24 Best Side Hustles for Men to Earn Extra Money

man research side hustles for men on a laptop

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Are you looking for legitimate ways to make extra money? I was in your exact shoes 10 years ago and have found some amazing side hustles and income streams along the way. My goal is to help you find the best opportunities that fit your lifestyle.

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Many of us have found ourselves struggling to make ends meet. In a world full of workers searching for second job options, side hustles for men provide opportunities to fill the gap and create a work/life balance.

I vividly recall when my time was spent crunching the numbers, head swimming as I tried to find ways to make my income stretch beyond the incessant bills. The numbers just weren’t adding up. My husband and I had to jump through hoops to make our financial situation work. He is now employed at home and earns extra cash with a side hustle, all while spending even more time with the family.

The ideal situation for most would be to find a side hustle for men to enjoy, while not taking them away from the people who matter the most. Side hustles can include hobbies or other activities that men don’t mind doing during their downtime at home. Many of the available options could make a huge difference in your income. Check out the suggestions below to find one that best fits your lifestyle, and start pursuing your side hustle today.

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24 Legit Side Jobs for Men to Earn Extra Cash

man research side hustles for men on a laptop

The best side hustles for guys are the ones that will allow them to have some fun while working. Meet new people along the way or enjoy mutually beneficial jobs that fulfill you and your wallet at the same time.

1. Play Games for Cash

Most men thoroughly enjoy playing games on their phones, PCs, Xboxes, or PlayStations. Make this pastime more fun and rewarding by earning real cash for the time you spend playing games.

Blackout Bingo

Bingo might not necessarily sound like a game that would appeal to most men, but you can now play fast-paced, head-to-head, 90-second rounds for real cash, right from your phone.

Blackout Bingo is my favorite game app that pays real money. Play for free for as long as you want, and then later participate in the cash rounds that start at just 60 cents. The company that runs this app turned the classic bingo game into one of skill, rather than chance. You’ll need to be faster and smarter than your opponent to win!

Enter the Skillz promo code ARA503TN4J and get a 50% bonus cash match with your first $100 deposit.

Solitaire Cube

If you prefer a speedier card game, Solitaire Cube is another great option to play for extra cash. Don’t go out of your way to learn a new game; instead, use your classic solitaire skills to sort cards into their proper sequences by suit. Challenge other players by earning points based on how far through the deck you get within the allotted five minutes. Whoever racks up the most points by the end of the round wins.

Please Note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

2. Become a Proofreader

If you are a guy who is great at spotting errors in publications, proofreading jobs should be at the top of your list of side hustles. My husband performs this service for me all of the time.

Proofreading is not like editing. Your role will be to simply locate any grammar and punctuation errors and point them out to the writer. This job can be done from anywhere, any time.

Most proofreaders start out making $10 per hour, but this can increase quickly the more you work. Many full-time proofreaders have gone on to earn between $32,000 and $39,000 annually – as beginners.

To get started in the proofreading world, join Caitlin Pyle’s free Proofread Anywhere webinar. This class will teach you how to put your best foot forward, find clients, and earn a consistent income – just from proofreading.

3. Hunt Down Robocallers

If you don’t mind answering calls from unknown numbers, making money from robocalls could be well worth your time.

Speak to the robocaller and extract pertinent information that will allow you to write a demand letter to the company for cash.

You could earn a nice payout hunting down these companies who violate the FCC’s regulations by calling your phone. Settlement payouts from these robocalling companies can range from $500–$1,500 per call.

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4. Flip Secondhand Finds

Flipping secondhand items is a great side hustle for men who enjoy shopping for used pieces that can be resold for a profit.

Consider the wide variety of items you could flip for cash, including tools, furniture, electronics, gaming gear, workout equipment, and more. Cleaning them up and making any necessary repairs will help them look as good as new. Peruse your own garage and attic for items you can resell, or check out local thrift stores and donation centers for pieces you could flip for profit.

Books are other lucrative items to flip online. Some resellers have earned more than $50,000 in a month doing just this. It’s a great side hustle for anyone who enjoys scouting deals and would enjoy reselling books for a profit.

ZenArbitrage is a complete system that teaches users how to flip books online. While this may sound like a simple concept, the tools that the company provides are priceless because they will help you save time when scouting profitable books to resell.

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5. Start a Worm Farm

hands holding Red Wiggler worms

Running a worm farm is a lucrative side hustle for men who are willing to get their hands dirty and commit to having creepy-crawlies living in their homes.

These farms breed hundreds of worms that can be sold to fishers, farmers, or anyone else who would like to start their own worm farms. Worms are typically sold for approximately $65 per pound and are available locally, on Amazon, through Craigslist, and on many other websites.

Worm farmers need to make an initial investment up front to purchase the first set of worms before being able to make money from them. The worm excrement can also be sold for fertilizer, making this endeavor a double win.

Begin your worm-farming adventure by purchasing a starter kit. After that, you won’t be required to do much more work. This is an ingenious way to earn money in your sleep – or even when you’re away from home.

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6. Become a Voice Actor

Voice acting is a lesser-known way for men to earn extra money, but male voice actors are actually in very high demand. Consider how many voices are needed for the animated shows and movies that are constantly being released.

This opportunity doesn’t end with cartoons. Movies and shows – whether animated or live-action – are often dubbed into additional languages. If you speak a second language, you could become a voiceover actor and lend your skills to these productions. The voice actors who provide the audio for the additional languages go a long way toward helping shows and movies reach an even wider audience.

7. Become an Interior Designer

Men looking for side hustles need to keep an open mind and consider out-of-the-box opportunities, including becoming interior designers. This is a great career move for anyone with a keen eye for spacial functionality and a love of statement decor.

Interior designers are paid to help others make sense of their living spaces. This means sourcing furniture, wall decor, paint colors, and other necessities that will help clients design their perfect homes. Sit down with your customers to find out more about their needs and desires, and give them a space they love. You could make thousands of dollars per client. Charge an upfront fee to secure your services, and then send the happy customer a bill for the remainder when the job is complete.

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8. Become a Property Manager

A lot of men would be the perfect fit for a side hustle as a property manager. This role will give you the freedom to set your own schedule and work from anywhere. You can even attend to any inquiries or requests on the way home from your day job or on your lunch break.

Save responding to emails regarding the properties in your care until your day job is finished. You may have a lot of down time, depending on how may locations you oversee, but you will still get paid to be the go-to person. This side hustle comes with easy money!

9. Resell Shoes

Starting a shoe-flipping business selling preowned, name-brand shoes is a great side hustle for men who can recognize a good deal.

It’s easy to find inexpensive shoes. Spend a weekend perusing garage sales or visiting thrift stores and resell the shoes you find. Clean the shoes, take well-lit photos of them, and price them competitively.

It’s possible to make a profit in the hundreds per pair, if you know how to do it right. This side hustle could be all you need to transform your life.

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10. Earn Money Drinking Beer

Earning money to drink beer would be a dream come true for many men. This is undoubtedly one of the best side hustles for any guy.

There are many ways you can earn money by drinking beer. Host a family dinner and enjoy a pint; then write a review about the flavors. Visit a local brewery and earn money by writing a post after recruiting the company to become an advertiser. Work to become an affiliate for beer companies in your area.

Your pay will vary, depending on which method you choose. Use your imagination and enjoy life while drinking beer – and making money.

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11. Sell on Amazon FBA

There are many ways to make money through retail giant Amazon. Selling through the Fulfillment by Amazon program has replaced many people’s incomes and put them on the path to financial success.

Through FBA, sellers store their products at Amazon’s fulfillment center, and then the company does the rest. You don’t have to worry about keeping a large inventory in your home, and selling through this trusted organization will exponentially increase your bottom line.

You will be paid every two weeks for the products you have sold through the FBA platform. This is a great way to float yourself until your next paycheck arrives.

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12. Build Custom Chicken Coops

Challenge yourself to think outside of the box (or coop) to make money fast. Anyone who is comfortable working with wood and tools and following easy step-by-step instructions can make and sell chicken coops for a profit.

You’ll first need to choose a plan to follow so that your chicken coops are solid, attractive, and reproducible.

Poll members of a local Facebook group or chat with locals to find out if there is a demand for chicken shelters in your area. Then build your first chicken coop so you have images to share in your listings, and so potential customers can check out your skills in person.

13. Test Theme Parks

Testing amusement park offerings is one of the best side hustles for thrill-seeking dads. Not only is this a fun pastime, it also offers the chance to explore new places and revisit childhood memories.

Take your kids to local theme parks and get paid for enjoying the rides, engaging with workers, sampling the food, and more. There are a variety of ways to get paid to test theme parks, and you can do it on your days off, with the family in tow.

Create a YouTube channel, enable advertising, and test a variety of rides as your audience watches. Partner with area amusement parks to earn affiliate commissions for writing reviews and driving ticket sales through your website. If you so choose, contact the theme park directly to find out if any tester positions are currently open.

The pay for contracted positions can range drastically, but you can set your own rates when utilizing a blog or YouTube channel. Don’t limit yourself to only one way of making extra cash to test theme parks.

14. Get Paid to Sleep

Sleeping might very well be the ultimate side hustle for dads. Guys work hard, from the time spent at their day jobs, to honey-do lists at home. It seems only fair that they have access to ways to make money in their sleep.

Dads can earn some side cash testing sleep products, writing reviews about hotel experiences, and streaming commercials on their phones all night – while getting paid for “watching” them. Even the beds on which they rest could earn them money; mattress-testing can pay up to $3,000. Other sleep jobs will have a different pay scale.

There are several ways to turn your need for sleep into a side hustle. Earn an extra $500 dollars with your eyes closed.

15. Donate Plasma

Donating plasma up to twice a week is a great opportunity to earn some extra cash while making a positive impact.

Plasma donation centers are available throughout the country, and they pay $50 per visit, on average. You can make a potential $400 per month, simply sitting in a chair and donating plasma.

You will not only provide a valuable service, you will also pad your wallet with some extra cash each week. Find plasma donation centers near you to learn more about their requirements.

16. Start a Vending Machine Business

Everyone likes a good snack on the go. Vending machines are everywhere, and provide a great opportunity for men to easily make some extra cash.

Guys who start their own vending machine businesses can find themselves earning a nice bit of money on the side. Once you’ve made the initial upfront investment to purchase a machine, the rest of the money will go straight into your pocket. Owning a vending machine will require very little effort on your part.

Appeal to all types of customers by filling your vending machine with snacks, drinks, gum, or even encapsulated toys. Get permission to set up your equipment at local gas stations, hotels, truck stops, and gyms. You will probably need to pay the proprietor a percentage of your proceeds, but this won’t stop your bottom line from growing exponentially.

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17. Start a Blog for Men

Many internet users read blogs to stay connected with current trends and learn how to do a variety of activities.

Getting paid to blog about manly things can be as simple as posting gym exercises, covering current men’s fashion trends, reviewing popular men’s hairstyles, playing upcoming video game releases, or designing beer-making guides.

You will need to pay for hosting and a domain name, but those upfront investments will be well worth the potential to drive income through your new site.

Get a blog set up in just a day and start attracting an audience that’s eager to learn more about the topics you cover. Use ads, sponsored posts, or affiliate links to generate a passive income.

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18. Officiate Soccer Games

Guys who grew up watching or playing soccer can now get paid to watch sports as soccer officials.

Consider a side gig that involves becoming a referee for soccer games, especially if one of your own children is playing. Enjoy the thrill of the game, the excitement from the kids, and some good exercise for yourself, all while getting paid.

The pay will vary, depending on the team’s age designation. You could make $20–$60 per game as a head referee. Assistant referees make $20–$40 per match.

Use your free time on the weekends or in the evenings at the soccer fields. This fun side hustle comes with bonus health benefits for you.

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19. Become a Woodworker

Guys who are good with their hands can turn a woodworking hobby into a nice side hustle.

Woodworking can be as simple as making a shelf, putting together children’s toys, refinishing furniture, or designing your own pieces. Charge for the time, materials, and craftsmanship you put into each one-of-a-kind piece.

Spend as much or as little time as you please working on this side hustle. Take an hour after work each night, or dedicate some free time on the weekend to completing your woodworking projects.

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20. Offer 3D Printing Services

The sky’s the limit when it comes to 3D printing, making this resource a popular one in a world full of technological advances. It can be expensive for most to afford a 3D printer and other materials, and that’s where you come in. Turn your 3D-printing talents into an awesome side hustle.

Make money with your 3D printer by offering your services to friends, family members, and neighbors. Your customers will flock to you for quick gifts for working moms, last-minute anniversary gifts, and even personalized knickknacks.

21. Become a DJ

Most guys love jamming out to some good tunes. Take your love of music up a notch by becoming a DJ and earning some great money on the side.

Bring your own unique flare to birthday parties, celebrations, weddings, and other events by having a large music selection and letting partygoers jam out to your tunes. You’ll have a great time as a DJ and also make some quick money in a day.

Music is a diverse art, and everyone has their own preferences. It can be difficult to determine how much money you could make as a DJ, but PayScale.com recently reported that musicians (DJs included) average more than $60,000 per year for base salary and commissions. This could be a lucrative and entertaining way to make money with music.

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22. Build Websites

More than 500,000 websites are added to the internet each day, so it’s no wonder the website-building and designing industry is booming.

Guys who are tech-savvy and who have existing experience building websites can easily turn this skill into a side hustle. Negotiate deals with website holders and complete the designing in your spare time.

You could can earn as much as $2,000 to create a simple website, or tackle more complex projects and bring in tens of thousands of dollars. The latter will require you to do a lot of coding, making this a potentially more stressful gig. But if you’re ready to learn and be patient with the process, you could churn out a beautiful website and get paid to code in no time.

Ask for half of the project fee upfront and start making money instantly.

23. Wrap Your Car in Ads

My Prius with car wrap on back window

Those who don’t have the time or desire to get a side job can instead wrap their cars in ads to earn some residual income. Be wary of the many scams involved in this method, and instead check out Wrapify, a reputable company that pays its clients to advertise with their vehicles.

Unlike less respectable companies, Wrapify won’t charge a fee to wrap your car, and you can choose to place a sticker in your back window or wrap your entire car to make even more money.

You can also use your vehicle to advertise for local businesses, or your own gig. Anyone who already drives to their day job can use that commute to earn money by giving exposure to their paying partners.

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24. Become a Dasher

Dashers deliver goods including takeout, groceries, and other items to their customers. In this role, you will pick up an order from a restaurant, store, or other location, and deliver the goods to the purchaser’s home or business.

Sign up to deliver with DoorDash and start working whenever it fits into your schedule. Grab orders on your way home from work, take the kids for a ride on the weekend, or just get out of the house for an hour or two by yourself to make deliveries. The base pay rate for dashers can range from $2–$10 per hour, but the average hourly wage has been reported to be much more than $16, with tips included.*

Dashers get paid per completed pickup order, and receive bonuses when they accomplish a certain amount of orders each month. Customers sometimes give tips on top of the base pay. This is a low stress, work-when-you-want side hustle.

*For illustrative purposes only. Actual earnings may differ and depend on expenses. Hourly pay is calculated using average dasher payouts while on a delivery (from the time you accept an order until the time you drop it off) and includes compensation from peak pay, tips, and other incentives.

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Men Don’t Need to Take on a Second Job to Make Some Extra Cash

Side hustles for men are perfect alternatives to getting a second job. Make extra cash on your own time without worrying about the hassle of finding another position on top of your full-time career.

Men have an abundance of skills, which come with the potential to earn additional money for things they already know how to do. Pick one or two items from this list and start making more money today. Some of these jobs aren’t easy, but they could potentially become a lasting and rewarding business move.

You are already spending enough time working for someone else. Now is the time to do something you like while incorporating that work/life balance.

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