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Finding products you can buy cheap and sell high is a lucrative talent. Ebay is the perfect online selling forum to carry out this process commonly known as flea market flipping.

There are countless unused items that you would have never expected to become collectibles. It may be worth searching what their worth is online!

We’ve all seen the shows on TV where someone gets a high price for an item they thought was worthless. It’s not as difficult as you may think to turn someone’s trash into a treasure. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make money flipping using Ebay.

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How to Make 100K Flea Market Flipping

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How to Find Profitable Items to Sell on Ebay

The first place to start when preparing for Ebay flipping is to know what items to sell. Knowing what items sell high and what categories are popular is half the battle.

Flipping success requires preliminary research on this information.

An easy way to choose what to sell is to use Ebay’s advanced search:

  1. Enter a search term like “jewelry”, “women’s shoes” or “electronics.”
  2. Check the box next to “sold listings” in the search options.
  3. Input your target price range. Try $100 to $250, for example.
  4. Select “Search.”

Using this search method, you can pull up a list of items that sold within a specific price range. This will help you determine what items sell on Ebay most frequently. Knowing what items flip easily allows you to start your own profitable business.

Flea Market Flipping Course

Keep in mind that this blog post will only scratch the surface of flea market flipping strategies and information. To really delve into the possibilities of making a supporting income, you will need to be willing to invest in resources that will get you to your goals.

Consider joining the Flea Market Flipper University Online Course with Rob and Melissa Stephenson. This couple earned $133,000 in sales in their FIRST year of flea market flipping. They want to teach you how to do the same! Join the free Beginner Flipping Webinar to learn what flea market flipping is all about.

Where to Find Things to Resell Locally

After finding what things to resell, search for local places that sell those items cheap.

  1. Garage sales. You can often find bargains on nice items when you visit garage sales in your area! From rare antiques to up-to-date electronics, garage sales often have the best deals.Garage sale finds
  2. Flea markets. Many towns have flea markets once per week. Check your local newspapers and Facebook groups to determine if you have one nearby. Try to arrive at opening time to get the best deals.Flea market flipper
  3. Thrift stores. Second-hand shops make an effort to sell their items for a reasonable price. The greatest finds are those that pricing staff do not know the full value of. Here is where your list of items selling on Ebay comes in handy.Thrift store finds
  4. Antique stores. It is not as easy to find items to flip at an antique store, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. With smartphones, it’s easy to look up the value of an item in real time.Antique store
  5. Your own home. You can even sell unwanted items for a profit from your own possessions. If you’re anything like I am, you probably hold on to things that are valuable but of little use to you anymore. Reinvest the money you make on these first few items and snowball your income as you use this money to grow!What to sell on Ebay

Your flea market flipping success will depend on how much you spent on your inventory in the first place.

Garage Sale Finds Worth Big Bucks

The best money makers at flea markets and garage sales are items like tools, jewelry and vinyl records. Outdoor equipment such as kayaks, lawnmowers and jet skis are also good finds if purchased for the right price.

The best way to find garage sale finds worth big bucks is to do a live search on your smartphone while you shop. This will quickly tell you how much money the item (or similar items) are currently selling for on Ebay.

Knowing the best items to flip on Ebay will tell you what to buy at garage sales and flea markets to sell on Ebay. Things like children’s clothes, books and old furniture are flea market items that don’t sell easily for a profit. Becoming a successful flea market flipper depends on your research of items and knowledge of the trade.

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Flea Market Flipping

While many garage sale treasures abound, there are also a lot of great flea market items to consider. Flea market flipping can be very profitable since there are odds and ends items sold in bulk at low prices.

A flea market is a place to find hundreds of garage sales taking place on one big property. Some vendors sell new items while others sell second-hand.

To be a successful flea market flipper, you will need to research, beat the crowds and haggle with sellers. At the end of the day, vendors want their inventory gone and will often sell for a reduced price. This same logic applies to garage sale flipping so don’t be afraid to make low offers. The worst they can say is “no.”

How to Make Money Flea Market Flipping

Gather your great garage sale and flea market finds and do some research on their actual worth. Do the same Ebay search you did earlier but apply that search to each specific item you want to sell.

Make sure to price your items in a range where you will make a profit, but won’t take months to sell. It’s okay to do a little trial and error until you’ve mastered your pricing strategy.

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Flea Market Flipping Expenses

Always remember to account for shipping costs such as freight, packaging and handling when selling items on Ebay. Also, keep track of the days and hours you spend searching for your great garage sale and flea market finds. Your time is worth money as well!

Garage Sale and Flea Market Flips

Once you’ve done a few garage sale flips and flea market flips, you will start to see a pattern of what works. Once you find your pattern of success, stick to it.

Keep searching for garage sales in your area and hitting up your local flea markets for those hot items.

When seasons change and garage sales and flea markets are few and far between, take your shopping back into thrift stores and antique shops. Many great items can be found here as well.

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Easiest Things To Sell On Ebay

Keep in mind that the easiest things to sell on Ebay are not always the most profitable or high priced items. Even if they give a lower yield, you can still sell in volume.

As your income and experience grow, you can then move away from low-profit items and focus on sales that will bring in more than $50 per item.

Even some of the easiest things to sell on Ebay won’t sell if you’re not willing to put in the extra effort. That said, make sure to keyword each product listing thoroughly so that buyers can find your sale items. Adding keywords to the title and description will put your listing in front of buyers searching for what you sell.

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Questions About Flea Market Flipping

If you still have questions about flipping items on Ebay, that’s a good thing! Unless you have been doing this for quite some time, you’re going to find it a little overwhelming. If it was too easy, everyone would be doing it and it would no longer be profitable!

Make sure to start your flea market flipping strategy on the right foot. Invest in a course once and use that knowledge to grow your small flea market flipping business ten-fold!

>> Get The Flea Market Flipper University Online Course Now <<

Good luck flipping items for profit on Ebay!

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