100 of the Best Names for a Finance Blog (Under $9 Per Year)

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Deciding to launch a finance blog is an exciting feeling that not many people understand. When you decide to share your passions with the world and work hard on those blog posts, it seems like nothing can stand in your way.

Except, there might be one huge thing holding you back from finally making your site go live; your domain name!

Choosing a domain name sounds like a simple task. However, many bloggers struggle to find that perfect name for what they want to represent on their blog. Sometimes the domain name is what keeps bloggers from continuing with their launch.

Thankfully, there are resources like this post that can help you choose your personal finance blog name. With 100 finance blog name ideas on this list, you are sure to find your perfect name or at least be inspired by one of them.

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100 of the Best Names for a Finance Blog (Under $9 Per Year)

At the time of this post, all of the names listed here were available for purchase on Namecheap.com for under $9 per year. Whether you’re looking for personal finance or work-from-home domain names, there is an option for anyone.

  1. Taking Care of Finance
  2. You Had Me at Cha-Ching
  3. Virtual Office Mommy
  4. Money Buys Chaos
  5. Financial Fiasco
  6. No Bills Family
  7. Budgeting Instead of Wondering
  8. Spend After Saving
  9. Plant the Seed for Tomorrow
  10. Money Buys Financial Freedom
  11. Penny Saved Penny Earned
  12. Invest in the Known
  13. Financially Fit Mommy
  14. Moms Who Budget
  15. WFH Mommys
  16. Daddy Earns Baby Learns
  17. Truth Creates Money
  18. The Balancing Checkbook
  19. Working for Success
  20. Money from Home Parents
  21. Penny Pinching (Your Last Name)s
  22. Budgeting with Diapers
  23. Always Working from Home
  24. Cash Flotation
  25. Humbly Wealthy
  26. Peace Through Budgeting
  27. Never Go Over Budget
  28. Money Maker at Home
  29. New Money New Ways
  30. The Wage Lane Shift
  31. Earning While Raising
  32. How to Finance Life
  33. Living Financial Freedom
  34. Welcome to Moneytown
  35. Gym Tan Money
  36. Working From My Couch
  37. Remotely Remote
  38. Sweatpants and Button Ups
  39. The Money is On
  40. Keep Calm and Save
  41. Fabulous Cha-Ching
  42. Fragile Piggy Bank
  43. Money Truths by Mom
  44. Pocket Full of Shiny
  45. Clink for Coins
  46. No Commute Here
  47. Just Rolled Outta Bed
  48. Saving Money First
  49. Legendary Savings
  50. Legendary Earnings
  51. The At Home Advisor
  52. Give Money A Purpose
  53. Keeping Your Pennies
  54. Mindset of a Billionaire
  55. Live Long and Save
  56. Nip It In the Checkbook
  57. Two Dollars Up
  58. Meetings Through Emails
  59. Taking Pajamas to Work
  60. Micromanaging Myself
  61. Living at Work from Home
  62. Commuting to the Couch
  63. My Couch Office
  64. Forgetting It Is Payday
  65. A Step Closer to Financial Freedom
  66. Educate Your Finances
  67. Road Map to Budgeting
  68. Keeping My Change
  69. Fruits of Financial Success
  70. Wherever Work Takes Me
  71. Motherhood While Working
  72. (Your Name) Financial Advice
  73. Money Talks Advice
  74. Savings Motivation
  75. Motivating Pennies
  76. I Dream of Pennies
  77. The Frugal Household
  78. Earning in My Sleep
  79. Frugal Living Structure
  80. Pour Some Millions On Me
  81. Wake Me Up Before A Deposit
  82. Counting Benjamins at Home
  83. Saving With a Budget
  84. The Non-Spender
  85. Hoarding Dollar Bills
  86. Having Common Cents
  87. Doctor of Budgets
  88. I Work From My Bed
  89. Learn to Make Cents
  90. Well Balanced Checkbook
  91. Arrest Your Loans
  92. Show Me the Millions
  93. Financial Feline
  94. Yabba Dabba Dollars
  95. Love the Smell of Money
  96. Franklins, My Dear
  97. Salute the Loot
  98. Yippee Ki Yay Money Lover
  99. Release the Dividends
  100. Profiting Portfolio

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4 Tips to Choose a Blog Name for Finance Topics

hand holding $100

If you didn’t find the perfect finance blog name on this list, consider using the following tips to help you create one. Tailoring a name just for you can be more meaningful and hold truer to your blog’s mission.

1. Research The Best Keywords

When you start a new blog, you have the opportunity to start speaking to an audience from a blank slate. However, you’ll need to paint a picture for your readers and bring them the information they want to read.

Doing keyword research will help you find out what your future readers will be searching for online. You can use a combination of keywords as part of your travel blog’s name to let them know exactly what your content is all about.

To learn how to do keyword research, check out my eBook called Get Your Keywords Together. In it, I walk bloggers through the process of research keywords using only free SEO tools.

Get Your Keywords Together Mobile Ebook Cover

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2. Rearrange Words

It’s not enough to just add an ‘S’ at the end of a domain name that may already be taken. For example, JennySmithCheckbook may be taken, but using JennySmithCheckbooks can be a little confusing to your audience.

The difference is not drastic enough and could potentially lead your viewers away from your page. This is not something you want to happen as a blogger.

Instead, consider rearranging those words completely to avoid such close confusion. Using the same example above, consider the name CheckbooksbyJennySmith.

This will also help you avoid any legal issues that might come up due to having too similar of a name if it is trademarked.

2. Consult a Domain Name Generator

There are times when a blogger simply cannot put a name together that isn’t already a claimed domain name. That is when it is best to consult a domain name generator.

Using a generator like on Namecheap.com, you can supply the tool with some parts of a name that you want and it can generate options that are available based on that.

The generator could inspire a whole new finance blog name idea than what you imagined.

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3. Add Your Own Name

If you don’t plan on selling your blog, consider adding your name to the domain. For example, FinanceWithJohnSmith could be an option. It tells your audience what the blog will be about and who it is written by. It is classy, simple, and to the point.

Have fun with it and play around with various blog name ideas that include your name as well.

4. Look at More Options than a .Com

The .com (Commercial) URL ending was originally intended for use by non-profits, schools, and other organizations. It was used so much among the commercial industry that it gained popularity because it was easy to remember and most everyone was using it.

However, it is not the only option to use when considering your personal finance blog name. If you venture into the .net, .org, .blog, or even .finance options, you can open many doors for your blog name.

Don’t follow the crowd; venture out further and pick a unique name with a unique URL ending so that people will remember your blog among the others.

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Choose a Name and Launch Your Blog Now

Purchasing that perfect domain name is an awesome feeling. Now, you are ready to launch your blog! The faster you can get your content in front of your audience, the better your chances are of making money from blogging and ranking in Google search.

Partner up with other finance specific vendors and become an affiliate for their budgeting worksheets, finance workbooks, or financial freedom courses. Start earning sooner than later.

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