How to Get Free Gas Cards (When You Need a Full Tank)

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It’s no secret that gas prices are at an all-time high. There is no indication that gas prices will ever go back to the good old days when it was $1 per gallon. In a time with inflation infiltrating every aspect of living, searching for things like free gas cards can truly make a difference.

Gas is an essential part of the American dream. Driving to work, taking kids to and from school, and getting groceries are just a few things that require gas. Unless you have an electric car, it could be really challenging to get around and live your life if you don’t have access to getting the gas you need.

If you are ready to take back control of all the spending you have to do on gas for your vehicle, learn how to get free gas cards to give yourself a break. Don’t let someone else’s decisions on gas prices change your plans for living.

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11 Quick Ways to Get Free Gas Cards

Being in a situation of “I need gas money right now” is a hard spot to be in. If this is something you need help with right now, the following are ideas for you to use to get help with gas. Each site in itself may not fill your tank, so make sure to try multiple options in order to rally together enough free gas cards for your next trip to the gas station.

1. Swagbucks

Complete easy online jobs through Swagbucks to get free gas cards. Swagbucks is a well-known company that has given away millions of dollars to users just for completing tasks such as taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and more.

If you join the free Swagbucks community, you can earn a $10 welcome bonus. Complete any number of tasks on the platform to increase the amount of Swagbucks (SBs) in your account. There is no limit to how many tasks you can complete each day.

Once you have earned enough SBs, you can exchange them for free Chevron gift cards to be used toward your gas purchases at Chevron and Texaco gas stations. Alternatively, you can cash out for Visa or Mastercard gift cards that can be used toward your gas purchase at any local gas station.

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2. InboxDollars

Get rewarded with free gas money through InboxDollars. With InboxDollars, you can earn gas money during your free time. On your lunch break, before bed, or during some downtime, you can make a difference in your wallet and in your car’s gas tank.

InboxDollars is a members-only rewards platform. Earn by completing tasks like reading emails, taking surveys, shopping, and more. When you complete a task, you get money added to your InboxDollars account that can later be redeemed for free gift cards to places like Walmart gas stations or a deposit to your PayPal account. Use your earnings toward your next gas-up.

3. Use Cashback Apps

Cashback apps can be life changing. Get money back in your wallet (or bank account) just for shopping and spending as you normally would. You can exchange your earnings for deposits right back to your bank or request gift cards to help with expenses such as gas. Earn credit toward free gas cards from your normal spending.

Tada is an app that pays you to shop for groceries. Simply sign up, check out the current offers while shopping, and scan your receipt after checking out. The cash back you earn can be used redeemed for PayPal cash or Visa gift cards, which you can then use to buy gas.

Use apps like Upside, a free gas card app that puts money into your wallet even when you spend at the pump. Getting money back on your gas is a win-win. Simply download the Upside app, link your debit card, and start saving. Use your cashback money to purchase gas cards.

4. Salvation Army

The Salvation Army is a top charity available worldwide that provides assistance to anyone regardless of background. It is a religious charity that has been around since 1865 providing support where needed. It is a non-profit organization.

If you are in need of gas right now, you can search for a Salvation Army near you and inquire about its options for free gas vouchers online. There will be an application to fill out as there are a limited number of vouchers that are given. The Salvation Army does its best to help and support where needed. 

5. Rent Advertisement Space on Your Car

Apply to have advertisements placed on your car and get paid just for driving your car around. If you are already driving to work or to go anywhere else, you can get free gas cards just for having the ads on your car. There are companies that pay as much as $200 per month in gas cards if you have your car wrapped in advertisements.

If you already have to drive places, you might as well get some free gas in the process. Research legitimate companies that pay you for this opportunity. Beware of scam companies that are out there.

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6. Apply for Assistance

Many cities around the U.S. offer financial assistance programs that are funded either by the city itself or through members of the community who want to help others. This could be a quick way to get free gas cards.

Search for assistance programs in your area. Typically, there will be an application to fill out just to confirm you do actually live in the city where you are applying for assistance. Depending on how quickly your city approves applications, you could potentially have money for gas on the same day.

More Ways to Save Money on Gas

There are other ways you can save money on gas. The following ideas could take a little more time to see come through, but it could be worth it.

7. Use Rewards Credit Cards

There is a love/hate relationship with credit cards, but the truth is they can be helpful in a pinch. If you have credit cards, look into the rewards that they offer. Some credit card companies offer rewards such as gas vouchers or discounts on gas purchases.

Typically, if you spend a certain amount of money per month on your credit card, you will get a reward. If you don’t have a credit card that offers this type of reward, then consider applying for one like Chase so that you can reap the rewards.

8. Raise

Buy discounted gift cards from Raise. You can save up to 30% on gift cards from this site. Simply search for the brand you want to buy from or search for a product. Gas gift cards are offered to places like Shell, 76, Speedway, Meijer, and more. Don’t pay full price for a gas gift card when Raise makes it possible to get more gas for less money.

9. Card Cash

Buy gift cards for less using Card Cash, a platform designed to bring you gift cards without the full price tag. Search for gas gift cards on Card Cash and you will find options to buy for places like Shell, BP Gas, Arco, and more. Never pay full price for your gas card with Card Cash.

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10. Review New Promos From Retailers

Retailers like CVS and grocery chains across the country often run new promotions. Promotions can include free gas cards. Usually the promotions include you buying a certain amount in groceries or merchandise in order to qualify for free gas vouchers.

Review any promos that are going on and be sure to get your free gas cards before the promotion date ends.

11. Carpool

Offer rides to those in your area and have them pay you for gas. Think of co-workers who are going to the same location as you or other children who attend the same school as your child. You could drive them to their destination since you are going there already.

As the carpool driver, those who get a ride from you can chip in for gas. Depending on how many people you drive, you could get enough money to pay for all of your gas.

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Free Gas Cards Are Needed Now More Than Ever

When the world is suffering, it’s great to see that there are some options and companies that are willing to help individuals make it through the hard times. Sometimes it’s not easy to find things when you need them most. Hopefully creating some relief will make a difference in many people’s lives.

Getting those free gas cards can be a difference in keeping a job or losing it if you can’t afford to drive yourself to work. There are always options for help; you just have to know where to look to find the solution that’s right for you.

From local support to renting ad space on your car or earning free gas cards online, there are several ways to meet your goal of getting help with gas each month. Find the right suggestion from this specially created list of free gas card opportunities that fits your lifestyle and get your gas paid for now.

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