100 Food Blog Name Ideas You Can Snag for Under $9

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You’ve mastered cooking and baking, you’ve created a bunch of recipes, and you’ve even shot some fantastic photos of your creations. Now, you just need a place on the web to share your delicious foods for everyone to enjoy and share. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that you can make money doing this.

So, you decide to start a food blog. But what about the perfect name?

I get it; naming a blog can be daunting. There are hundreds if not thousands of aspiring bloggers who want to get started but just can’t find that perfect name.

When I started my blog, I chose the worst name on the planet. You wouldn’t guess the awful thread of words I selected. But despite the terrible branding choice, I decided to start. And that’s what matters.

Today, I’m in love with my blog’s name, The Pay at Home Parent. And I’ve learned some of the do’s and don’ts of creating that perfect name for a blog.

I decided to share the best food blog name ideas so that you don’t have to let choosing a name hold you back any longer. You can either pick one of these as it is from the list, or use it as inspiration for a name. But if it’s available and you love it, make sure to snag it fast, or it could be gone the next time you check!

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100 of the Best Names for a Food Blog (Under $9 Per Year)

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At the time of this writing, each one of these names for food bloggers is available for less than $9 per year on Namecheap. You can register your favorite one within minutes!

  1. The Bread Recipes
  2. The Beautiful Kitchen
  3. Step Into My Kitchen
  4. To Bake or Not to Bake
  5. Cream of The Cook
  6. Bake Like You Mean It
  7. The Bar Stool Babe
  8. Recipes Made for Me
  9. Can You Bake It?
  10. The Baker of [Your City]
  11. Sure Fine Cuisine
  12. Find the Chef in You
  13. Bake Like a Cake
  14. Beat Like an Egg
  15. Baste Taste
  16. Baste in Haste
  17. Tastefully Basted
  18. We Beat You Cheat
  19. Whisk and Beat
  20. Caramelized Surprise
  21. Vegetable Chop Shop
  22. Seemingly Creamy
  23. Cream Theme
  24. Creamy Steamy
  25. Food N Cube
  26. Dice Something Nice
  27. Dice of Something Nice
  28. Dice N Rice
  29. Dollop on Top
  30. Pledge to Dredge
  31. Drizzles N Pours
  32. Downpours N Drizzles
  33. Left in the Dust
  34. The Perfect Filet
  35. The Perfect Fillet
  36. Hooray Flambe
  37. Stay for Flambe
  38. Roll N Fold
  39. Gaze and Glaze
  40. Glaze and Gaze
  41. Grate to great
  42. Grated Greatness
  43. We Grate You Wait
  44. Greased Like a Pig
  45. Police the Grease
  46. Knead Need
  47. Knead Queen
  48. Marinate and Wait
  49. Of Mince and Men
  50. The Mince Prince
  51. Perfect Pan Fry
  52. Poach Coach
  53. Pinch is a Cinch
  54. Puree Your Way
  55. Puree it Your Way
  56. The Way is Puree
  57. Knead for Speed
  58. Toasted and Roasted
  59. Roast then Toast
  60. Mostly Roasted
  61. Saute it Your Way
  62. Sauteed Our Way
  63. Beer N Sear
  64. Sear N Beer
  65. Bread N Shred
  66. Shred N Fed
  67. Simmer Glimmer
  68. Skim N Trim
  69. Rice N Slice
  70. A Smidgen Will Do
  71. Our Theme is Steam
  72. Steam to Perfection
  73. Steep Deep
  74. Our Crew Stews
  75. A Whip Tip
  76. Zest in Jest
  77. The Best Zest
  78. Stir N Cure
  79. Primadonna of The Kitchen
  80. Bread and Butter Bay
  81. I Dream of Creamy
  82. Pumpkin Spice Kitchen
  83. Singing While I Strain
  84. Who Made the Gravy
  85. How Does She Cook
  86. How Does She Bake
  87. She Cooks for Me
  88. Shake and Dice
  89. Whip It Up for Dinner
  90. The Dinner She Wrote
  91. Until Dinner Time
  92. Groovin’ in The Kitchen
  93. Cool Oven Breeze
  94. Stews and Loaves
  95. Give Me The Flour
  96. Pass The Sweets
  97. A Penny A Loaf
  98. A Penny for Your Recipe
  99. Turn Up The Baste
  100. A Dish and A Spoon

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5 Tips to Choose a Blog Name for Food Topics

food and a laptop

You’ve probably stumbled across some of the perfect food blog names only to find that they are claimed. That’s OK! You can still use those names as inspiration for your blog’s name.

1. Add, Remove, or Change a Word

Even if a name is taken, it’s possible to change up the wording just enough to make it unique. You’ll want to change more than adding an “s,” however. For example, it wouldn’t be good practice to choose the blog name “Recipes for the Foodies” if someone already claimed the name, “Recipes for the Foodie.” Most importantly, you can check to see if a phrase is trademarked before choosing it. That way, you won’t run into any legal issues down the road.

Plus, if your food blog’s name is too close to a competitor’s, it might be hard for your readers to differentiate the two or find you at all.

In a case like this, you could use the other blog’s name as inspiration, but make it your own. Try something like, “Food for the Foodie” or “The Food Loving Foodie.” While a blogger can claim copyrights for a particular phrase, he/she can’t copyright common words like “food” or “foodie.” You can simply pair them with other words to come up with the perfect food blog name.

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2. Use a Domain Name Generator

When you find a food blogger with a catchy name, you can plug it into a domain name generator to get similar ideas. Play with Namecheap’s domain name generator to find one that you love. You can sort by price, category, availability, and more. Plus, Namecheap is a great place to purchase cheap food blog domains.

3. Use Keywords

When you know what keywords your future audience will type into Google to find your content, you can plan ahead and write the topics that they will love. It’s not necessary but it can be helpful to use keywords in your blog’s name. If you’re starting a blog without knowing what keyword research is (or how to do it), consider reading my eBook called Get Your Keywords Together. The strategies that I teach will help you find the keywords that will bring readers to your blog in droves.

Get Your Keywords Together Mobile Ebook Cover

4. Use Your Name

If you plan to keep your recipes associated with your name forever (and you don’t plan to sell your blog), then consider using your name for your food blog. You can still get creative with the name, and you’ll run into far fewer names that have already been claimed this way.

For example, you can use “Jane’s Delicious Recipes” or “Jane Dough’s Delicious Recipes.” You can use your first name, last name, and even include your middle name. This way, you can focus the branding around YOU.

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5. Don’t Limit Yourself to a .com

Food blogging names can be more catchy and memorable if you end your domain name with an extension like .recipes, .cooking, or .food. For example, instead of a domain name like JanesDeliciousRecipes.com, you could shorten it and use JanesDelicious.Recipes.

Using .com at the end of your URL is popular, but it’s not the only way to go. You will open up an endless list of names for a food blog if you consider a different extension.

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Said “Yes” to The Name? Now Start Your Food Blog

Don’t let choosing a name for your food blog slow you down. Now that you’ve said “yes” to the name, follow this tutorial to start your blog on WordPress for less than $2.75 per month. The sooner you get your awesome recipes, tutorials, and tips online, the sooner you can make money for your efforts.

Are you ready to snag the best name for a food blog? Choose one and make it your own!

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