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at home proofreading jobsHas anyone ever referred to you as the “grammar police?” Perhaps these proofreading jobs will excite you.

Conversations with friends, texting with family; if you’ve been the person to point out a spelling or grammatical error, it just might turn into a job opportunity for you.

If you pride yourself on being a grammatical genius, why not turn that penchant for perfect spelling and punctuation into a money-making portfolio? It’s a side hustle that you can do from home, or you can turn it into a full-time job. If this excites you, then proof-reading jobs online are the perfect place for you to be looking.

Online content is only on the rise, so you can work as much or as little as you want, even from whichever country you choose.

You don’t always need a degree – whether college-educated or not, there are plenty of companies just looking for good proofreaders. The job possibilities for proofreading online from home are nearly endless.

With so many proofreading jobs to choose from, we’ve helped narrow it down to the 11 best proofreading job sites for you. Build up your experience and make good money if proofreading is your thing.

What is Proofreading and How Much Can You Earn From It?

What exactly is online proofreading? Proofreading is the final step of the writing process. It involves searching for correct grammar, punctuation, and spelling errors, as well as a good flow of content and understandability.

Bloggers, business websites, authors, even college students all want perfect papers, articles, and content. Proofreading makes sure everything is complete, is understood by its audience and is error-free. The proofreader catches anything that was missed in the writing process and makes sure a piece of work is polished, professional and precise.

Does Proofreading Require Certification?

General proofreading doesn’t typically require certification or an English degree (depending on the companies you apply to work for). If you don’t have a degree in English or didn’t go to college, but know you have a natural attention to detail in writing and the ability to proofread, there is an amazing free proofreading workshop to get you started on the online proofreading track.

Caitlin Pyle’s free proofreading workshop gives you all the right tools to make sure you can hone your language skills into a money-making, work-from-home machine! Caitlin’s workshop answers your questions and guides you along the proofreading process, so you can come out completely confident and ready to apply to your first proofreading job.

Check out her workshop today to get the perfect jump start on your proofreading journey.

Other Proofreading Requirements

If you have great attention to detail as it pertains to writing and content, you’re already an excellent candidate. Proofreaders will need to be skilled in reading pages of content, searching for the smallest of errors in various pieces of work on a regular basis.

Some companies/authors require college degrees and up to 5 years of proofreading experience, but there are plenty of sites who are more than willing to let you gain experience with them and prove yourself valuable as a beginner, even if you didn’t go to college.

Some sites only need a high school diploma and a serious inclination for great grammatical finesse. Wherever you fall between these categories, there is a proofreading place for you online.

Proofreader Salary or Pay Expectations

How much can you expect to make as a proofreader? Most companies will either charge by the hour or by the word. You can expect to make about $10/hr in the beginning, which can quickly rise as you gain experience.

Once you dive in and enjoy the work more and more, part-time can easily turn into more. If you’d like to head into becoming a full-time proofreader, you can make anywhere from $32,000 up to an average of $39,000/yr, even as a beginner. Demand is high and work is always available, so proofreading from home can quickly become very profitable for you.

11 Best Sites to Find Proofreading Jobs

Now that you’re equipped and ready to start proofreading, where do you look? We’ve assembled a list of the best websites for all levels to apply for proofreading jobs. As you move from beginner to experienced proofreader, check out each of these proofreading opportunities.

1. FlexJobs

FlexJobs offers just what its name suggests – flexible opportunities that work with your schedule for proofreading jobs. You create your own proofreading schedule with FlexJobs. It does come with a $15/month fee to be contracted, which you can cancel at any time, no questions asked.

2. Fiverr

Fiverr is a great place to start for beginners. Freelance jobs generally start around $5 and you can work up from there as you gain experience. Perfect to get your feet wet in the proofreading world.

3. Scribe

Working with Scribe, you will have the exposure and opportunity to work with the writers and authors for whom you’d be proofreading. Work volume and opportunities are fairly consistent here. Work full time or part time with Scribe.

4. Proofreading Pal

Proofreading Pal pays well and expects high-performing results for such. It requires a good GPA in graduated college students (3.5+) and the degree must come from an accredited United States college. Proofreading Pal uses a two-proofreader approach to ensure the highest quality work goes out to each contractor.

5. Wordvice

Wordvice hires freelance editors and is perfect if you’re looking to start out in a part-time proofreading job. It offers a vast array of work to proofread, from academic journals to government documents. Wordvice allows you to work for them from anywhere in the world.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a great freelance company to start out with as a beginner. The platform allows you to choose what kind of pieces you want to work on in a handy, organized chart. Check for open positions frequently here to build your experience with flexibility.

7. Gramlee

Gramlee is nearly always hiring. They hire work from home proofreaders constantly. You need to work fast if you choose Gramlee – they require a 24-hour turnaround for large pieces of work, but new work is constantly coming in. Build your experience and portfolio at Gramlee.

8. Lionbridge

If you only have a high school diploma, Lionbridge is a great place to check out. Assignments are posted all the time at Lionbridge and are perfect for the beginner proofreader.

9. Cambridge Proofreading

Cambridge Proofreading is an academic proofreading jobs site. It focuses on mainly ESL and similar academic materials. It does require a college degree, and it can pay from $20-30/hr for work done, because of its specialized content.

10. Proofreading Services

You can apply from any country for Proofreading Services. An excellent place to work if you need flexible hours. They have a short test for you to take and will pay between $19-45 an hour for proofreaders.

11. Cactus Communications

If you have experience with medical terminology, then working for Cactus Communications is a neat proofreading opportunity for you. Work volume is nearly always high in this specialized field. The better your work, the higher percentage you can consistently make with this company.

Is Proofreading Right for You?

If grammar and spelling is your thing, then online proofreading just might be the perfect at-home job opportunity for you to dive into headfirst. If you are constantly noticing errors in texting, signage, posters or even the books you read, it’s all a good sign that you could make some serious money with a proofreading position.

Make it your side hustle or turn it into a career path – proofreading from home can start now and it can be an incredibly successful opportunity.

As you begin, don’t forget to get the basics of what companies are looking for in you and your abilities with Caitlin Pyle’s free workshop. She can help organize and answer all the questions that are going through your mind with starting this proofreading journey. Armed with all the necessary information and honed skills, you’ll be ready to take on this venture. You can soon be on your way to a successful new part-time or full-time proofreading job.

Whatever your reasons, if proofreading online is at all interesting to you, it’s worth checking out your options. Proofreading is flexible, it pays well, and it takes experience of all kinds. Start with Caitlin Pyle’s free workshop, then shop these job sites for the perfect fit for you and get to work making money.

Happy proofreading!

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