Having an email list is a great way to connect your audience to a company right from their inbox.

If you don’t have an email list yet, get started with ConvertKit’s landing pages. You can start with a free account, generate a landing page, and go live within 10 minutes.

Continue to use ConvertKit’s free plan for up to 1,000 subscribers on your email list. That’s quite a few eyes on your ads!

3. YouTube Channel

Having a YouTube channel means you can talk about whomever or whatever you want, as long as you follow YouTube’s user guidelines. This means you can talk about a company, leave your unique code for others to use, and make money just for that video.

YouTube influencers can make some serious cash from ads on their YouTube channel. At the beginning of nearly every video, many YouTubers introduce a company that sponsors him/her and shares a little about what the company does. Many partnering companies even offer a discount code for your viewers to use, which shows who referred them.

Additionally, there are ads that pop up on longer YouTube videos that people get paid to have on their channel.

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4. Pinterest

Pinterest is a visual search engine and it is the second highest platform (below Google) people use when they are searching for something specific. If there is a product you really like and you are set up to receive payment for advertising for that company, then create a graphic for it, add your link, and pin it to Pinterest.

Your graphic can lead others from Pinterest to your site where you go into detail about that specific company or product. From there, audience members can take action using your instructions and you can get paid.

Additionally, you can tag your graphics with products you used and those tags can take people straight to that company’s site.

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5. Facebook

Facebook is a popular social media platform used by millions of people to stay connected. Take advantage of the many people you have on your own profile and get paid to post ads online for money.

Use Facebook for sponsored and ambassador posts, or share a link to your personal website to generate traffic to a post you have. There are several ways you can make Facebook work for you.

6. Instagram

A popular platform for sponsored posts is Instagram. Instagram is used for all the “pretty” stuff: picture-perfect family, home, décor, outfits, etc.

The best way to get paid to post ads on Instagram is with sponsored posts. You can generate your own content and add it to your feed, stories, or reels. Get eyes on your posts by advertising a product or service creatively. The beauty of it is that you can continue to post fresh content that leads to your sponsored product(s) forever.

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7. Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform designed for short content and fast marketing. Make your account work for you by using sponsored tweets. Companies will actually pay you to tweet about them.

To get the most from Twitter, you need to grow your following, The more followers you have, the more likely you are to get a company to reach out to you for paid tweets.

Additionally, you can use Twitter to drive traffic to your own blog or website.

8. Forums

Forums are where people go to ask questions and get direct answers from others with expertise and/or experience. These forums include topics like motherhood, pregnancy, Yahoo general questions, technical, and several others.

Use forums to get paid to answer people’s questions by directing them appropriately to a company you have partnered with. If a mom is asking for the best baby products for eating, you can refer her to a company that has what she is looking for. This concept applies to other forums as well.

When working with a company, always check forum rules beforehand to see if advertising is allowed.

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9. Share with Friends in Person

A good ol’ fashion face-to-face meeting with friends can spark up some of the best referral opportunities. In conversation, you can mention you are partnered with some company and then go into detail about what the company offers. You never know if the person you are hanging out with is looking for exactly what you are offering.

This type of referral works best with the refer-a-friend and ambassadorship advertisements.

10. Hand Out Brochures

A fast way to grow your audience is by reaching out to other companies who could help you get in front of their audience. Partner with local businesses by complementing products and services in your area and then giving them brochures with your ad.

Create a brochure for the company you are partnered with and add your contact information, plus your unique referral code or link.

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You Can Get Paid to Post Ads and Make a Nice Income

There are many ways you can get paid to post ads for companies. From blogging to Instagram sponsored posts to ambassadorships, you can find a way that works for you and your lifestyle.

There isn’t just one way to get paid with ads; get creative and tackle a few platforms. A post that you made for Instagram can be added to Facebook. A post on your website can be shared with Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook. Let your platforms work for you.

Many have made a nice income on paid ads alone. Try one or more of the ways listed here for opportunities to grow your income.

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