I created The Pay At Home Parent to share strategies and tips that lead to making full time money or supplemental income from home. I look forward to offering money saving-tips, work from home opportunities, and even some affordable fun events and ideas for the whole family to enjoy!

Recommended Resources

This section includes products, services and businesses that I either use personally or strongly recommend based on value. For example, I only need one host and blog platform, but I have multiple solutions based on different need levels. Every recommendation has been validated by my own testing or by a client that I have helped with these tools.

Disclosure: some of the links below are affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and decide to make a purchase, at no extra cost to you, I may earn a commission. I only endorse what I know and trust.

Blog / Website Platforms

Bluehost: Cheap, user-friendly and powerful are a few words we use to describe Bluehost. WordPress “self-hosted” blogs (aka your own domain name vs. a WordPress domain) can be hosted through Bluehost which is not only one of the most affordable blogging solutions, but also one of the top picks from 2017. If you signup with them using our link, you will also receive a free domain of your choice (if you choose a minimum of a 12 month hosting plan).

Wix: An affordable website with blog platform with a whole lot of flexibility for building a unique website! For as low as $11 per month, you can have your own domain attached and build a perfectly simple or elaborate website for your business. Make sure to sign up for their FREE plan through our link. You can even keep an eye out for special upgrade deals that they are known to offer! We use Wix for this blog because we have so many aspirations to grow The Pay At Home Parent into something that Wix will support.

Zoey: If you own an eCommerce website or you’re considering starting one, Zoey has all of the tools you would need to build an amazing online store. Comparable to Magento in many ways, yet Zoey is user-friendly for those who are not able to code their own store. If you need help getting started on Zoey, get in touch with me for a startup or migration estimate. Zoey is competitively priced mainly for established companies. Monthly plans start at $299 per month. Sign up for a free trial account with Zoey today to get an inside view of their tools!