How to Get Free Nike Shoes Online (11 Legit Ways)

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The famous Nike swoosh logo is a symbol many look to for quality athletic wear, equipment, and other active products. Nike has actually won an Emmy for producing award-winning commercials. Of all the high-quality products it creates, footwear brings in the most income for the company.

As popular as Nike shoes are, they are very pricey and usually something people put on their Christmas or birthday lists. If you want to get them more than once per year, there are ways to get free Nike shoes.

Keep in mind that you typically won’t be able to get enough money to buy a new pair of Nikes overnight. However, with some time and patience, you can make it happen. I have curated a list just for this reason so that you can take advantage and learn how to get free Nike shoes.

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What is Nike and Does It Give Away Free Shoes?

Nike has been around since 1964 and its first products were track running shoes. Since then, the brand has grown to offer much more than running shoes, even now offering a maternity line that includes athletic sports bras for nursing mothers. It has been an innovative company that aspires to be a top brand for all when athletics are involved.

Many people like you are asking if they can get free shoes from Nike. Let me clear this up for you once and for all. No, you can’t get free shoes directly from Nike.

The company does offer a shoe testing program, but you can’t keep the shoes. You will need to send the shoes back to Nike so that the company can study the wear and tear on the shoes based on your activity. Not only do the shoes need to be returned, but you also don’t get paid to test them.

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11 Legit Ways to Get Free Nike Shoes

Person walking in pink sneakers

Take a look at all the ways you can get free Nike shoes. You will be surprised to learn that there are quite a few tricks to get to your goal faster.

1. Swagbucks

In your free time, consider joining Swagbucks to credit toward your free Nike shoes. Swagbucks is an online company that offers opportunities for people to trade their time for gift cards to stores like Nike.

You can complete simple tasks in your free time in exchange for Swagbucks (SBs). The tasks include completing surveys, playing mobile games, shopping, and more.

When you’re ready to redeem your SBs, cash out in the Swagbucks store for a free gift card to Nike. Use that gift card to purchase your own Nike shoes. Your first $10 on Swagbucks is free just for joining.

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2. Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost specifically looks for people who are interested in completing surveys. There are a variety of opportunities to earn with Opinion Outpost. The surveys can be for market research, your opinion about ads you watch, or your feedback for products you test on the site.

Each completed survey earns you points. Trade those points in for free gift cards to places that you like. Opinion Outpost even offers Nike gift cards. Get free Nike shoes for women by using those gift cards when you make your purchase online or in person.

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3. MyPoints

Everyday shopping could mean money back to you with MyPoints. Get cash back for your purchases when you shop at popular places like Nike, Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, and more. Earn points for each purchase you make, which will be added to your MyPoints account.

Redeem your points when you hit the threshold amount to cash out. Choose a free Nike gift card as your reward to use toward your shoes. Get a $10 bonus when you create a free account on MyPoints.

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4. Drop App

You can get rewarded with points by using the Drop app. It is a simple app to download, link your debit or credit card, and make purchases using that card. You can get points for purchases like travel reservations or simple coffee shop runs and everything in between. You can even earn points for purchasing Nike shoes with your free gift cards.

There are extra boosts offered frequently to increase your earning potential. Once you have accumulated enough points in the Drop app, redeem them for Nike gift cards to use toward your free Nike shoes.

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5. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a site that is dedicated to helping members get more money into their pockets by performing various simple tasks. Spend a few minutes here and there completing surveys, reading emails, clipping coupons, and more to earn free Nike gift card codes. Start out on InboxDollars with a $5 bonus.

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6. Branded Surveys

If taking surveys to earn free Nike shoes is appealing to you, then sign up for a free account with Branded Surveys. You can make a difference in market research by completing surveys in your spare time.

Branded Surveys offer points in exchange for your time taking surveys. Exchange your points for actual money deposited to your PayPal account. Turn around and use that money to purchase Nike shoes.

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7. Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie is known for paying members to take surveys, polls, and join focus groups. Share your opinions about brands and companies that are seeking your input on how they can improve their products and services. Essentially, you could influence their futures.

Earn points after completing those surveys. Turn those points into cash by requesting a direct deposit to your bank account or have your money deposited into a PayPal account. Make a purchase on using the funds in your PayPal account or shop in person at your local shoe store using your bank debit card.

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8. Mistplay

If you enjoy playing games on your phone, take a chance downloading the Mistplay app so that you can get paid to play those games. Mistplay has a library full of mobile games that pay you to play. Earn units for the time you spend playing whether it’s a few minutes before bed or hours during the day.

Mistplay allows members to cash in their units for gift cards. Select the Visa gift card option so that you can use it to purchase your free Nike running shoes.

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9. Solitaire Cube

Solitaire Cube is every solitaire gamer’s dream come true. Play the classic game powered by Skillz Inc. and earn money for doing so. Skillz is a platform that offers games that actually pay players. In order to win the big bucks, you do have to pay to play.

When you win with Solitaire Cube, you can cash out through PayPal or receive a check to your home address. Additionally, there are opportunities to earn tickets toward free Nike gift cards.

Some players have won large amounts of money. You could potentially win enough to get more than one pair of Nike shoes for free.

Enter the Skillz promo code ARA503TN4J and get a 50% bonus cash match with your first $100 deposit.

10. Cash App

If you haven’t tried Cash App yet, it is a top money management app that has similar features to PayPal, except it offers more than just transfers. With Cash App, you can invest, get cash back on purchases, and use it as an everyday bank account. Try out Cash App for free and get your own debit card with it.

Cash App offers free Boosts that you can activate on your Cash Card. From grocery store purchases to up to $100 one-time purchase boosts, you can earn enough to get free Nike shoes. To get access to the $100 boost, you need to set up a direct deposit into your Cash App account.

11. KaskKick

Kashkick can help you earn your free Nike shoes by completing surveys, watching videos, shopping, or surfing the internet. Each of those tasks will earn you a specific number of KashKick points. There is no limit to how many tasks you can complete each day.

KashKick only has the option to redeem your earnings through PayPal. Once your money is deposited to PayPal, you can turn around and use that to buy your Nike shoes.

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Free Nike Shoes Are Easier to Earn Than You Think

As with anything in life, nothing is completely free without you having to exchange something for it. To get free Nike running shoes, you do have to exchange some of your time to earn your prize.

Getting free Nike shoes won’t be something that happens quickly. However, if you have the patience to not cash out before earning enough to cover your entire Nike shoe purchase, then it will be worth the wait.

Think of all the free time you have during the day whether on your lunch break or between dinner and bedtime. You can squeeze in a few of the tasks listed above to earn your free Nike shoes. Play games, answer surveys, shop, or even read emails to get you that much closer to your dream.

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