How to Get Paid to Upload Receipts (Before Tossing Them)

Last Updated Feb 21, 2021

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Grocery shopping is a must in every household. If you are a mom then you probably do most of the grocery shopping for your home. Why not save your receipts and get paid for uploading them?

We spend a ton of money on groceries every month. I know it is a necessity for my family to have food in the house, but I really dread seeing that final number pop up on the register when my groceries finish crossing that scanner.

I used to hesitate pulling out my wallet to pay for those necessities knowing I’d never see that money again. That was until I found out that I could make some of that money back.

Take the cringe out of your shopping with the knowledge that you can actually make money from that long receipt. There are many ways you can get paid to upload receipts. Take a look at how you can start to replenish your bank account after each shopping trip.

Sites That Pay You to Upload Receipts

Uploading receipts isn’t difficult to do and doesn’t require too much time. See how these following sites make it easy for you to make money uploading receipts.

1. InboxDollars Magic Receipts

InboxDollars Magic Receipts

InboxDollars is an online rewards platform that rewards users for uploading receipts. Upload your receipts while the claim offer is still active and your account will be credited within a few minutes with the amount shown on the offer.

Get paid to upload receipts for purchases like bread, eggs, and milk. Some claims offer $1 back on those purchases which give you a boost in your earnings.

Once you reach $10 in earnings, you can cash out for a check, payment through PayPal, Amazon gift cards, and more. InboxDollars has an A rating with the Better Business Bureau, and a 4.3 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot.

To learn more about the company, check out my InboxDollars review.

2. Swagbucks Magic Receipts

Swagbucks Magic Receipts

Swagbucks is a popular site used to earn extra cash from the comfort of your own home. There are many opportunities to earn on the platform, one of which is by uploading receipts.

For purchases within grocery, big box and warehouse, drug store, home improvement, clothing departments, etc., there is a chance to earn with Swagbucks.

Find corresponding ‘upload receipt’ buttons on the answer page on Swagbucks mobile or desktop. Upload your receipt and get SBs added to your account. The amount of SBs earned will vary depending on current offers.

You can cash out as soon as you reach 140 SBs (worth $1.40). Shop the rewards page for various gift cards to Starbucks, PayPal, Amazon, and more.

Read more about Swagbucks in my full review.

3. NCP ReCap Shopping Rewards


Download the NCP ReCap app on Google Play or from the Apple Store and get paid to upload receipts. NCP ReCap is by the trusted Nielsen company, which has been in business for over 98 years (yes, you read that right).

ReCap is committed to giving rewards regardless of where you shop. From grocery stores to hardware stores and much more, upload every receipt to earn rewards. Redeem the points you earn for gift cards.

Each receipt uploaded also gets you an entry into a sweepstakes. Additionally, the app allows you to earn up to 500 points for weekly receipt pictures. Users have up to 14 days from the date of purchase to take a picture of their receipt and upload it on the app.

The app itself has a nearly 4.5 out of 5 star ranking from users’ reviews. The ease of use is a common topic among reviewers.

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4. Ibotta

Ibotta $20 welcome bonus

Ibotta is known for giving users money back on the things they buy all the time. These items being grocery items like milk, bread, snacks, baby supplies, etc.

Use the app to see what offers are available before going shopping. Select offers that are relevant for you and upload your receipt on the app after your purchase.

Each offer will vary in how much you will earn. You can even earn just for uploading the receipt itself without claiming any other offers.

Within 24 hours, your account will be credited with the cash you earned from your receipt. Your account must have a minimum of $20 before you can cash out. Ibotta will transfer the funds directly into your bank account.

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5. Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards provides consumers with the chance to earn back some of the money they are spending on everyday goods. It takes the hassle out of clipping coupons and having to shop at a specific store. Instead, the savings come to you.

Scan your grocery receipt after each shopping trip and if a participating brand is on your receipt, you’ll get points added to your account. Redeem your points for various rewards.

In order to redeem your points, you must have a minimum of 3,000 points (worth $3) in your account. The number of points you earn will vary from item to item.

Find the reward you like, choose ‘Get This Reward,’ and an electronic gift will be sent right to your email.

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Other Ways to Make Money With Digital Receipts

Taking pictures of receipts is easy to do. However, if you’re looking for even more ways to earn, here are other ways to make money shopping whether or not you keep your physical receipts.

6. Dosh

Dosh cash back

Dosh gives automatic cash back on purchases related to shopping, dining, and travel. It’s a user-friendly app and offers large cashback opportunities.

To start, download the app, link the debit or credit cards you use to shop, swipe that same card when making purchases, and get rewarded by brands you love. Brands include Disney+, Instacart, Walmart Grocery Pickup, and many more.

Dosh automatically puts money into your virtual wallet after each swipe. Once you’ve accumulated $25 in your wallet, you can request to cash out by PayPal, Venmo, or donate to a local charity.

7. Drop App

Drop app

The Drop App is on a mission to be a new kind of rewards program. No matter what kind of purchase you make, if you shop directly from the app, you can earn points.

Purchases from places like coffee shops, travel reservations, clothing, and everything in between can qualify for points into your account. Collect points and redeem them for gift cards to places like Netflix, Amazon, Sephora, and many others.

8. Rakuten

Rakuten process

Rakuten is a widely known e-commerce and online retail company that gives rewards back to users for shopping online using its referal links. Rakuten earns a commission for driving sales to companies featured on its site. Then some of those rewards are given back to its members.

Use its in-store cashback feature to get paid for shopping. You can get cashback on purchases through companies like Macy’s, Target, Walmart, and more.

Select the offer most appealing to you on the app, link your debit or credit card, and pay with your linked card in-store to get your cash back. Finally, Rakuten pays you through PayPal or a check.

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9. MyPoints

MyPoints cash back

MyPoints is a cashback site that gives users the opportunity to grow their income with money back in their wallet. Shop on its website with over 2,000 retailers to choose from and start earning cash back.

MyPoints gives users the opportunity to earn up to 40% back. Use the points you earn to redeem for free gift cards to popular stores like Walmart, Amazon, Bath and Body Works, and so many more.

10. Check Your Credit Card Offers

Chase cash back offers

Many credit card companies offer special deals to cardholders for being loyal customers. Offers like this one with Chase partnering with Marriott gives you rewards that will save you money in the future. This particular offer promises one or three free nights in a Marriott hotel when you spend a certain amount on your Chase card.

Once you’re an established cardmember, there are always new offers added. You can select the ones to the places you already shop and the cashback gets applied to your card automatically, plus you’ll continue to earn points toward free nights in any Marriott hotel.

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Stack Your Receipts to Earn The Most Cash Back

There are many ways you can get paid to upload receipts or for making purchases on a card linked with an app. Let your shopping necessities work in your favor by giving you some money back.

Whether you take a picture of a receipt on your phone or use an app for your shopping needs, getting money back can make a difference in your life. Sometimes you can submit the same receipt to multiple companies. Make sure to read the terms for each company you decide to use.

Various companies want to reward you for things you are already doing. Take advantage of their offers and make those opportunities work for you and your household.

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