14 Ways to Convert Your Visa Gift Card to Cash

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Have you ever wondered if there was a way to turn your Visa gift cards into cash? If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably unearthed forgotten gift cards while cleaning under your refrigerator or emptying out your car’s console.

While gift cards are typically given by well-meaning friends or loved ones, at the end of the day, cash is simply more appealing. Check out the below list of ways to get cash for your gift cards and pad your bank account instead of filling your wallet with unnecessary weight.

How to Transfer a Visa Gift Card to Your Bank Account

1. Download the Prepaid2Cash App

The Prepaid2Cash app takes gift cards from many big-name companies – such as Visa, MasterCard, Nike, Target, and hundreds more – and transfers the funds to members’ bank accounts. Just hold the card in the frame on the app, link your bank account, and receive your funds in as few as 15 minutes.

The app will take part of the card’s value, leaving you with up to 92 percent of the money. Prepaid2Cash will verify the gift card amount and make you an offer, detailing how much it will pay you. You do not have to accept the offer presented, and can instead choose to hold onto the card. You will incur a 15 percent fee (plus $1.50) for instant transfers, or a 7.5 percent fee (plus $1.50) for next-business-day transfers.

2. Add Your Visa Gift Card to PayPal

PayPal also offers a way to transfer money from gift cards to a bank. Make an online payment with your prepaid gift cards, or transfer the entire balance to your bank account. You can turn Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover gift cards into cash.

If you already have a PayPal account, upload the gift card to your PayPal wallet. Transfer the funds from PayPal to your bank account for free when done locally, and your funds will be deposited within one to three business days. A 1 percent fee will be applied for instant transfers.

3. Add Your Visa Gift Card to Venmo

Venmo also allows users to transfer Visa gift cards to their banks. Add a Visa gift card as a “funding source” in your Venmo account and then use the money to pay for items online, or transfer it into your bank account.

Apps like Venmo are generally free to use for personal transactions. Simply set up an account and link your bank to your wallet. Venmo does not charge a fee to upload gift cards or to transfer money into your bank account. The funds will reach your bank within a few business days.

4. Buy a Money Order

Money orders can be deposited into your bank account just like a regular check. Visit your local bank, post office, Western Union, or Walmart and use your Visa gift card to purchase a money order. This method will give you cash in your hand within minutes.

Some locations charge a small fee for money orders, but you may be able to complete this transaction at your personal bank.

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How to Turn a Visa Gift Card Into Cash

Man holding wallet with Visa gift cards and cash

5. Add Your Visa Gift Card to Amazon

Amazon sells nearly every item that you can think of to fit your household, personal, and lifestyle needs. If you already plan to shop on Amazon, use your Visa gift card to complete your transaction. You will essentially add the card to your account as if you were adding a debit or credit card to your wallet.

Amazon doesn’t allow split payments, so your purchase will need to align with your gift card amount. You could also purchase an Amazon gift card for the value of your gift card and add that to your wallet. Select the option to “use Amazon gift card balance first.”

6. Sell it for a Cash Discount

Sell your unwanted gift cards on Facebook Marketplace, or offer them to your friends and family members. Sell them at a discount to get the cash in hand faster. Pass along the savings to someone else who will actually use the card, and replace it with cash in your wallet.

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7. Jour Cards Store

The eCommerce site Jour Cards Store exclusively sells gift cards for many retailers and big businesses. This platform exchanges Amazon, Walmart, iTunes, and Cashu gift cards for cash. You will receive up to 83 percent of your iTunes cards’ value, 70 percent with Amazon and Walmart, and 90 percent with Cashu.

Funds are processed within 72 hours and loaded into your virtual wallet on the platform.

8. Buy Groceries With Your Visa Gift Card

Think about how often you go to the grocery store each month and how much you pay to feed your family. Simply use your Visa gift cards for your next grocery purchase.

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Other Ways to Turn Store Gift Cards Into Cash

9. Sell Your Gift Card on the Raise Marketplace

Use Raise to get cash for your gift cards. This online marketplace was designed to allow users to buy and sell gift cards. Even if your gift cards are partially used, you can still list them for sale on the platform. The process is completely free.

As soon as you sell a card, convert the proceeds into a bank transfer, or purchase a gift card to a business you actually enjoy.

10. Visit a Local Gift Card Exchange Kiosk

Research places in your area that will allow you to turn your Visa gift cards into cash. Search for “gift card kiosks near me” to find the locations closest to you. Read more about each place before you visit to find out about any fees or if the services are limited to specific gift cards.

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11. Buy a Gift Card to Another Store

Check the gift card racks at retailers where you already have gift cards. Pick out either a Visa gift card or a gift card to another store that you enjoy. Use the balance on the store gift card to buy and activate the new gift card (for example, you could use a Target gift card to purchase a Visa card).

If you do buy a Visa gift card, use the ideas above to help you transfer the funds to your bank. If you purchased another store gift card, at least you will actually use this one instead of letting it sit in your wallet.

12. Buy an Item and Return It Without a Receipt

Make a purchase using a gift card and then return the item without a receipt. Some stores will give you cash back on this type of return. Check the store’s return policy before trying this method, as some retailers will only take returns with a receipt.

This isn’t the ideal way to turn a Visa gift card into cash, as it can seem scammy in nature. Only do this if you are fully comfortable with it. Some stores credit receipt-less returns with a store credit or gift card, which will defeat the purpose of attempting to get the cash instead.

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13. Regift the Gift Card

We often purchase gift cards for friends or loved ones so that they can pick out something special for themselves. If your wallet is full of gift cards you aren’t using, regift them to others and call it even.

This will let you get rid of an unwanted gift card and bless someone else without having to spend any money. There is no need to run out and buy a different present for them when you have gift cards they can use instead.

14. Buy Something Valuable and Sell It Online

Use your gift card to make a purchase, and then resell that item online. For example, use that old Barnes and Noble gift card to purchase some books and then list them online.

Although you probably won’t earn back as much as you paid for the items, you’ll at least have the cash in hand to replace the unneeded gift card.

Use Up Those Visa Gift Cards Once and for All

Clear out your wallet, make room in your bag, and use up those unwanted Visa gift cards.

While gift cards are a great gift idea, many would prefer to have cash in hand instead. If this applies to you, turn your Visa gift card into cash to put toward the things you need or want. Using one of the options listed above will put money into your hand or bank account, instead of letting it sit on a card you won’t ever use.

Save for later!

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