How to Make Money From Robocalls (Step-by-Step Instructions)

Last Updated Mar 05, 2021

Curious how people actually make money from robocalls and unsolicited text messages sent to their cellphones via those pesky automated dialers?

This tried and true process works on companies that use robocalls like warranty sellers, debt collection agencies, credit card offers, sales offers of any kind, and so many more.

When I first heard about turning robocalls into cash, I was skeptical. It seems everyone is out to make a buck, which means consumers need to be extra careful.

But after doing my research, I’ve learned that you actually can turn robocalls into cash.

Have you ever thought about getting revenge on robocallers and companies that send texts to your phone without your permission?

You can block unknown numbers or send them to voicemail, but the callers typically cloak their numbers to get around those blocks.

Truthfully, you can actually get robocall revenge and make money from robocalls, if you put in a little investigative work.

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be legal advice. If you have questions, please consult an attorney.

How to Get Money from Robocalls

man receiving a Restricted phone call

According to the FCC’s Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA), you are eligible to receive up to $1,500 per willful robocall or automatic text message sent to your mobile device. And even if you can’t prove that a company made the call “willfully,” you can still potentially rake in a cool $500 per attempt.

There are nine crucial steps to complete in order to get money from robocalls. It all starts with adding your number to the National Do Not Call Registry, and it ends with writing, sealing, and sending a letter demanding the money you’re owed. is an information-packed kit that will walk you through all of this and much more.

While getting money from robocalls is a simple concept, the steps need to be executed the right way in order to get that amazing paycheck at the end of the day.

Related: 10 Sites And Apps That Pay You Real Money To Play Games Review: Is It Legit and Does It Work? is a legitimate system created by Doc Compton, a consumer credit expert. It provides instructions on how to effectively demand money from robocallers. When you purchase this kit from, you can download it instantly.

Yes, works! But it doesn’t do the work for you. In order to make money from robocalls, you need to learn the steps and apply them.

If you purchase the kit, go through the information immediately so that you are prepared to ask the right questions and get information from your next robocaller or texter.

Note: The following basic steps are my own translation of how to make money from robocalls. Doc Compton’s kit explains the process in much more detail so that you will succeed when making demands.

10 Steps to Make Money with Robocalls

It takes a little work to make money from robocalls, but the effort you put in will be well worth it if you receive just one settlement of $500 to $1,500. Follow these steps to potentially turn robocalls to cash and ultimately get those pesky calls to stop, once and for all!

Step 1: Put Your Number on the Do Not /Call List

If your number is on the National Do Not Call Registry, you could get compensated the maximum of $1,500 per call from companies using auto-dialers to call you without your “express prior written consent” (TCPA).

It’s important to understand that the registry only stops unwanted sales calls from legitimate businesses. In other words, those debt collection agencies, political polls, and scammers are still going to call you, so be aware!

Unfortunately, you can only report scam phone calls to the FCC and hope that they catch the crook.

Step 2: Start Answering Robocalls

You can gather the most information from robocalls by answering the phone when they call. Try to speak with a representative and get as much information about the business as possible.

Doc Compton’s kit explains the tactics that make companies give up what you want to know without suspecting you’re after them. If the person on the line suspects you are gathering information for legal reasons, they will hang up the phone.

The kit also details which pieces of information you need to find about each company in order to prove they owe you money.

Step 3: Research the Robocallers

Some representatives will refuse to provide you with information if they think you are asking too many questions. If this is the case, there are other ways to find details about the business online.

You can’t send a letter to a random phone number. So it’s extremely important to find the right information about the company that’s calling you.

Step 4: Save Your Phone Records

To prove that you’ve been contacted by a robocaller without permission, locate the phone records that show when the company called your phone. It may be once, or it may be multiple times. Take note of each time the robodialler called your number.

Also, save any recordings left on your voicemail.

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Step 5: Write a Robocall Demand Letter

The most important step is to write a robocall demand letter that convinces the company to pay you. Most legitimate businesses know the laws and understand that they are liable for illegal robocalls.

Doc Compton’s training provides you with the exact verbiage for your letter. He includes a template that you can plug your information into and make a powerful, convincing demand for money.


Step 6: Send Your Demand

Once you have the information compiled, send your demand letter for cash.

You can send a copy of your demand via USPS, e-mail, or to a business’ fax number. Sending multiple copies will show the company that you are serious about getting compensated for receiving robocalls.

Switchmail is an online service that gives new members a $5 credit to send their first letter without going to the Post Office. It is so easy to send certified letters–just sign up for a free account, upload your PDF letter, input the send and return addresses, and hit send!

Using Switchmail to send my demand letters saves me so much time, and I don’t need to print the letters using my own printer and ink, either! This company does all of that for you which saves you both time and money.

Step 7: Consult a Lawyer (Optional)

If the above steps didn’t work, or you just can’t seem to make money off robocallers, then your next step would be to consult an attorney. Hopefully, you won’t need to go to the extent of learning how to sue a robocaller. But if the company does not meet your demands, and the amount is worth pursuing, the option is there.

Step 8: Negotiate a Settlement

Some companies will respond to your demands and ask you to settle for a lesser amount than you requested. It’s entirely in your hands whether you want to accept their negotiation or not.

If you have all of the proof behind the number of calls they’ve made to your phone, then you could potentially receive the full amount if you decide to take the case to a court of law. You don’t need to settle for far less than you’re owed.

If it’s a large sum of money, consider consulting with a lawyer to find out whether it’s better to settle in or out of court.

Step 9: Get Paid

If you follow through with your demand, you can get paid for robocalls. You should receive a check in the mail when you’ve come to an agreement with the robocaller. Legitimate companies will want to preserve their reputation and make things right when caught placing illegal robocalls to leads or customers.

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Step 10: Rinse and Repeat

The exciting part about getting paid by companies that illegally robocall your cell phone is that you can repeat this process over and over. The first time you complete the process and send a demand letter might take an hour or two of your time, but each time you repeat will get easier with a template in place.

Doc Compton’s kit sets you up to cash in on robocallers again and again. Just use his template to create your personalized demand and then replace company and demand amounts each time you get another robocall. It’s simple and straightforward–and best of all, it’s a repeatable process.

FAQ: Make Money from Spam Calls

woman talking on phone to robocaller

If you’re not sure whether or not you’re even receiving spam calls from automatic dialers, or if you actually have the potential to get paid to answer phone calls, here are some commonly asked questions to consider.

How do you know if a call is placed by a robocaller?

Robocallers are simple to identify. When an autodialer calls your phone, there are usually two distinguishers. First, you’ll hear a “click” on the other end of the line, and second, you’ll hear a real person (or a recording) say “hello?” as if you had placed a call to them.

Also, when a robodialer reaches your voicemail, it can’t distinguish between a real person answering the phone and your voicemail picking up. So you will often have a real person start the sales call thinking you have answered, only to realize you are not there so they hang up the call.

How long does it take to get paid for robocallers?

The timeframe between sending a demand letter and receiving payment can vary on a case by case basis. It can take anywhere between a few days to a few weeks to receive a check for your demand.

Some robocallers will pay you while others will just block your number and continue calling others illegally. The more companies you find and send demands to, the more money you can earn from these illegal robocallers.

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What kind of phone calls are legal vs illegal?

Political text messages, 501(c)3 charities, and schools are exempt from the TCPA. Warranty companies, health insurance providers, roofers, and all kinds of sales robocalls and texts are illegal unless they’ve received your written consent to call you on an autodialer.

Do you need to get an attorney involved?

There are cases that a robocaller will not comply with your demands. While it is in their best interest to address your complaints outside of the courts, they may call your bluff and deny your request. That’s when calling a lawyer could get you paid for robocallers that don’t meet your demands.

Ready to Get Paid for Receiving Robocalls?

It’s no secret that news channels like NBC, ABC, and CBC, to name a few, have covered this easy way to make money from robocalls. If you are receiving spam calls from legitimate companies, then start turning robocalls into cash.

Seriously, get the kit, take the calls, send demand letters, and make money. When you commit to putting in the work of answering calls, investigating the companies, and sending demand letters, it’s simple.

After you get your first robocall revenge check, you’ll be asking how to get more robocalls instead of how to get them to stop.

Do you have automatic dialers calling or texting your mobile phone? Give these steps a try. You might be surprised how much money you could earn from robocallers.

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