Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Review: Does it Really Pay $50?

Nielsen review

Making money on the side is a phrase that immediately gets your attention. After all, we all could use a little extra room in our budgets, couldn’t we? The problem is, with every work from home or make money online search comes an endless barrage of scams.

You want to generate income, but don’t want to keep responding to calls and emails from a Nigerian prince who wants to give you his fortune (please don’t input your bank account information).

But what if you could make money without even knowing it? What if there was a company that paid you simply for having software on your mobile devices?

That idea is beginning to attract thousands of people to sign up with Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel. The company will pay you a passive income simply for allowing it to anonymously track your habits online.

Sound too good to be true? That’s why we’re here. This is an honest review of the Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel.

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Nielsen Panels Review Summary and Quick Facts

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is the same Nielsen that you might already be familiar with. The company has been around for over 90 years and has been an industry leader that provides market research. Its ratings showcase how many people are watching programs like the Superbowl or the latest episode of their favorite sitcom. With companies always looking for an edge, they are willing to pay Nielsen for this anonymous research and data.

In our mobile-driven society, Nielsen is looking for a way to grab more data from users like their viewing and mobile habits. That’s what the Nielsen Mobile panel is all about.

Understand from the start that this isn’t something that is going to make you a lot of money. But if the idea of getting paid for doing nothing entices you, then you can make an easy $50 just to have the app installed on your device.


  • Takes minimal effort to install the app and use your device as usual
  • App can be used on multiple devices
  • Points can be redeemed for gift cards from major retailers
  • Up to $50 per year pay, simply for having the app installed
  • Proven company with a long history of reputable success
  • Automatic entry into sweepstakes for prizes


  • You are giving away aspects of privacy online (but not as personal as you think since that data is collected anonymously)
  • Certain demographic or geographic information may exclude you from sweepstakes
  • Not a constant source of side income

BBB Rating

  • A+

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What is Nielsen Research and How Does It Work?

Nielsen how it works

Businesses and organizations want to understand consumers’ online habits. Why? Because these companies want to know what websites people are visiting, where and what they are buying online, and how long they collectively spend on certain sites.

Nielsen helps bridge that gap by gathering information in a way that shows businesses the statistics on demographics and user habits.

The Nielsen app is as simple as it sounds. Download it to your device and continue to use your device as normal. In the background, the app keeps track of your online habits. The information is then stripped of any personally identifying information and put into reports for businesses to study.

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Sign Up for Nielsen Mobile Panel & Computer

Nielsen home page

Signing up for Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is free but does require a bit of time. The registration process asks a variety of questions to help get demographic information. But you should only have to do this once, and then you’re good to go.

Download the Software

The Nielsen app is available on the App Store or Google Play and can be installed in seconds. Once installed, Nielsen does the rest as the app runs in the background while you use your device as normal.

Get Paid

The gives you free money for data collected from your mobile devices. Simply put, the more you use your phone the more data it collects. This can translate into a bigger payout as well.

Payment Methods

As stated before, Nielsen pays in points that can be used to redeem gift cards. While there is no cash payout option, getting gift cards can help purchase groceries, Christmas gifts, or other items to help with your monthly budget.

Time Value

One of the major benefits to Nielsen is the value for your time. You get paid simply for having the app installed on your devices. You don’t have to take surveys or spend time rating content or reviewing sites. Use your device as normal and earn some passive income. 

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Other Ways to Make Money With Nielsen Online

Nielsen is the leader in market research. It offers several additional ways to make money.

Nielsen Panels

Nielsen panels are limited. The company does do them but signing up can be difficult and time consuming. If you are interested in taking paid surveys, you may want to look at other surveys that pay cash instantly.

Sweepstake Entries

Each month, Nielsen gives away thousands of dollars in prizes. Just by having the app installed, you are eligible for these sweepstakes.

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Register More Devices

The company allows you to register multiple devices for the same account. However, you will want to make sure the devices are ones you actually use. If your device is registered but you aren’t using it, then data isn’t being given back to Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel for market research, and it won’t help you earn more money.

Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel Q&A

Is Nielsen Legit and Safe?

A major concern for users when signing up is allowing Nielsen to access their personal information. While Nielsen does access private data of its members, the company has a longstanding reputation of not housing personal information.

All of the data that Nielsen collects is kept anonymous, and cannot be used to track you personally.

Nielsen has been in business for over 90 years and sets the standard when it comes to market research. This reputation should ease your worry since you are working with a company with a long history of success.

Is There a Nielsen Mobile App?

Yes. The Nielsen mobile app is simple to install and activate. The major benefit of the app is that it is working and tracking while you use your device regularly.

What Information Does Nielsen Collect?

Nielsen collects data such as the websites you visit, how long you stay on those websites, and other online activity for your device. It also collects the date, time, and length of your phone calls. Know that the company won’t collect phone numbers or contacts in your address book.

Another area of data collection is device performance. Nielsen tracks battery usage and other features of your device. This can help manufacturers fix and enhance their products in the future.

The Nielsen app will not collect banking or social security information, IDs or passwords, or any other personal data. The company uses encryption to help protect the personal information of its users.

Understand that while data is being captured on your phone, your personal and sensitive information will remain protected while using the Nielsen app.

How do I Uninstall Nielsen and Delete My Account?

If you no longer want to allow the Nielsen app to collect data, simply go into your profile and delete your account. You will then want to delete the app and all its data from your smartphone and other devices you have it installed on.

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Nielsen is Safe, Legit, and Free to Join

In summary, Nielsen Computer & Mobile Panel offers a legitimate way to make money on the side (in the form of free gift cards).

A concern for some users is allowing Nielsen to access their private information. While this is a legitimate concern, Nielsen’s reputation will put your mind at ease by keeping your information anonymous and safe. You are probably giving more access to your data through other apps and sites installed on your phone in the form of passwords and financial information.

If you’re looking to easily and securely generate some income on the side, Nielsen could be a good option for you. Sign up to start earning with Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel right away.

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