10 Ways to Become a Content Creator and Earn $100+/hr

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Learning how to read is one of the essential skills we learn as children. Reading is how we recognize different types of published content. Each day, we take in the many ways a content creator tries to catch our attention.

As a content creator, I am tasked with developing content in the form of blog posts, email marketing and social media postings.

Becoming a content creator has been a passion of mine ever since the birth of my son and I dedicated the necessary amount of time and energy to making that dream a reality.

I didn’t get paid to create content overnight; there were various steps I needed to complete in order to get client attention and promote myself. Now that I am making money as a stay at home mom, I am able to educate others on how to become a content creator.

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What is a Content Creator?

A content creator is a person tasked with the responsibility of creating informational or entertaining material for any media. Content creators typically contribute to digital media where their audience members are most likely to be.

How Much Money Does a Content Creator Make?

Based on data gathered by Glassdoor, content creators can make anywhere from $35,000 to $73,000 per year.

The variables associated with the salary ranges depend on the content creators’ preferred method of payment. Some creators wish to be paid hourly, per word or per project.

In the beginning stages of becoming a content creator, many who are new to the field will charge a low rate for work in order to build up their portfolio. The important thing to remember is not to keep a low rate for an extended amount of time. Know your worth and increase your salary as you gain experience.

Types of Content

We may see various types of off-internet content published each day (i.e. newspapers, billboards, labels on products, etc.).

Online content creation is forever. Once it is published, it will remain on the internet. You can find online content creation in the form of blog posts, articles, reviews and videos. The work you put into online content creation will be available for readers to view for years to come.

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10 Ways to Become a Content Creator Today

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Finding the right way to break into the content creation market is not too difficult. Here you will find 10 ways clients are looking to add content creators to their team. Start today and make money as a content creator!

1. Freelance Write for Clients

Freelance writing is the simplest way to make money creating content for clients. If there is a specific topic/niche you enjoy writing about, you can find clients in those specific areas.

Freelance writing means you are not an employee of the client. However, you have a partnership with the client. You and the client agree to terms and payment in a contract before you begin writing for them.

When starting out as a freelance writer, FlexJobs is a great source for finding clients. This site prides itself on providing a spam-free environment where you can find legit jobs without the fear of being scammed by fake accounts.

2. Start a Blog

One way to practice your writing skills is by starting a blog. A blog helps you learn what clients might be looking for when they hire you to write blog posts for them.

Starting a blog allows you to be creative with your own content. You can be personal in your posts to better relate to your audience.

Practicing on a consistent basis by publishing your posts will help with any nervousness you might have. It will also get you in the habit of writing more and familiarizing yourself with proper writing techniques.

3. Start a Niche Site

A niche site is different from a blog site in that it is very specific to a topic. It is less personal and more informative.

Niche sites are evergreen, meaning the content on them will be relevant no matter what year it is or what is happening in the world.

You will often see niche-specific sites like ways to make money from home, toddler development activities and breastfeeding for moms. These categories are part of a large niche, but their particular site is dedicated to a related sliver.

Niche sites also allow you to make money with affiliate marketing. That means you advertise for other companies on your site with special links that are unique to you. When your readers click on the links, the company tracks where those clicks came from and pay you a certain percentage in commission.

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4. Start an Ecommerce Website

Ecommerce websites are online shopping websites. Many sites use them to sell their products directly to customers.

You can find eCommerce sites selling clothing, accessories, baby products, food and beverages, etc. The difference between eCommerce fulfillment and starting a dropshipping business is the difference in profit.

Ecommerce fulfillment means you put a larger investment upfront to purchase products that you then ship to customers. With dropshipping, you source products through a third party so you don’t need to have inventory at your home or in a warehouse.

Ecommerce fulfillment does require more work, but the profit is also higher. Dropshipping means less hands-on work, but a smaller profit margin. Dropshipping actually leaves more time to be a content creator.

Learn more about how you can start a dropshipping business with this free dropshipping course. This webinar will teach you how to start and launch your dropshipping business, source top-selling products and get your first sale.

5. Write Ebooks

Ebooks are a great way to get involved in content creation. You can write an ebook for yourself or help clients write their eBooks and make money based on the terms of a project agreement.

Ebooks come in a variety of formats. There are many “How To” eBooks that people purchase to help them learn a new skill. Others include actual storytelling and inspirational readings.

Ebooks can also be sold on your very own website. Additionally, Amazon Kindle offers a self-publishing option where you can sell books through them and make a commission from the sales of your book.

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6. Ghostwrite for Content Creators

Similar to freelance writing, ghostwriting is another form of writing for clients. Whether the client wants articles, blog posts or other forms of content, you are the one who writes it for them.

The key difference between the two, however, is ghostwriting does not allow you to take credit for the writing. The client will pay you the agreed amount, then the content is theirs to do with as they see fit.

Ghostwriting is in high demand. Many companies and other content creators cannot keep up with publishing content consistently. They outsource this task to be able to publish it as their own.

Finding ghostwriting jobs is easy to do on FlexJobs. With the number of people looking to bring quality work to their business, you’re likely to find clients who value their partnerships with ghostwriters.

7. Write Reviews

Writing reviews is another way you can make money creating content. Sign up with a site like PINCHme. This company will send you free samples and products from popular brands for you to try. You then write a review of those products to help increase brand awareness.

Consumers will generally read honest reviews about products before making purchases. Having plenty of reviews from content creators like you is beneficial to those brands.

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8. Create Online Courses

Content creators also find work in creating online courses. Whether you are developing a course for yourself or for a client, there will always be a key part in the content portion of the course.

Creating a course involves finding the right topic, gathering course content, structuring the course and marketing your information

The course content piece is where creators get stuck due to all the information they want to include. This is the perfect spot for you to step in to assist in organizing the information and making it easily understood by the audience.

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9. Start a YouTube Channel

Written content is not the only path to take as a content creator. YouTube channel creators are soaring in popularity and income. What may seem like videos with no purpose or just for fun actually are created with a goal in mind.

For example, many YouTubers create their videos based on the season of the year, what is going on in the world or what is trending. With those topics in mind, the YouTuber must create video content to correlate with relevant information.

If the YouTube channel you want to create is informative, you’ll want to make sure the content you publish is accurate.

Video content creators can take on various rolls when it comes to starting a YouTube channel. To exercise your writing talents, you can establish an outline for episodes to follow, create ending credits for the videos or even generate subtitles for the videos specifically for hearing-impaired audience members.

YouTubers also make an income with affiliate marketing. If they are promoting a product or service on their channel, they will need to ensure the video content is accurate to that product so that they can generate sales and earn a commission.

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10. Become a Social Media Influencer

Social media content is widely popular among clients. Clients look for ways to enhance their online presence. Doing so through social media will help their business get in front of more customers.

You can earn money as a social media content creator for brands. This would require posting material on your platforms to drive sales to a partner company. In exchange, you would receive payment as agreed upon.

Social media influencers post on multiple platforms to keep their accounts active and relevant. They create engaging posts so that readers engage with the content. The more engagement from social media content, the more reach an account will have.

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Tips to Be The Best Content Creator Available

To be the best content creator, you’ll want to ensure your work checks all the boxes for clients. Having versatility in your toolbox is never a bad thing. You will learn more skills as you develop your skills. Making money for your clients means they can trust you to get the work done accurately and efficiently.

Understand SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a huge market. SEO allows your website to be acknowledged by Google as a high ranking page. Consumers often do not scroll past the first page of Google. Because of that it is important that business pages land on that first page of Google for better chances to be seen.

You can set yourself apart from other freelance writers by learning and applying SEO. Mastering this area will almost always guarantee you a job over someone who does not offer this service. Getting paid to do SEO can be a lucrative endeavor.

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Fact Check Your Work

You have to put time and energy into your research. If a client gives you a topic to write on, your job is to ensure the content you create is factual and up-to-date.

Fact checking your work means you are sourcing data with the most currently dated information. Citing a website that published an article years ago on a topic does not guarantee the information is still correct today. Studies could have taken place since then to update or disprove that information.

Submit Your Best Work Every Time

It is important that you submit your best work every time. Admittedly, it is easy to make mistakes in your work, especially after reading it over and over again. Our minds play tricks on us and will sometimes auto-correct words or sentences, causing us to miss those edits.

Do not make a habit of submitting work that contains mistakes. If necessary, hire a proofreader to review your work before submitting it to your client for payment.

Don’t Plagiarize

Never submit duplicated copies to a client. Even if you created the original work, you could not resubmit posts that have already been published. Each piece has to be original.

Plagiarized information is illegal as it infringes on intellectual property rights. Google also frowns upon duplicated content and can flag a website as untrustworthy. This will not only taint your client’s website, but it can tarnish your reputation as a content creator.

Build a Portfolio

Think of your portfolio as the reviews section of online shopping; it is proof of your services. Clients will want to see your work before hiring you. Additionally, try to collect testimonials from past clients.

Portfolios show companies what you can do for them and how you can help grow their business.

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Content Creating is The Business of The Future

Every day we are faced with various forms of content. In the age of electronics, digital products, and advancing technology, consumers are online drinking in the content they see.

The popularity of the internet is the future of businesses. The internet is the first place people go to when researching the most relevant information. Online content creation is more important now than it ever has been.

How will you make your mark and what steps will you take to become a content creator online?

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