How to Get Paid to Take Pictures With Your Phone

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Most of us have thousands of photos stored on our phones. Many of them are simply different angles of the same object or person. We could go through and delete the ones we don’t need, but it’s hard to part with any. After all, we might need them someday!

Watching the number in my photo app slowly increase from week to week got me thinking about ways to get paid to take these pictures. I soon came across several apps and sites that will actually pay you for your photos.

If you enjoy photography, turn your passion into a lucrative endeavor by taking advantage of the many opportunities for people like you. Start making some extra money from pictures you’ve taken, and turn your hobby into cash.

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What Kind of Pictures Sell?

Before focusing on a specific type of photography, do your research to ensure your style and subjects are in demand. Peruse the internet to see what kind of images the large and mid-sized publications use for their sites. Those pictures have to be licensed, and these companies could select you as the photographer from whom they purchase in the future.

The following images are regularly in high demand by all types of publications:

  • Food
  • Family life
  • Action photos
  • Home/Office
  • Technology
  • National parks
  • Monuments
  • Nature

10 Ways to Get Paid to Take Pictures (with a Smartphone or Camera)

woman taking pictures

Companies and individuals purchase photos as art pieces or to use as stock images for their own websites. There is no shortage of ways to make money selling pictures.

1. Sell on Shutterstock

You don’t need to be a photography pro to sign up and make money selling your images on Shutterstock. This is one of the best sites to start with, and is a popular designation used by members to download images. The chances of your pictures being seen on this platform are very high.

Download the Shutterstock app to make it easy to sell and upload pictures straight from your phone. This is a convenient way to get paid to take pictures with your handheld device. As your earnings increase over time, so will the amount you get paid per photo.

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2. Sell to Publications

Publications all over the web use photos from Getty Images, one of the most popular stock photo sites. You need to apply in order to start working with iStock by Getty Images.

When you are accepted onto the platform, you will become accessible to the more than 1.5 million existing users, showcasing your work to a huge audience. You will be paid in royalties ranging from 15–45 percent of the sale price. This is a fairly competitive platform, so stick to uploading your very best pictures.

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3. Upload to EyeEm

The EyeEm app will pay you to take pictures. This platform is geared toward those who are looking for a quick and easy way to sell photos online.

The app will do most of the work for you; it will scan through your camera roll and select the highest-quality photos. You will get the final say in which pictures you actually want to sell, and can protect any personal images you might have.

Your profit will be limited to approximately half of what your photos are worth, considering the convenience and how much work EyeEm takes off your plate.

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4. Download the Foap App

Check out the Foap app for another chance to earn money taking pictures. Simply upload your photos and start making money. Foap will pay you half of what your pictures earn.

Use Foap’s special feature to let you know what types of pictures are hot commodities, so you can take photos that will actually sell. If your picture is chosen by a company in this section, you will receive get a bigger payout.

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5. Start a Blog

If you want to be paid for your photos directly and not have to deal with a middle man taking profit from your pictures, start a blog. This doesn’t have to be photography-centered, but you can always use it to sell images for any niche, such as parenting, food, or pets.

Running a blog is great because you can control all of the content that’s uploaded onto your site, and display your images how and when you want. You can use a variety of methods to accept payments on your site.

6. Take Pictures for Family and Friends

Sharpen your camera skills or diversify your talents by taking pictures for family members and friends. Offer reduced pricing or ask for a testimonial about your services in exchange for their being test subjects for you.

People who are in search of photographers will choose those who have great reviews. The more testimonials you can collect, the greater your chances will be of attracting high-paying clients. If pursuing customers isn’t your thing, you can always provide your exclusive services to friends and family members.

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7. Offer Real Estate Photography Services

Real estate is here to stay, whether it be selling homes, businesses, or other types of buildings. There could be a major need in your area for a real estate photographer. Reach out to local real estate offices and offer your photography skills as a service to them.

Providing real estate photography will entail taking pictures of the inside, outside, and all other pertinent areas of a home or building. Selling is the No. 1 goal, so your photos need to showcase everything a buyer will receive with the purchase.

If you don’t already have experience in this field, offer your services at a discounted rate and look for feedback from real estate offices about how you can improve. Maintain good relationships with the real estate agents so they keep coming back to you for future listings, and you can continue to get paid to take pictures.

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8. Sell Pictures on Etsy

Etsy is a great place to start a shop and sell unique items, including pictures. Some of these photos could even be used as art pieces in a buyer’s home.

In addition to selling art photography, you can also get paid for stock photos. Many Etsy shop owners photograph their everyday lives and sell the pictures to bloggers who are on the hunt for stock images to use on their sites. This can include pictures of families, home offices, crafts, cookware, and more.

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9. Start an Instagram Account for Your Dog

Many Instagram influencers make money sharing pictures of their vacations, clothing, and favorite makeup. Others even earn a living recommending products and services for pets.

Your dog can become the next canine influencer; simply take and upload photos of your pooch to share with others. Build your dog’s following, and you can soon can get paid to take pictures of your pet and his fluffy friends.

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10. Take Pictures of Your Receipts

Many people use the Ibotta app to get cash back on their purchases. You, too, can utilize this service to make money back from your grocery shopping. Ibotta offers several types of weekly cashback opportunities.

Simply take a picture of your receipt, upload it onto the app, and select the items available for cash back. Your account will be credited within 24 hours. This is an easy way to get paid to take pictures with your phone.

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Start Your Fun Business and Get Paid to Take Pictures

Turn your photos into a lucrative business or side hustle. Have some fun with it and get creative with the images you capture. You might be surprised to earn money from something you don’t think is worth much, but what is exactly what someone else is looking for.

You can get paid for the photos on your phone in many ways, from stock image websites, to Etsy art shops, to receipt apps. You don’t necessarily need to own an expensive camera, but the higher quality your images are, the more people will be willing to pay.

Figure out which listed ways will benefit you the most, and start practicing your skills. You soon could have a lucrative, fulfilling side hustle taking pictures with your phone or camera.

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