10 Baby Sleep Consultant Jobs to Make More Money

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If helping other people while making money as a sleep consultant sounds intriguing to you, you will be happy to find out that it’s easy to turn this into a successful career.

Sleep consultant jobs are growing in popularity and offer an abundance of opportunities to help parents who are desperate for sleep. The best part of this career choice is that one-on-one coaching is only one of the many ways to make money in what has turned into a very lucrative industry.

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Investments Required to Make Money as a Sleep Consultant

Center for Pediatric Sleep Management

You will need to complete a certification course to become a sleep consultant. Center for Pediatric Sleep Management offers a fantastic class that contains all of the resources you could ever need to start your business, bring in clients, and make money. CPSM will provide you with a stellar education focused on safe sleep practices, appropriate developmental milestones for babies, and communication with families.

Even after you graduate from the program, you will still have access to a community of support to help you along on your new career path.Β Once you earn your sleep consulting certification, you will be able to dramatically increase both your clientele and your income. The CPSM course is affordable and flexible, and comes with lifetime access, so you can review any of the materials at your leisure.

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Communication Device

As a sleep consultant, you will need to be available by phone call, text, and email so families can easily communicate with you. You may also want to offer potential clients the convenience of virtual consultations, lessening the time these sleep-deprived parents have to spend commuting.

Use your personal cell phone to connect with clients, or set up a second professional line.


Creating a stellar and easily accessed portfolio can go a long way toward obtaining sleep consultant jobs. Set up informative and engaging profiles on platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram so potential customers will be able to easily find you instead of your having to constantly put in the leg work to drum up business.

Optimize your profiles by providing detailed contact information and clear descriptions about the services you offer. Choose photos, graphics, and writing copy that enhance your profile and draw in potential clients. Creating a business website can also help you establish a professional online presence.

Client Reviews and Recommendations

Parents looking for a sleep consultant rely heavily on recommendations from former clients. Showcasing positive reviews is a great way for you to help encourage new customers to book your services.

Most people avoid purchasing poorly rated products from online retailers, but gravitate toward items that have gotten stellar reviews. This concept also goes for client reviews. Ask your happy customers to leave a review about your business, and then quote them on your profiles and share their recommendations across your social media platforms. You can even include some of these quotes on print marketing materials along with details about your services.

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10 Lucrative Sleep Consultant Jobs

Woman searching for sleep consultant jobs on a laptop

1. Virtual Sleep Coaching Clients

Sleep coach jobs are not limited to face-to-face meetings. While some clients might prefer that you visit their homes to work with them in person, you can also expand your business to include virtual sleep coaching. With this option, you can provide your services to potential clients all around the world through platforms like Zoom and Google Hangouts.

Listen to the family’s struggles, ask questions that will help you understand the baby’s needs, and give the parents information that will help them finally get the sleep they need. You can comfort and educate them – even change their lives – from miles away.

2. Paid Group Coaching on Facebook

Facebook is a great tool that can help you dial in your income as a sleep consultant. Set up a private page available to just your paying clients. Post resources and live help, and answer any questions that pop up within the community. This private space will give sleep-deprived parents the opportunity to connect both with you and with each other.

People who connect with others who are facing the same challenges often form a bond; friendships often bloom from these interactions. Yours could be the group that facilitates these relationships; watch your clients bond while also finding relief from their sleep problems at the same time. You can charge a monthly subscription fee for your time and for the services you provide to the group.

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3. Write Sleep Consultant EBooks

Add writing and selling eBooks to your list of sleep consultant jobs. This is a lucrative option that can, over time, offer you a passive income. Writing a successful eBook can boost your presence as an expert in the industry.

Write specific titles like “Sleep Consulting Tips for Infants 6-9 Months Old” or “Sleep Training Tips for Infants 9-12 Months Old.” You could also create sleep consulting eBooks for toddlers and even older children. The more books you write, the better your possibilities are of generating a strong passive income.

4. Create an Online Course

Design an online course to help parents to learn about safe sleep, getting children to sleep without sleep props, and decreasing night wakings. You could also create an evergreen sleep training course with content to help other sleep consultants find clients, become certified, and access additional resources.

Online course creation will require you to put in some time up front, but the amount of money you will be able to earn will be well worth it. Your courses can be made available on a platform that will allow customers to purchase them at any time.

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5. Design Sleep Training Printables

Become a resource for both parents and other sleep consultants by creating sleep training printables. These could include quick tips, developmental milestones, wake windows by age, and affirmations for parents. Families can then print these out to have them readily available to follow, and other sleep consultants can share them with their clientele.

Sell your printables on platforms like Etsy and Shopify, and choose how much to charge per item.

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6. Start a Sleep Training Blog

If you become a sleep consultant, you can create a steady income by providing an informative blog for exhausted parents.

Create an easily navigated blog chock full of content about sleep training. Consistently post tips for parents who are looking for answers to their sleep questions. Monetize your blog by including ads on your posts or forming paid partnerships with relevant brands.

You can also make money with affiliate links. If visitors to your blog purchase an item you recommend using your link or code, you will make a commission from the sale.

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7. Start a Sleep Training YouTube Channel

Start a YouTube sleep training channel and make money for creating video content. Discuss sleep training – what it is and what it isn’t – and show parents how to finally get more sleep. Showcase your certification from Center for Pediatric Sleep Management so that viewers understand you are an expert in the industry.

YouTubers make a comfortable income by including ads and affiliate links in their videos. If a viewer sees or clicks on an ad, it will make you money. Utilize affiliate links to get paid each time a viewer makes a purchase using your link or code.

8. Become a Guest Speaker

Use your expertise to become a guest speaker at events – and get paid for your time.

Event coordinators typically reach out to potential guest speakers. Be ready for this type of request by compiling your rates – per day or per hour, or via a package deal. Consider any travel expenses you might incur. As a guest speaker, you will be able to share your sleep consultant knowledge to audience members who might even choose to book your services after the event.

9. Start a Sleep Consulting Podcast

People enjoy listening to podcasts while on the go or if they don’t have time to read.

Start your own sleep consulting podcast and share your expertise and tips for listeners who need more information about getting their babies to sleep. Bring on guests who could contribute to the conversation.

While this avenue will allow you to reachΒ audience members who might want to book your services, podcasts do make money on their own. Ask for donations, partner with other businesses to sell ad space on your channel, and even land sponsorships.

10. Freelance for Other Sleep Consultants

If your time to consult with clients is limited to late nights and nap times, there are even more ways you can use your talents as a sleep consultant to earn more money. Help support other sleep consultants by becoming a virtual assistant.

Ghostwrite blog content, proofread drafted articles and eBooks, or help schedule new clients. Work on your own terms from the comfort of your home during the hours that make the most sense to you. As you continue to offer freelance services to sleep consultants around the world, you can use the experience to continue growing your own business and knowledge in the industry.

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Sleep Consulting Jobs Are Growing More than Ever

Take advantage of the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management course to quickly earn your sleep consultant certification and start making money using one or more of the ideas listed above.

Be the resource exhausted parents need to help them create safe and happy sleep environments and routines for their children. Sleep consulting jobs aren’t one-size-fits-all, but you can create a world of opportunities for yourself if you are willing to put in the work.

Ready to become a certified sleep consultant? Use the discount code PAYATHOMEPARENT250 at checkout to get $250 off!

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