How to Become a Certified Sleep Consultant in 5 Simple Steps

If you are a parent or have friends or family that have become parents, you have likely heard about or experienced the struggle of sleep deprivation after bringing a new baby into this world. According to a recent survey, 7 in 10 parents lose three hours of sleep every night during their baby’s first year of life.

Sleep deprivation can result in several health issues like weight gain, high blood pressure, and weakened immunity among others. That being said, you can imagine how many parents are desperate to do anything to get their babies to sleep for extended periods of time so that they can also get those extra hours back.

The good news for parents these days is that there is such a thing as baby sleep consultants to help with the sleep deprivation many parents face. Learn how to become a sleep consultant to help parents during the foggiest time they will face in parenthood.

Sleep consultants have been around for decades, but haven’t always had the best reputations. However, there have been new studies published that show the best methods to help babies sleep on their own. Outdated information has been linked to developmental challenges. It is important to seek certified courses to help become a baby sleep consultant who not only helps the parents but looks out for babies as well.

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What is a Baby Sleep Consultant?

A sleep consultant is someone who helps guide families to the best sleep practices for their babies. This assists families in getting better sleep as a whole. As a sleep consultant, it is your job to educate families on safe sleep practices, wake and sleep expectations based on the baby’s age, sleep hygiene, and biological needs for sleep.

Sleep consultants are not people who focus on telling parents to let babies “cry it out.” Consultants are educators. They help parents determine the best method for them based on their baby’s needs while keeping other sleep knowledge in mind.

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Does a Sleep Consultant Require a License?

Sleep consultants fall under the same category as life coaching. It is an unregulated field so technically no license or certification is required. However, it is the best practice to look into certification courses so that you can have the best tools and knowledge to help your clients succeed in getting better sleep.

Other Sleep Consultant Requirements and Qualifications

Consultants need to have good communication skills, patience, and kindness in order to be successful. Communication with your clients and listening to their needs will help you become a successful baby sleep consultant with raving reviews from real parents.

Patience is important because you will be working with clients who are sleep-deprived and overwhelmed. This could potentially lead to snappy remarks and impatience on their end. It will be imperative to keep calm to help them through this difficult time.

Kindness is what every parent needs, especially when they feel like they are failing because their baby won’t sleep. Your reassurance and kindness will make all the difference for them as they attempt to make a change that will help them all feel better.

Sleep Consultant Salary or Pay Expectations

According to ZipRecruiter, the average annual salary for a certified baby sleep consultant is $65,338. Some salaries reported are as high as $107,500 while some are as low as $19,500.

How to Become a Certified Sleep Consultant

baby sleep consultant stroking sleeping baby's cheek

Becoming a sleep consultant is a great job for stay at home moms who understand the struggle of sleep deprivation. If you are interested in helping parents get more sleep so that they can live a happier, more restful life, then this is your chance to make a real difference. You can get started in this new career with these next few steps.

1. Research Certified Sleep Consulting Courses

While certification to become a sleep consultant is not required, it is highly recommended. The first step is researching the best baby sleep consultant training online that you can take to set you up successfully on your consulting journey.

Make sure that the course you choose has good reviews from verified previous students. This will help you ensure that the course you are paying for actually lives up to its promises.

2. Enroll and Complete the Course

Join the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management course to begin your journey as a certified sleep consultant. This course is a comprehensive curriculum designed to support consultants through the entire process.

From actual learning materials to mentorship and support in the entrepreneurship world, this course has it all for beginner consultants to help start them out on the right foot. When you have completed the course, you will receive an official certification badge and ongoing support even after completion.

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3. Take on Practice Clients

Once you have completed the course, you can start taking on clients. This may be a bit intimidating at first so consider taking on practice clients to help you feel comfortable and confident. Reach out to friends and family who might need your services. You can offer your services at a highly discounted rate or for free to help you establish yourself before taking on higher-paying clients.

4. Request Testimonials

After working with each family, it is important to get a testimonial from them to help you with marketing your services. Testimonials are similar to reviews that you see on products before you buy anything. Many consumers will make a decision on buying something based on what someone else said about the product in a review.

Let your testimonials work for you as they can help bring clients to you without you having to go out looking for them. Display your testimonials on a website, Facebook group page, and other social media platforms for all to see.

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5. Market Your Services

There is nothing worse than having no clients after starting a new business. The truth is, people won’t know about your business unless you tell them about it. In a day and age where the internet is the prime resource for promoting a business, you can take advantage of all the connections that can come from it.

Post to social media, share your business with other businesses, collaborate with other entrepreneurs, create a website, and so on. There are endless opportunities to market your services.

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Questions New Sleep Consultants Are Asking

Find out what other new sleep consultants are asking. Make sure you are getting the full picture of what to expect to become a sleep consultant.

Is it hard to become a sleep consultant?

This is a matter of opinion. Becoming a sleep consultant might be hard for one person, but easier for another. It depends on your commitment and dedication plus any other parts of your life that might need to be addressed before starting your course so you can fully invest yourself into the craft. Thankfully, the courses are online. This will save you time having to drive to a class and give you the flexibility to complete the course on your own time.

Are sleep consultants in demand?

According to the Institute of Pediatric Sleep and Parenting, sleep consultants are in high demand. Parents have always needed help with baby sleep schedules. But it has become more apparent in recent times due to both parents having to work. Parents need sleep to be able to be productive at work. They are willing to pay sleep consultants for help.

Is it hard to find a job as a sleep consultant?

It depends where you are advertising your services if it will be hard to find jobs. You have to be willing to step outside of your comfort zone in order to find clients. In the beginning of your business, you will likely be doing all of the footwork finding clients to work with. As your business grows, and word-of-mouth spreads, it won’t be as difficult to find clients to work with.

How long does it take to become a sleep consultant?

This will depend on the course that you take. Some courses can be completed in just a few weeks while others might take months. It will also depend on your availability to complete the lessons and materials. The amount of time it takes to become a sleep consultant can really boil down to you and how much time you dedicate to getting it done.

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Who Should Become a Sleep Consultant?

A sleep consultant should be someone who is passionate about babies, families, and education. If you don’t have an interest in any of those things, then this career will not be for you. If you are passionate about those things, then this is the perfect move for you to start a new career with many promises.

It can be intimidating to start a new career. However, if you start this on the right foot, then you will have a solid foundation to build on. Take a sleep consulting course to help you learn exactly the right way to make this a successful move for you.

Help parents now, help babies for their future, and be the difference for families worldwide who are desperate for more Zzzs in their life. Sleep consultants are life changers for families and the salary can be life changing for you.

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