100 Travel Blog Name Ideas You Can Snag For Under $9

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I have seen many new bloggers asking around on Facebook groups for others to help them choose a travel blog name. Oftentimes, they have a name in mind, but want to know what others think of it first. They want to make sure it is catchy enough to bring in their audience.

Choosing a travel blog name can be challenging. You want the name to be unique, yet easy for others to search. You want it to showcase your expertise, but don’t want to sound pompous. It’s kind of a tough spot. Consider what it is that is drawing you into the blogging world when thinking of your blog name.

The important thing about choosing a travel blog name is to make sure it isn’t taken by someone else. Otherwise, all that time you spent creating that perfect name will be for nothing if the domain name isn’t available.

Take inspiration from my research of 100 travel blog names that are available for less than $9 per year! One of these names is bound to speak to you which will get you started on creating your blog.

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100 of the Best Names for a Travel Blog

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At the time of this post, all names listed on here for travel bloggers were available for purchase for under $9 per year on Namecheap. Grab your name quickly and easily before it’s taken!

  1. An Airplane Ride Away
  2. Living with a Suitcase
  3. Beautiful Travel Stories
  4. Misadventures of (Your Name)
  5. Living on a Plane
  6. Up Up and Delayed
  7. The Car Caravan
  8. Trips and Tumble
  9. Penny Pinching Until Vacation
  10. Cannot Stay Grounded
  11. Catch Me On the Trip Fly
  12. Get Paid to Hike
  13. Trekking is the Game
  14. That Peripatetic Life
  15. Can’t Hold Me Down
  16. The Road No One Travels
  17. Gone for a Fortnight
  18. Roaming with No End
  19. Set Sail on a Quail
  20. The Voyaging (Your Last Name)
  21. Blimping Ain’t Easy
  22. Set Your Course on Adventure
  23. Get to Flyin’
  24. Swiss Family (Your Last Name)
  25. Let Loose on a Moose
  26. Meandering Through Life
  27. Travel Is My Addiction
  28. Chasing Those Airplanes
  29. Exploring From Above
  30. Twelve Month Vacation
  31. Taking Vitamin Sea
  32. Keep Calm Vacation On
  33. Vacation Mode Always
  34. Need Money for Vacations
  35. Save a Horse Ride an Airplane
  36. Jumping Time Zones
  37. Time Zone Time Traveler
  38. Mission to Never Land
  39. Vacation is the Answer
  40. Sleeping in Terminals
  41. Travel Together Stay Together
  42. A Broken Suitcase
  43. A Full Passport
  44. Traveling is the Game
  45. Set the Course North
  46. Road Trips Pay Bills
  47. One Wheel Suitcase
  48. Counting Flights and Miles
  49. Catching Planes is Exercise
  50. Get Ready to Land
  51. Cruising the Altitudes
  52. On the Plane Again
  53. Backpacking Through Life
  54. The Perfect Traveller
  55. Fly Me to the Stars
  56. The Travel Bandwagon
  57. That Travel Bug Fever
  58. By Airplane Car or Boat
  59. Latitude is My Destination
  60. Earth From My Eyes
  61. Vacation Now Sleep Later
  62. Nomad Goals
  63. Taste the World Instead
  64. Take Memories Leave Footprints
  65. Will Vacation for Food
  66. Jet Lag for Amateurs
  67. Vacation Calories Don’t Count
  68. Travel to Get Rich
  69. Blank Return Date
  70. The Overpacked Suitcase
  71. I Dream of Paradise
  72. Just One More Layover
  73. Travel and Live Long
  74. Yabba Dabba Nomad
  75. Hasta la Vista (Your Name)
  76. Airport and Beyond
  77. Here Comes the Plane
  78. Show Me the Itinerary
  79. Ingenious Traveler
  80. Ingenious Nomad
  81. Continent Hopper
  82. Overcoming Delays
  83. Exploring Continents
  84. Keep Vacationing
  85. The Need for Wandering
  86. The Traveling Job
  87. Need a Bigger Suitcase
  88. A Full Passport
  89. I See Traveling People
  90. Holy Airplane
  91. No Place Like the Sky
  92. The Traveling King
  93. Hakuna Ma Passport
  94. Wanderful Travel Stories
  95. Restoring Adventure
  96. Running In Terminals
  97. Wandering the Skies
  98. The Not Lost Wanderer
  99. Hold My Plane
  100. Rules of Flight Club

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5 Tips to Choose a Blog Name for Travel Topics

travel blogger selfie on mountain

Maybe you found some inspiration here to create your own travel blog name. That’s great! Here are some tips to help put together that perfect name.

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1. Do Keyword Research

When you start a new blog, you have the opportunity to start speaking to an audience from a blank slate. However, you’ll need to paint a picture for your readers and bring them the information they want to read.

Doing keyword research will help you find out what your future readers will be searching for online. You can use a combination of keywords as part of your travel blog’s name to let them know exactly what your content is all about.

To learn how to do keyword research, check out my eBook called Get Your Keywords Together. In it, I walk bloggers through the process of research keywords using only free SEO tools.

Get Your Keywords Together Mobile Ebook Cover

2. Rearrange Words

Sometimes we find inspiration in catch phrases we hear constantly. Some phrases are fun, quirky, and most importantly, they are memorable.

Unfortunately, phrases are often taken when it comes to picking a blog name. If that is the case, consider rearranging the words to make it work for you.

What you don’t want to do is just add an “S” at the end of a name that is already taken. This will make your blog name too similar to another blog and can potentially confuse your audience. They won’t be able to differentiate the names well, possibly taking pageviews away from you.

Additionally, you’ll want to make sure the phrase you want to use is not trademarked. This could cause some legal issues, which you obviously want to avoid.

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3. Utilize a Domain Name Generator

Sometimes that blog name is at the tip of our tongue, but we just can’t get the words in the right place to really nail it down. Consider using Namecheap’s domain name generator to find that perfect name. The different name variations generated should help you decide.

4. Include Your Own Name

Having a blog name with just your name seems professional, but it can be a little bland. You can still have some fun with your travel blog name even if your name is in it. Consider something like “Travel With Sam” or “Johnson Family Caravan.”

You can make your name as unique as you are! Having your name included will capture what your blog is about by just reading the blog name. This is a way to reel in your audience.

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5. Search for More than A .Com

While a .com at the end of your web address is popular, it’s not the only option. There are options like .net, .blog, .site, etc. For a travel blog name, you can get a little more creative and add .travel at the end of your name as well.

Instead of ThePerfectTravel.com you can use ThePerfect.Travel. This way it is shorter and easy to remember.

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Did You Find Your Name? Start Your Travel Blog Now

Now that you’ve found the perfect travel blog name, keep the momentum going by starting your blog. As soon as you’re able to get your adventures up on your site for others to view, you’ll be helping your audience create dream vacations of their own.

Having a travel blog is also a great way to make money from blogging. Partner with various vendors along your travels, share them with others, and start earning sooner.

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