Sleep Consultant Salary: How to Scale to $40k per Month

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Imagine waking up in the morning, grabbing your coffee, and sitting down in your favorite room of the house to start making money. This idyllic scenario could be the reality for you as a virtual sleep consultant.

In this field, you can start your day your way, and decide how much money you want to make. Virtual sleep consultants can earn up to $40,000 per month, and offer in-person or virtual services.

Read on to find out more about this career – including how much money a sleep consultant makes – and decide if this profession is right for you.

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How Much Do Real Sleep Consultants Make?

Woman smiling over sleeping baby

Several sleep consultants have shared their success stories with us. Complete anonymity has been maintained, in an effort to protect these business owners from having their personal strategies duplicated by their competitors.

1. Former Nanny Turned Six-Figure Sleep Consultant

A former career nanny left her job at the start of the pandemic and went into full-time sleep consulting work. She earned $101,000 during only her second year as a sleep consultant. She is now going into her third year of sleep consulting, earning a consistent six figures.

There are two methods between which to choose if you hope to earn a six-figure salary as a sleep consultant. Support six or seven families per week – billing $300 per family – or reach for more affluent clients and work with just two or three families, billing $750 per family per week.

2. Previous Home Daycare Provider

A woman who once owned an in-home daycare made the career move to sleep consulting, in the hope that she could eventually close her daycare and fully replace her income. Her dream was realized within two years, and she now offers sleep consulting full time. 

Today, this former daycare worker makes approximately $2,500 per month. Since she no longer needs to pay for the overhead costs of having a home daycare, that money is full profit.

If your goal is to earn an annual salary of $30,000 – translating to $2,500 per month – support two new clients per week at $300 each, or just one new client per week at $580.

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3. Versatile Newborn Care Specialist

A newborn care specialist who formerly supported families in their homes chose to shift her business from in-home work to virtual support. She now makes approximately $5,000 per month (or $60,000 per year) as a virtual sleep consultant.

Parents come to her for her experience caring for newborns, plus the sleep consulting work that plays into her versatility. This type of background can lead to higher rates for sleep consultants, who can service just six or seven new families per month at $750 each, to achieve a $5K monthly rate.

4. Sleep Consulting as a Side Hustle

A current sleep consultant meets with just one or two new families per month, in addition to her full-time corporate role. She stays busy at her 9-5 job, while also raising her two small children. The $525 she charges per sleep consulting client gives her an extra $1,050 per month to go toward bills or savings.

Her story proves that sleep consulting doesn’t need to be a full-time career. You could perform your services as a side hustle to bring in extra cash to put toward a vacation fund or to purchase groceries for the family.

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How to Become a Sleep Consultant

Take a certification course as the first step toward becoming a successful sleep consultant.

Join Jayne Havens’ Center for Pediatric Sleep Management to kick-start your business. CPSM offers a comprehensive curriculum that teaches students all they need to know about sleep training strategies, consulting, and business growth.

This is the only course on the market that covers all of the business basics needed to grow a successful sleep consulting practice. Enroll in CPSM now for your opportunity to make up to $40K per month as a sleep consultant. There is no limit to how much you can make in this industry.

How to Scale Your Income as a Sleep Consultant

In addition to taking on more clients to boost your income, start a sleep consulting blog in the parenting niche or build a team of sleep consultants under you and collect a fee for each client you find. This will allow you to really scale your income as a sleep consultant.

Make and sell digital sleep plans and sleep training courses, offer group coaching calls, or host live Facebook events. Use social media to earn money as an influencer in baby sleep training products and resources. Your salary will be based on how much time you have to dedicate to your business.

A Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant Salary is Higher Than Most

While sleep consulting isn’t a new concept, it has gained more traction in recent years, as parents become more confident in expressing how difficult raising children can be.

Only you can decide how you want your salary to look, how many clients you accept, how much you charge for your services, and how much effort you can put into scaling your business. You alone are responsible for the growth and success of your new career.

Follow in the footsteps of the sleep consultants referenced in this guide by becoming certified with the Center for Pediatric Sleep Management. Gain financial freedom while helping others live their best, most restful, lives.

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