Proofread Anywhere Review: What Is It and Is It Worth It?

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It can be hard to try something new and step out into the unknown. Add that to the stress of deciding whether or not to spend large sums of money, and it can be almost crippling to go out on a limb and purchase an online course – like Proofread Anywhere.

I understand this feeling all too well; it took me the better part of three years of floundering before I purchased my first educational resource. Later, I took the leap to buy Proofread Anywhere, and never looked back. It truly changed my life for the better.

One of the No. 1 questions I am asked is whether Proofread Anywhere is a legitimate course. Put your concerns to rest – yes, this is an amazing course with an incredible support system that comes along with the in-depth training.

What it is not is the perfect course for every entrepreneur on the hunt for something to kick-start freelancing. The course is best suited for those who have an eye for catching spelling and grammatical errors, and the willingness to sift through pages of grammar rules to back up their changes.

Proofread Anywhere is a high-quality digital asset for the ideal student. Creator Caitlin Pyle sold her course for 4.5 million to publicly-traded holding company Onfolio Holdings, Inc. in October 2022. If those numbers don’t prove this course’s high value, I don’t know what will.

Had I not personally purchased Proofread Anywhere and experienced what it has to offer for myself, the public acquisition of the company alone would have demonstrated its legitimacy tenfold.

If you are simply here to determine that Proofread Anywhere is not a scam, then take this as your sign to jump in with both feet. But if you want to learn more about what you will get with the purchase of this course, continue reading for my full review of Proofread Anywhere.

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What Is It Like to Be a Proofreader?

The three-plus years I spent as a proofreader marked one of the most enjoyable seasons of my life. Before it became my profession, I had no idea it was possible to earn $3,000+ per month searching for errors – but as a proofreader, that was my exciting reality (until my own blog consumed all of my time)!

People often ask me if I get bored reading article after article. After all, it’s understandable that some might find proofreading to be monotonous.

But I look at it as a way to continue enhancing my English and grammatical skills while simultaneously meeting my daily reading quota. In addition, proofreading pays well – and it’s something I can do from home!

Yes, I bought the General Proofread Anywhere course! I was SO excited to purchase it. It is one of the most in-depth courses I have ever purchased working from home. I highly recommend it to aspiring proofreaders.

If you, like me, love to read and have basic proofreading skills, then I’m sure you’ll be interested to know whether or not you join the thousands of avid and aspiring proofreaders who have taken the online course Proofread Anywhere.

While proofreading might seem like an easy gig in which to get started, there are some details that you should know about before diving in. This Proofread Anywhere review will help you determine if purchasing the course would be beneficial to you as you seek to enhance your proofreading career.

What is Proofread Anywhere?

woman proofreading on a laptop

Proofread Anywhere is an in-depth proofreading course created by Caitlin Pyle, a professional proofreader who helps both new and experienced proofreaders hone their skills and become confident proofreaders.

Her course is developed for proofreaders at any level, even those who are starting from scratch. She found her passion for proofreading when she found herself proofreading college essays penned by other students, and helped them turn their writing into masterpieces.

Since then, she has only increased her knowledge and experience in the field and now offers this course to share the secrets she wished she had known when she first started out.

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The Proofread Anywhere Controversy: Is It Truly Legit?

Proofread Anywhere is a legit course. Many people claim to be experts in a variety of fields, so it’s understandable why some might think that this course could be a scam. But based on my own personal experience reviewing the course, I can guarantee that Proofread Anywhere is legit.

As with anything else in life, you’ll get what you put into this. If you are serious about growing as a proofreader and are willing to put in the work, then this course really will teach you how to get paid to proofread.

When you follow the steps Caitlin outlines in Proofread Anywhere, nothing will prevent you from making proofreading a successful career for yourself.

Proofread Anywhere

How Does It Work?

If you aren’t sure where to start, you can try the course before purchasing it. Caitlin generously offers a free version of the course so that you can feel confident that you are getting something of great value.

With General Proofreading, you can take the free, 76-minute intro workshop to Proofread Anywhere. Learn about the five signs that can indicate proofreading is a great fit for you, how proofreading can become your freedom and security, and how to easily attract clients.

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Proofread Anywhere Sale / Coupon Code

There was once a time when you could sometimes find Proofread Anywhere on sale for up to 60% off. But since Onfolio acquired the company, it became clear that those deep sale prices won’t be around for much longer. It would be beneficial for you to quickly complete the free webinar and take advantage of the introductory pricing before it goes away forever.

I’ve admired Caitlin during my four-plus years of knowing her because she truly cares about people and loves to help them succeed. That often comes down to helping them afford to get started.

While creating this Proofread Anywhere review, I noticed that the course goes on sale at different times of the year. I was thankful to be able to purchase it myself while it was on sale! If you’re not ready to dive into taking the course at full price, join Caitlin’s free webinar for Proofread Anywhere and stay on her email list so that you know the moment she runs another sale.

If you’ve already completed the free webinar, I highly recommend signing up for and taking it again. You just might be given a limited-time offer you wouldn’t be able to access any other way!

How Much Does Proofread Anywhere Cost?

The Proofread Anywhere course is offered at different levels of cost. Choose the course option that is best for you, depending on what you are looking for.

General Proofreading Cost:

Ignite vs Ignite Plus
  • Proofread Anywhere Ignite: $497
  • Proofread Anywhere Ignite Plus: $597

Transcript Proofreading Cost:

Transcript Proofreading price

What People Are Saying About Proofread Anywhere

Many people who have taken this course have left a Proofread Anywhere review to share with others. It’s always beneficial to learn from all types of reviews, both good and bad. Here you’ll find both Proofread Anywhere success stories and complaints, including some words of my own.

In the Proofread Anywhere Facebook group that is made up of 10,000-plus students, one proofreader mention how she felt so good completing her final exam and essays. She encouraged others who are pursuing proofreading as a career to keep pressing forward.

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Proofread Anywhere Pros

Many Proofread Anywhere success stories are published online. Real students have given the course 5 stars on Trustpilot with comments such as, “This course is changing my life,” “Exactly what I needed to change my career!” and “Thorough training.”

Some additional benefits of the course include:

  • Detailed, actionable steps to becoming a proofreader
  • Different price points and monthly payment options to fit student financial needs
  • The opportunity to easily earn back the money spent on the course by following the given steps
  • Real-life samples to test your skills at various checkpoints
  • Provided methods of finding and landing clients while taking the course
  • Topics covered thoroughly by written lectures, webinars, worksheets, and practice exercises
  • Details on how to be a proofreader and how to start your business

Proofread Anywhere Cons

Among the many positive things real students have said in their reviews of Proofread Anywhere, you will also come across some potentially negative statements.

Some cons of the course include:

  • Its mostly text format that lacks media like video and audio training
  • The fact that it’s possible to round up much of the course information online for free
  • The no-refund policy once a buyer logs into the course

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What Does the Course Include and Teach?

Proofread Anywhere course

The Proofread Anywhere course has two different options to choose from. Choose the one that fits your needs best, depending on which area you want to specialize in.

General Proofreading Course

Caitlin’s general course was developed for you to learn how to start your proofreading career, market yourself to find clients, and learn the mechanics of what it takes to be a successful proofreader.

If you choose to enroll in the Proofread Anywhere Ignite Plus option, you will have the chance to complete an exam after finishing the course. Those who pass with at least a 90% score will receive a Certificate of Completion and access to the Self-Publishing School Preferred Outsourcer Rolodex, leading to solid client leads.

This course contains more than 40 lessons spread out across nine modules.

Module 1

Learn exactly what proofreading is – and what it is not. This module includes an overview of the skills you will need to become a proofreader, and explains the differences between editing/copyediting and proofreading.

Module 2

Learn about the mindset you will need  to run a successful proofreading business, and find out how best to develop one with the Professional Proofreader’s Mindset workshop. This also provides information about the markets you can plug yourself into.

Module 3

Understand the common types of errors you need to watch out for when proofreading. Practice and test your knowledge in this module.

Module 4

Learn the four different proofreading methods. Apply the information you learn in this module to sample practice jobs.

Module 5

Find out how to create a business. Start with your resume and work your way through the module to learn how to build a website, how to set your rates, and how to build your credibility.

Module 6

This module will show you how to find clients. Use proven strategies to locate and approach potential customers. The additional tips and tricks will show you how to set yourself up for success.

Module 7

Learn what steps to take after landing clients, from billing for services to delivering on your promises to those clients.

Module 8

Make the most of your dream to be a freelancer by learning how to structure your day and build your confidence. This module also provides a lesson on project management.

Module 9

This wrap-up module gives an overview of everything you have learned and demonstrates the many skills you’ve developed throughout the course.

An additional four four bonus materials include:

  • A tax guide;
  • Handbook of commonly misused words;
  • A mindset guide; and
  • Mindset shift guide to help develop goal-crushing confidence.

Bonus Module 1

This will give you access to the first level of the Transcript Proofreading option, plus lifetime access to the private Facebook group community exclusively open to Proofread Anywhere students.

I am part of that elite Facebook group and have witnessed many students’ saying that this access alone makes the cost of the course worth it. The group is very active and is well-moderated by paid staff.

One of the group’s major benefits is that students can ask questions about the course as they take it. Instead of purchasing the course and then having to figure it out on your own, you will have access to as much interactive support as you need. It’s also extremely motivating to be part of a community that is working through the same course and jumping through the same hurdles as you!

Bonus Module 2

Receive the Money Mindset Transformation workshop with workbook. This details the seven concepts that will change your thinking about money. I found this to be an extremely relevant and helpful place to start, and believe that it will help you build confidence as you pursue your passion as a proofreader.

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Transcript Proofreading Course

Narrowing your skills into a niche like transcript proofreading can make yourself remarkably marketable. This second option of Proofread Anywhere will teach you all about the world of court reporters and their transcripts.

This is one of the best proofreading courses because it is truly the only one of its kind. This is specifically designed to train proofreaders in the art of transcript proofreading. You will receive a Certificate of Completion once you’ve earned a passing score of 90% or above on the cumulative exam.

There are four levels in the transcript proofreading course:

Level 1

Level 1 includes module 1, which contains seven units that teach proofreaders what it takes to become a transcript proofreader. Learn the anatomy of a transcript, the difference between depositions and EUOs, and additional introductory resources.

This course is intended to be taken in seven days. After completion, you can move on to Level 2.

Level 2

Level 2 houses module 2, which is designed to be taken in 30 days. Its nine units teach proofreaders how to spot the typical errors that occur within transcripts. You will also become familiar with the transcriber’s vocabulary and transcript-specific punctuation.

Following the completion of these units, you will take a 100-question test to affirm your skills. This will determine your strengths and weaknesses and help you decide if you want to proceed with the next lessons.

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Level 3

Level 3 contains modules 3, 4, and 5, which is typically completed within 60 days. During that time, you will learn the four methods to properly mark up transcripts using iOS technology.

As you proceed through these modules, you will practice marking up transcripts at various levels to confirm your skills. If you need longer than 60 days for these assignments, you can invest in Level 4 to receive lifetime access to all of the levels, modules, and units.

Level 4

Modules 6, 7, 8, and 9 within this final level will give you the ability to build business foundations for work with court reporters.

You will also learn how to market yourself and set your mindset for success, and receive your certificate of completion.

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Is Proofread Anywhere Worth It?

Many people have asked if Proofread Anywhere is worth it. If you enjoy reading, want to sharpen your English and grammar skills, and are looking for an additional source of income, then Proofread Anywhere is worth it.

Based on the success statements from the Proofread Anywhere Pros section of this post, the course is proven to have had positive impacts on many people’s lives. If that doesn’t excite you enough, get further inspired by knowing how much you will have access to when you decide to enroll.

It’s most important for students to understand that they will need to apply themselves while taking this in-depth course. The class cannot make you a better proofreader unless you are willing to apply yourself and work hard.

Caitlin Pyle has dedicated years to perfecting her proofreading methods. Take a chance on yourself and learn to work from anywhere with Proofread Anywhere.

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    1. I have heard several proofreaders say that they have been successful using a tablet, but my personal preference is a laptop! It is both portable and offers a bit more control. Of course, a desktop will work as well, but if you like to take your work with you, that won’t be feasible. Ultimately, any device you have on hand can help you get started. You can always upgrade later after you start earning money.