How to Get Paid to Watch Star Wars (Over and Over)

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Learn how to monetize your love for Star Wars in this guide. Just like the rebels in a galaxy far, far away, it’s time to break free from conventional income sources and create your own financial force. The cultural phenomenon that is Star Wars offers not just entertainment but also an opportunity to earn money.

Star Wars, a saga spanning decades, has captivated multiple generations with its original tales and ongoing prequels. Imagine turning this passion into profit. Yes, you can indeed earn while watching Star Wars. If you appreciate the evolving narratives and reimagined stories, this opportunity is tailor-made for you.

12 Ways to Get Paid to Watch Star Wars

1. Host a Star Wars Themed Event

Become a party planner and get paid to host Star Wars-themed events. From weddings to birthday parties and even graduations, Star Wars never goes out of style. Create a party of a fan’s dreams by watching as many Star Wars movies or shows as possible to get an idea of how to decorate based on the saga’s decor.

Party planners get paid per project. Set a rate that is comfortable for you and make money watching Star Wars.

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2. Host Your Own Star Wars Trivia Event and Charge Per Entry

Trivia events are always fun, especially for those who have extensive knowledge about the saga. Host your own trivia event and make money from it. Charge an entry fee per person or per team. Encourage those who are attending to dress up in their favorite Star Wars attire.

Refresh your trivia questions by watching some of your Star Wars favorites again and picking out your questions from the scenes you watch.

3. Watch Other People’s Children

Babysitting is a great way to get paid to watch Star Wars. Because of all the kid-friendly content that is available with the Star Wars saga– such as the LEGO Star Wars episodes– you can get paid to watch Star Wars with the children in your care.

As a babysitter, it is your job to keep the children entertained while their parents are away. You will get paid per hour you spend watching them. Make it worth your time by turning on an episode or two of Stars Wars shows to enjoy with the children.

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4. Become a Pet Sitter

Pet sitters have a specific list of tasks to do for the pets that are in their care. However, this list is not usually too challenging to complete and leaves ample time for you to be able to watch Star Wars with your new fur friends as they “laugh it up, Fuzzball” as Han Solo would say to Chewbacca.

Charge an hourly or daily rate for your pet sitting services depending on how you want to get paid. Snuggle up with a good episode and relive the Star Wars moments you have made in the decades as a fan.

5. Provide House Sitting Services

As a house sitter, you would have one of the easiest jobs in the world. Not to mention, you will have ample opportunity to watch TV while you are getting paid to live in someone else’s home temporarily. Kick back and enjoy a Star Wars marathon while getting paid to take care of the owner’s home.

House sitters usually get paid a daily rate plus any compensation for gas mileage, if applicable. Make a comfortable living by offering this service to your home’s surrounding areas.

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More Ways to Get Paid to Watch Star Wars Online

Couple watching Star Wars

6. Start Your Very Own Star Wars Fan Group on Facebook

Facebook groups are all the buzz because you can host like-minded individuals in a space where you can all discuss a commonly loved topic. Create your own group that is dedicated to discussing all things Star Wars. From recent episode releases to upcoming events, there is no shortage of topics you can discuss.

To make money with your group, charge an entry fee for members to join. This could be a one-time fee at the beginning or a recurring monthly fee for individuals to stay in the group. Think of it as an exclusive club.

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7. Create a YouTube Channel Specific to Star Wars Reenactment Scenes

YouTube is a popular platform to go to for entertainment and learning purposes. If you create your own YouTube channel, you could perform reenactments of your favorite Star Wars scenes and get paid for it. Make quality videos that entertain your viewers and entice them to keep coming back.

As a YouTuber, you can make money from your channel by incorporating ads into your videos. With each ad view or ad click that occurs on your videos, you will get paid a fee. Increase the number of viewers you get on your channel to get paid even more.

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8. Publish a Blog Site About Star Wars

Inspire others by creating a Star Wars-based blog site. Write about all the new episodes or movies coming out, famous quotes by top characters, or discuss the new happenings in the Star Wars world. Anything Star Wars-related can make for a profitable blog site.

As a blogger, you can make money by allowing ads on your site or for affiliate marketing. If someone makes a purchase on a Star Wars product using your special link or code, you make a commission. It’s a win-win! “Don’t everybody thank me at once.” -Han Solo

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9. Design Printable Star Wars Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are a hot item to sell on Etsy. Use your creativity to create scavenger hunts that are Star Wars themed and sell them. These can be for kids’ parties or for adult gatherings.

Use fun, drinking-inspired challenges such as each time a lightsaber is used, the adults take a drink. For kids’ parties, you can hide fun Star Wars trinkets around the party area for them to find. The first one to find them all wins a prize. Sell your scavenger hunts on Etsy for a competitive fee.

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10. Create Star Wars Quizzes

Create your own website that is inspired by taking quizzes. These quizzes can be all Star Wars related such as matching the right quotes to the right character or answering more complex questions about specific movies. Allow ads on your quiz website to generate an income.

11. Start Your Own Virtual Assistant Business

Get paid to watch Star Wars by starting your own virtual assistant business. As a virtual assistant and a business owner, you have the power to work from wherever and whenever. This means if you want to catch the latest Star Wars episodes or replay some of the classic movies, you can pop them on and watch while you work.

Virtual assistants often get paid on a recurring monthly basis, meaning you can predict how much money you will make in a month based on the clients you are serving. Complete your clients’ tasks while watching Star Wars in the background and get paid for it.

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12. Offer Freelance Writing Services

Become a freelance writer and watch your favorite Star Wars episode while you write your assignments. Some assignments could take longer than others. You may find yourself watching hours of Star Wars while you finish your tasks. Charge for your writing services based on a per hour, per word, or per-project rate and make money while having Star Wars on in the background.

As a freelance writer myself, it is easy to watch my favorite shows and movies while writing for my clients. I even find that some shows and movies give me inspiration to draw from, which actually enhances the writing work that I am turning in to my clients.

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“Do or Do Not. There is No Try.”

As famously said by Yoda, there is no try. You either do or do not. This is most relevant when it comes to finding ways to get paid to watch Star Wars. If this is something you truly want to do, then you must do it full force.

Take on one or more ways listed here to find your next opportunity to make money with Star Wars. If one doesn’t work out, you can come back to this list to attempt another idea. As always, “May the force be with you.”

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