How to Get Paid to Watch The Office (Over and Over Again)

Couple sitting on couch watching The Office on TV

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Dunder Mifflin fans, listen up! You can actually make money while watching your favorite paper-pushing company and all the famous workers who sell paper in a paperless world. Yes, you can keep your favorite characters nearby while getting paid to watch The Office.

From Michael Scott himself to the Assistant to the Regional Manager Dwight Schrute, there is so much to love about The Office. I binge-watched the episodes with my husband and followed the characters as their stories developed.

I got all of the feels when Michael came back for a little guest appearance in Dwight’s wedding at the end of the series. But even though the show ended, I didn’t have to say goodbye. I kept returning to rewatch those special moments, and now I get paid to keep The Office on repeat.

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14 Ways to Get Paid to Watch The Office

If you’re a fan of the famous show, take a look at all the ways which you can get paid to watch The Office. No need to be superstitious about it — but it’s OK to be a little “stitious,” as Michael would say.

1. Become a Freelance Writer

Michael, again, said it best: “Sometimes, I’ll start a sentence and I don’t even know where it’s going. I just hope I find it along the way.” For the freelancer writer, no truer words have been spoken.

As a writer, it’s easier for me to come up with unique content for some projects than others. But on those days when I can’t seem to finish a sentence, I draw inspiration from watching The Office.

I binged-watched The Office during several of my writing assignments — and got paid for it. The beauty of being a freelance writer is that you can work in whatever setting is most comfortable for you. For me, it’s while listening to Pam and Jim’s love story unfold in the background.

You can get started showing off your writing skills with a freelance writing portfolio.

2. Watch The Office as a Babysitter

It was easy for me to sneak in episodes of The Office during various points of the day as I cared for my own children. Naptime and bedtime were the best times to watch. And, as a babysitter, you can do the same thing.

Become a babysitter and get paid to take care of other people’s kids. As a babysitter, it is your job to make sure the children you oversee are well taken care of.

The Dunder Mifflin crew is probably best to watch after the children go to bed. You will get paid once the parents return home, which is usually a couple of hours post-bedtime. Therefore, you can sneak in a couple of episodes while you’re on the clock. is a site that connects parents with local sitters like you. Sign up for a free account and start reaching out to parents who are looking for your services.

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3. Binge-Watch The Office as a House Sitter

House-sitting can be very lucrative. You can make the most money during the summer months and around the holidays, when people are traveling away from their homes. It is also a great service to offer to those who are away on business trips.

As a house-sitter, you get paid for the time you spend temporarily living in someone else’s home. Or you might just need to check in on their house from time to time to ensure that everything is safe. While you’re there, get paid to watch your favorite episodes of The Office, or continue with the binge-watching you were already doing.

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4. Offer Virtual Assistance Services

Be like The Office secretary Pam, only do your work online from the comfort of your own home. Virtual secretary work is a simple job you can do while watching the show at the same time. I multi-task all of the time, and that includes doing paid work while getting in a few episodes of my favorite TV shows.

Virtual assistants have the flexibility to work from wherever they want. As a virtual assistant, as long as you are completing the tasks for your clients and meeting deadlines, you’re not running away from your responsibilities like Michael Scott. Instead, you are creating a positive work-life balance and getting the job done, like Pam. “And it feels good.”

If you haven’t started your virtual assistant career yet, grab this FREE workbook to fast-track your way to success. You’ll learn where you can find clients, what kind of services you can offer, and much more.

5. Binge-Watch The Office with Pets

Angela would have killed for this opportunity — as long as the pets she cared for were cats, of course.

Pet sitters have the best job. They literally get paid to snuggle up with some furry friends or interact with cool reptile pets. And you, too, can take care of other people’s small loved ones and get paid for this service. Pet sitting is more than just feeding and giving fresh water to animals; it’s about making a connection, as well.

Curl up on the couch with the animal you are caring for and watch The Office as you soothe the pet during its owner’s absence. Get paid to watch The Office with your new furry or scaly friend.

You can often find local pet-sitting gigs on It’s free to join and start a profile that explains your services and connects you with new clients.

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More Ways to Get Paid to Watch The Office Online

Couple sitting on couch watching The Office on TV

Take your new obsession with The Office online and increase your earning potential. Check out these five ways in which you can make money in the online space with The Office as your topic.

6. Create a Fan Group on Facebook

Fans go crazy for a good Facebook group that is all about conversations about their favorite shows. Share virtual viewing events, talk about your favorite characters, recite your favorite quotes, and just spend time with some good company.

You can even niche down further and create a group based on just one character like Michael Scott, or on a couple like Jim and Pam, or Dwight and Angela.

With a Facebook fan group, you can charge a small entry or recurring fee to be in the group. Even charging as little as $1 per month per member can really add up, especially if you grow your group to more than 1,000 participants. Just make sure to add value to the group, interact, and keep it strong and healthy.

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7. Dedicate a YouTube Channel to The Office Reenactments

YouTube is one of the top sites people choose to use if they want to look something up, such as “how-to” videos, silly baby compilations, or videos of people unboxing products. You can take advantage of viewers’ curiosity and entertainment choices by creating a YouTube channel where you reenact scenes from your favorite episodes of The Office.

Be the funny person viewers want to keep coming back to watch — getting a new glimpse of their favorite scenes, as told by you. You can get paid for this by turning on ads for your videos, generating a passive income with ad views and ad clicks.

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8. Start a Blog with Recaps of The Office

Watch individual episodes of The Office and dive really deep into them by writing blog posts for your own blog site. Point out details you think viewers might have missed, or create made-up captions about Jim’s side-eye glances and what he’s really thinking. Have fun with it.

Blogs have a unique ability to make money for you both now and into the future. Publish your posts, include ads on your blog, and make money even when you’re sleeping. Michael Scott would be so proud.

9. Create The Office Quizzes

Start your very own quiz website that asks viewers questions about The Office. Quiz sites are fairly easy to maintain, and they are fun to run. Allow the results to be shared on social media so that viewers can brag about how much knowledge they have about The Office.

You can ask questions like who said a specific quote, or even have viewers figure out which character resembles them the most. Monetize your quiz website with ads. Get money for all the traffic you bring to the site, and get paid per ad click.

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10. Create and Sell Printable Scavenger Hunts by Episode

Etsy is a great place to sell printables that are easy to download onto any device. Create your very own Office scavenger hunts and sell them on Etsy. Watch The Office and come up with special things viewers should search for in each episode.

You can even include lists like every time Dwight refers to himself as the assistant to the assistant manager, and your customers can check them off as they come to them. Create an Etsy store and set your own price for the printables you create.

11. Host an Office Party for Singles

There’s something nostalgic about attending parties with very specific themes. It brings some old memories off the screen and into real life. A great way to get paid to watch The Office while creating joy for singles in your area is to host a watch party.

Invite singles within a specific age range to come mingle and chat with others who love The Office. It could be a great way for people to make new friends, or potentially meet someone they could fall in love with. Having a theme for the party is a great way to break the ice when talking to strangers.

Take the time to arrange games, door prizes, raffles, karaoke, and more. When planning the party, skip Angela’s Nutcracker theme, and instead focus the event on Michael Scott’s impromptu dance party. Remember when he started the Michael Scott Paper company and set up an office with Pam and Ryan in a closet? That party he hosted rocked.

Plan something fun like an entry quiz based on the show, and anyone who gets all of the answers correct gets a discount on their entry fee to the party. There are all sorts of fun things you can do to get paid to party while watching The Office.

12. Host The Office Themed Trivia Night

Gather friends, family, and local Office nerds for a paid-entry trivia night. The entry fee can go toward things like food, drinks, venue, and, of course, you, the host. Make the night even more appealing by growing a cash pot that can be split amongst the winning team members.

Think of a similar version of the trivia night that a bar hosted in one of the episodes of The Office. Remember when Kevin, Kelly, Pam, and Creed formed a team “just for fun,” but ended up winning the prize cash? It just goes to show that trivia can be anyone’s game.

Create rounds of questions about The Office, play your favorite episodes in the background, serve themed drinks and appetizers, and have tons of fun!

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More Ways to Get Paid While Binge-Watching The Office

While you are enjoying your favorite characters onscreen, there are plenty of other ways in which you can make money while watching The Office. The following ideas won’t take up too much of your time, but they can help pad your wallet a bit.

13. Join Swagbucks

Swagbucks is an online platform that provides its members with simple tasks that they can complete for extra money.

Paid tasks like watching commercials, taking surveys, playing games, shopping online, etc., can all be done from your phone. Once you complete the tasks, you will earn SBs that are credited to your account. You can trade in your SBs for actual money through gift cards to popular places like Target, Starbucks and Home Depot, or even PayPal cash.

Complete the simple tasks while you chuckle along to the humorous storylines in The Office. I can’t imagine a better way to earn than snuggling up on the couch with a good show while using my phone to make money.

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14. Join InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a site you can use to make some money in your free time. All you have to do is hit play on a show, create a free account for a $5 bonus, and start finding tasks to complete on the platform. Share your opinion through surveys, play mobile games, or clip coupons for money.

Everything you do will be rewarded with actual money credited to your InboxDollars account. Turn the money into gift cards for places like Amazon and Target. Wind down from your busy day with an episode or two of The Office, and complete tasks on InboxDollars at the same time.

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There’s A Lot of Beauty in Ordinary Things

During The Office‘s finale, Pam said it best: “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things.” The Office isn’t a show about athletes, millionaires, or superstars. It’s an ordinary show about ordinary people living ordinary lives. And I think that’s why so many people can relate to it — because of the similarities they see in their own lives.

Get paid to watch The Office over and over again when you need a pick-me-up in life, or when you just need a good laugh. No matter what you’re looking for, the Dunder Mifflin crew never fails. From actual jobs where you can get paid while watching, to creating your own paid opportunities through YouTube or blogs, there is something here for everyone.

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