Is Buyback Boss Legit? Learn Who It’s for and How It Works

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It always bothers me that a phone costs so much money, yet when it is time for a new one, I don’t get any money back from the old one. Usually, my options are limited to recycling it or just giving it away. Unless it is a newer phone, no one really wants to pay much for it; until I learned about BuyBack Boss.

I will admit that when a newer version of my phone comes out, I am intrigued and tempted to buy it. Typically, I wait until my phone breaks or is just old before I upgrade. Over the years, I have probably contributed my share of cellphones to electronics recycling.

Thankfully with Buyback Boss, now I can actually get an instant offer on my used phone. Instead of throwing money away, there is a chance I can make money.

If you’re wondering how does Buyback Boss work, here are the ins and outs of it with this detailed BuyBack Boss review.

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What is Buyback Boss and Is It Legit?

BuyBack Boss homepage

BuyBack Boss is an online phone buyback program. Founded by Jack Wight, the company strives to give top dollar for devices from iPhones to Samsung to iPads and even Apple watches.

It is rated a 4.8 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot for its highest-paying buyback program, helpful customer service, and all-around positive experience. It is also accredited through the Better Business Bureau.

How Does Buyback Boss Work?

The program is fairly simple and can be completed in three steps; get an instant quote, ship your device with a prepaid shipping label, and get paid.

Telling BuyBack Boss about your phone is what initiates the offer. Things like the storage space, model of the phone, carrier, and condition it is in help determine the worth. Your offer will appear within seconds of submitting this information.

There is no obligation to accept the offer after receiving the quote. There is a 14-day price lock guarantee so you are guaranteed to receive the amount offered to you.

If you accept the offer, simply ship in your device as directed. Once the device is received, you will then receive your payment. There is little risk for you to try it out and make money fast.

After devices are purchased and sold, the company refurbishes the devices to be sold on the Buyback Boss Back Market.

What Makes Buyback Boss Unique?

BuyBack Boss is unique in that they guarantee the best offers for any device. Their customer service is stellar and their mission is simply to be a positive impact. Not only do they want to put money in your wallet, but they want to make your day as well through their positive energy.

Price Match Guarantee

The company guarantees that they offer the best price for your phone or device compared to other buyback programs. If there is a better option found elsewhere, simply email Buyback Boss and they will match the price. This gives customers peace of mind that they are getting the most bang for their device.

Same-Day Payments

Instant cash is not heard of frequently. However, Buyback Boss guarantees fast money with their same-day payments.

Same-day payments occur as soon as the company receives your phone. They work to get you the money from your quote quickly. Therefore, you can choose to have your funds deposited straight to your PayPal account so that you receive those fast, same-day payments.

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Bulk Sales

With bulk sales, you can offer to pay for old devices in your area and then turn around to sell them in bulk to Buyback Boss. Before you begin buying from others, however, make sure you get a feel for the value of their devices so that you aren’t paying too high of a price.

Make a post on Facebook to local groups or contact friends and family asking to buy their old phones. You’d be surprised how many old devices are laying around.

Then send a request to Buyback Boss to take advantage of their bulk sales offer.

Giveback Program

Buyback Boss partners with Lighthouse for Hope, a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps families who are fighting childhood cancer. With the offer you are given for your device, you can opt to have your funds donated to Lighthouse for Hope instead.

The proceeds help alleviate some of the financial stress families face and gives some assistance for day-to-day expenses like gas, groceries, clothes, and more.

Charities that Buyback Boss partners with are all hand-selected by them. This ensures that the money being donated is actually used for the purpose intended to make an impact on the lives you donate to.

Phenomenal Reviews

Overall, Buyback Boss reviews are positive. Customers who have had experience using this program have been satisfied with the outcome of their buyback. The most common positive reviews include:

  • “Quick and easy” – The process is easy to complete and doesn’t take much time. Plus, payments are quickly received.
  • “Excellent customer service” – Always quick to respond to customer concerns with solutions.
  • “Fair Pricing” – Highest paying buyback program out there.

While there are nearly two thousand positive Buyback Boss reviews, there will definitely be some negative ones in the bunch. Approximately two percent of the reviews on Trustpilot are negative. Common complaints include:

  • Not matching offers – Some customers claim when Buyback Boss receives their devices, they offer less money. This is due to technicians finding problems with the device upon receipt.
  • Not answering phone calls  – Customers report the phone lines are never answered. There is also mention of voicemails never being responded to.

With most of the bad reviews, there is a response from Buyback Boss with additional information.

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Buyback Boss Alternatives

person holding smartphone

To take advantage of the price match guarantee, consider checking out these companies to see what they offer for your device. You might just get lucky and find a higher offer that BuyBack Boss will match. It doesn’t hurt to try them and get several quotes to find the best price for your smartphones.


Decluttr is a fast and free way to earn money for tech items lying around your house that you don’t want or don’t use anymore. Items such as cell phones, CDs, DVDs, games, and books are among the items being sold here.

Payments are made one day after your item is received. Simply receive a quote, ship your item, and get paid. Their price promise is you will get the first price or your items will be given back to you for free.

For first time account holders, Decluttr offers 10% extra cash on your first trade in. You can choose to be paid through direct deposit or PayPal.

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With Gazelle, you can buy or sell smartphones on their site. With their fast and easy online offers, you can have a quote to sell within a minute. Print out your shipping label, send off your device, and you’re on your way to receiving rewards.

Gazelle also offers a rewards program for sellers on their site. For every $1 your device is worth, you earn 1 point. Turn in those points for additional value on the next device you sell on their platform.

If you choose to be rewarded with an Amazon gift card, you get an additional 3% to your buyback. Otherwise, you can get paid through PayPal or a mailed check.

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Buyback Express

Sell electronics, books, textbooks, movies, music, and games all on Buyback Express. With your instant quote and free shipping label, you can get money back the same day your item is received.

Choose to get paid through check or PayPal to start earning. If you leave a testimonial on the site about your buyback experience, you are automatically entered into a drawing to win a $100 bonus.

They are also an A+ accredited business with BBB.

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Buyback Boss is the Highest Paying Buyback Program

Without a doubt, Buyback Boss is legit and pays the highest price out there for old and used smartphones and devices. With the raving Buyback Boss reviews from others who have done the research plus the price match guarantee, there is no question.

Regardless of why you want to sell your smartphone, Buyback Boss will make you an offer in seconds. It is very easy to get your item to the company for a quick same-day payment through PayPal upon receipt of your device.

Additionally, the option to donate your funds is unique and encouraging to try a company that feels strongly about helping others in need.

What is holding you back from giving BuyBack Boss a try? Click here to get a free instant quote for your device.

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