100 Health and Wellness or Fitness Blog Name Ideas for Under $9

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It’s incredibly exciting to find your passion and share it with the world. For the health- and wellness-focused, a blog is a great way to showcase their enthusiasm and benefit their audiences at the same time. To that end, you want to make sure that your blog name fully represents your enthusiasm and the information you have to share.

Naming a blog can be one of the hardest decisions you ever have to make. Your health and wellness site name needs to stand out and be memorable.

I have seen many bloggers put off launching their sites indefinitely because they get hung up on their blog names. Their invaluable content just sits there, waiting in the queue. This is an impossibly frustrating turn of events.

We can help you avoid that lull in launching your blog. Below are 100 health and wellness blog name ideas that can help inspire you to finally broadcast your hard work. All of them are available for purchase at less than $9 per year.

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Three Things You’ll Need for Your New Fitness or Health and Wellness Blog

Before you decide on a name, you first need three important things to help you start your blog. Take the following steps before diving into your new venture.

1. A Website Platform

I use the WordPress.org platform for my website because it’s flexible, reliable, and FREE, and offers hundreds of free templates to help new bloggers get started.

2. A Host

A web host service connects your blog to the world wide web. Without it, visitors won’t be able to see the website you’ve built on WordPress.org.

For this, I recommend Bluehost because it’s beginner-friendly and cheap (I switched my host to something more robust and costly only after I began getting tons of traffic and earning a steady income).

Don’t hesitate to select the cheapest plan on Bluehost to get started. You can upgrade at any time if traffic picks up.

3. A Domain Name Registrar

Namecheap is my favorite place to purchase domain names. There are so many affordable options, and the service is reliable and easy to use. Plus, if you have any issues connecting your domain name to your website, you can chat with a customer service representative and he or she will help you for free!

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100 Available Names for a Health and Wellness Blog

At the time of publication, all of the health and wellness blog name ideas below were available for purchase on Namecheap for less than $9.

Act fast to lock in your blog name!

  1. Oh Healthy Days
  2. Healthier Version of You
  3. Wake, Run, Conquer
  4. Healthier Goddess
  5. The Vegan-ite
  6. Healthy-ish Mom
  7. Health is My Lingo
  8. Speak Healthy to Me
  9. Vegetarian and Beyond
  10. I Dream of Running
  11. Get Paid to Hike
  12. Invasion of Enzymes
  13. The Protein Finder
  14. The Protein Corner
  15. Body Achieves; Mind Believes
  16. Striving and Vibing
  17. The Key is Balance
  18. The Fit (Your Last Name)
  19. (Your First and Last Name) Fitness
  20. Jogging All Day
  21. No-Scale Lifestyle
  22. Forever Balanced Lifestyle
  23. Eat, Love, Exercise
  24. Spreading Hummus
  25. Lettuce Eat Clean
  26. Ferocious Vegan
  27. Wellness Begins Within
  28. Active. Happy. Healthy.
  29. The So-Full Vegan
  30. Purposeful Consumption
  31. Eat, Hydrate, Sleep, Repeat
  32. Garden-Fresh Lifestyle
  33. Good Carbs Only
  34. Running for My Soul
  35. Be Happy-Heart Healthy
  36. Full Wellness Ahead
  37. Hospitable Health Nut
  38. Just Keep Active
  39. Health and Wellness Inspo
  40. Prime Workout Time
  41. Living for Another Day
  42. Healthy as a Bull
  43. Health is My Luxury
  44. Healthy Habits, No Limits
  45. Striving for Healthy
  46. Healthy Eating 123
  47. Safe Food for Health
  48. My Healthiest Version
  49. Loving Healthy Me
  50. Powering the Body
  51. Eat Well With Others
  52. Will Exercise for Food
  53. Health, Wealth, Gratitude
  54. Think Healthy Thoughts
  55. Good for My Health
  56. Positive Mind Vibes Life
  57. Taking Care of Body
  58. The In-Shape Mom
  59. Gym Rat Power Hour
  60. Yolked Out
  61. Fruition is the Mission
  62. Athletic Mom Club
  63. Healthy Foodie Lover
  64. Daily Dose of H2O
  65. The Art of Healthiness
  66. Yellow Polka Dot Machiney
  67. Elliptical My Life
  68. Bench Press This Life
  69. Only the Healthy Stuff
  70. Yummy Organic Nutrition
  71. Sensible Protein
  72. Playing Workout Tapes by Fonda
  73. Nutrition Exposition
  74. Spinach on Wheat
  75. Leafy Greens Mighty Machine
  76. Strong Enough for Me
  77. Nourishing (Your Last Name)s
  78. Living That Fit Life
  79. Meat Head Club
  80. Number One Fitness Plan
  81. The Fitness Days
  82. A Mission to Fitness
  83. I Call it Fitness
  84. Witness This Fitness
  85. The Fitness Coast
  86. Squats for Gains
  87. Lunge for Health
  88. Moving it to Fitness
  89. Wishing on Fitness Stars
  90. Living on a Treadmill
  91. Treadmill Made for Walking
  92. Stairway to Healthiness
  93. Organic Chameleon
  94. Turn Back Pounds
  95. Shaker Breakers
  96. Fully Fitness Mom
  97. Holistically Possible
  98. Twinkle Twinkle Healthful Life
  99. Up and Down the Stairmaster
  100. Avocado Toast and Caffeine

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Five Tips to Choose a Blog Name for Health and Wellness Topics

woman holding healthy green drink

If you didn’t find quite the right fit in the above list of fitness blog name ideas, think of them as merely inspiration to help you create your own. No one knows your blog better than you. The following tips will assist you in coming up with that perfect health blog name for yourself.

1. Try a Domain Name Generator

Using a name generator makes finding the right blog name easier than ever. You may have an idea of what you want to call your blog, but if your chosen domain isn’t available, the generator can suggest a variation that is. Use Namecheap‘s domain name generator for easy picking.

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2. Use Keywords

If you know what keywords your blog readers search for on sites like Google and Pinterest, try to use one or two of them in your blog’s name. Keyword research will not only help you name your blog, it can also help you choose the right topics to cover from the moment you launch your site. Check out my eBook Get Your Keywords Together to help make your blog a success.

Get Your Keywords Together Mobile Ebook Cover

3. Add Your Own Name

If you don’t plan to ever sell off your blog, consider using your name as the blog name. You don’t have to use your full name if you don’t want to. Use your first or last moniker within the domain and then add other words around it.

For example, try something like “HealthwithMark” or “JaneSmithWellness” – or any other similar variation.

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4. Play Around with the Words

It’s fun to use a catchphrase as a health blog name. If the one you like is used or trademarked, get creative and play around with the words until you find the perfect combination. You’ll want to avoid any legal issues that come with trademarks.

What you don’t want to do is just add an “S” or “Y” to your name. For example, if HealthNut is taken, don’t just go with “HealthyNut” or “HealthNuts.” These are too similar to the original domain, and can become confusing for your audience. This is problematic because it can take traffic away from your site.

5. Don’t Settle for Only A .Com

A .com is popular for web address endings, but it isn’t the only choice. Try using a .net, .blog, .site, or other ending to open up more opportunities for a blog name.

For a health and wellness blog, you can also get creative by putting part of your blog name at the end. Examples would be JaneSmith.health or MyBestSelf.health, to name a few.

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What Name Did You Decide to Use? Launch Your Blog Now

Now that you have created the perfect name from these health and wellness blog name ideas, it’s time to start your blog. Getting your site out there for people to start reading is important in establishing yourself as a legitimate health and wellness professional.

Showcasing your knowledge is a great way to make money blogging. Share product recommendations from companies you like, which can lead to generating revenue as an affiliate.

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