How to Make Money Instantly for Free Online (20 Legit Ways)

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One of my favorite sites, KashKick, offers tons of ways to earn real cash online. If you're not already a member, give it a shot! Here are five things you can do to make easy money on the site:

  • Play games (up to $125 each)
  • Test apps (up to $125 each)
  • Buy lottery tickets (an easy $8)
  • Try popular brands (always changing)
  • Answer surveys (quick cash in minutes!)

Whether it’s looming bills, the desire to enjoy life a bit more, or just the approaching vacation season, it’s reasonable to be asking how to make money instantly for free.

After all, not every job offers the opportunity to cash out today. Most paychecks are on a two-week delay, and for some, those two weeks can feel like a lifetime.

If you’re in search of ways to make instant money online absolutely free, you’re in the right place. After more than six years of experience working odd jobs online, I can quickly help you pinpoint the opportunities that pay immediately.

Some businesses can take years to build a solid income from (like blogging) and some are easy tasks and gigs that payout as soon as today.

Choosing the right side hustle will make all the difference on whether or not you can make money instantly for free.

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Our Popular Money-Making Offers

Sign up with each of the following companies to maximize your earning potential.

  • Swagbucks
  • $10 sign-up bonus
  • Pays to take surveys, complete offers, shop online, and much more
  • 100s of other paid tasks
  • Awards cash and gift cards
  • InboxDollars
  • $5 sign-up bonus
  • Pays to play games, watch videos, answer polls, and much more
  • 100s of other paid tasks
  • Awards cash and gift cards

Instantly Flip Your Money for More Money

woman holding cash that she earned online instantly for free

There are tons of legitimate ways to flip money online for an immediate boost in income. Flipping investments is one of my favorite ways to make money instantly.

* I am not a financial advisor–always make sure to consult with a professional before making investment decisions.

1. Make Instant Profit with Stocks

Robinhood is an investment app that offers members a user-friendly trading platform with fee-free trades. While there are limits on day trading, you can still use the app to instantly grow your money online. The $3- to $220-valued stock bonus can help new members ramp up their earnings as soon as today.

2. Buy and Sell Shares of Art Online

Masterworks is an exclusive platform for art investors—and there’s no requirement to know a thing about expensive art! The company makes it possible to invest in fractional pieces of famous artwork and potentially sell them for profit on its online art exchange. You can learn more about how it works in my Masterworks review.

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Enter to Instantly Win Free Visa Gift Cards and Cash

Woman celebrating after winning a free gift card instantly

Free Visa gift cards can be easily turned into cash, or you can take them to the nearest store to buy the things you need. I love winning free gift cards instantly online, just for fun!

4. Play Free Scratchcards

InboxDollars offers a variety of easy online tasks that award members Scratch & Win progress. As soon as you earn enough progress, you can scratch the cards to potentially earn an instant cash or gift card bonus. The easiest way to earn progress is to answer the daily poll. You’ll earn progress regardless of whether or not you guess the correct answer. Learn more ways to make money on the site in my InboxDollars review.

5. Enter Swagstakes

Sweepstakes can be a dangerously spammy wormhole to fall into, but Swagbucks is a company that offers a fun and safe alternative. There are always new opportunities to win free gift cards, items like AirPods and iPads, and even PayPal cash on Swagbucks. Some Swagstakes offer a one in three chance to win, making your winning odds high. I explain more about this in my Swagbucks review.

Complete Free Offers and Get Paid Instantly

woman getting paid to complete offers on her smartphone

When I need money today for free, I like to check out sites that pay members to complete free offers. There are always new offers populating, and many of them pay a decent amount for trying something out for free.

6. Try New Apps or Services

MyPoints is a legitimate company that offers paid opportunities to try things like apps, games, services, and products for free. The site offers fun and easy ways to make instant money online absolutely free. In exchange for your valuable time, you’ll receive points that can later be redeemed for free gift cards or PayPal cash.

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7. Contribute to Market Research

Panda Research is another company that offers members the opportunity to complete free offers in exchange for cash. Many offers are free because they give members the power to try new products and services and change the way companies bring their products to consumers. It’s free to join and start earning money instantly.

Fill Out Online Surveys That Pay Cash Instantly

Woman taking highest paying surveys on a smartphone

There are a handful of surveys that pay cash instantly that you can start taking for free. It’s a great opportunity to make instant money online while standing in line at the store or watching TV at home.

8. Join Pinecone Research

Pinecone Research is an exclusive survey site that instantly pays $3 per survey you take. Some surveys take just a few minutes, while others can take up to half an hour to complete. The company accepts new panelists on an as-needed basis from the US, UK, Canada, France, and Germany.

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9. Join Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is another trusted company where members can make money instantly by answering questions about the products and services they already use. It holds an excellent 4.4 out of 5 start rating on Trustpilot and accepts eligible members located in Germany, UK, US, and Canada.

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Play Games on Your Smartphone

woman playing real money earning games on a phone

Some apps pay real money to play games on your phone. If you already enjoy playing games in your spare time, you can earn instant cash while you play.

10. Download Mistplay

Loyal gamers can earn real cash rewards using the Mistplay app on their Android devices. When you download the Mistplay app, you’ll see an extensive list of game apps to choose from. For each app that you download and play, you’ll earn points that can be redeemed for gift cards and cash rewards.

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More Popular Money-Making Offers

Earn more money in your spare time with these reputable companies.

  • Kashkick
  • Free PayPal cash
  • Paid surveys and web searches
  • Earn easy cash back
  • Get paid directly to your PayPal
  • Survey Junkie
  • PayPal, Visa, Amazon, etc.
  • Pays you to do NOTHING (with SJ Pulse)
  • Simply install the software
  • Participate in paid surveys & studies

11. Download Kashkick

Kashkick is another app that rewards gamers, similar to Mistplay, but it focuses more on free opportunities to play scratchcards and win real rewards.

You can join Kashkick and start downloading games to play and potentially winning as soon as today. The company makes its money by serving relevant ads to its members. But clicking on the ads or completing offers is not a requirement to win earn money.

Make Instant Money Testing Products

woman trying on clothes

Testing products and services that you love can be a great way to make money instantly for free. Plus, you can potentially get free products at that same time.

12. Test Clothes

Earn money while trying new styles as a clothing product tester. You can do this for free by either partnering with companies to try their clothes or shop at brand name stores and try clothing on in the dressing room. Once you build up an income, you can make even more money by buying clothes on Amazon and sharing detailed reviews in exchange for a commission.

13. Test Coffee

Coffee lovers can now get paid to drink coffee and share their honest reviews online. You can do this on your own website and earn a commission for selling recommended brands, or you can freelance for other coffee sites and make instant money for your written reviews. This is a perfect side hustle for coffee lovers who can create descriptions that help readers practically taste and smell the coffee from home.

14. Test Beer

Earning beer money for tasting beer is just about the coolest thing possible. If you enjoy trying new beers and want to earn instant money for sharing your thoughts, then getting paid to drink beer might be the perfect idea for you.

15. Test Theme Parks

Become a theme park tester and make money riding roller coasters, rides, and water slides. You can share your experiences on your own blog or website or partner with other companies to freelance your review services.

Offer Services and Require Upfront Payment

men offering services online

One of the best ways to make money instantly is to offer local or online services and require at least a partial payment upfront. Then be sure to overdeliver on your services to earn trust, future work, and referrals.

16. Offer Proofreading Services

Proofreading is one of my favorite services to offer online business owners. It’s something flexible, pays well, and can be done from home. A proofreader is typically the final person to meticulously read and mark errors on an article, book, or manuscript before sending it out to publish.

Caitlin Pyle is a professional proofreader who shares the skills that this job requires in her free online proofreading workshop. If you are highly skilled in the English language and can spot errors, then this might be an easy way to make instant money online absolutely free.

17. Offer Content Creation Services

With the daily growth of the world wide web comes a huge demand for content creators. Learning how to become a content creator could help you develop a skill that can pay instantly. Many content creators make a great side- or full-time income, and some of them make instant money by invoicing clients upfront.

Content creation comes in all forms and includes writing articles, filming videos, designing infographics, planning social media content, and much more.

18. Offer Local Cleaning Services

Some of the best paying instant money makers are those that require hard labor. Cleaning out garages, attics, and basements is a great place to start. Additionally, you can offer in-home heavy cleaning, laundry services, car detailing, or trash can scrubbing. This type of job can often be done in one day, and you can have cash in hand the same day.

Other Real Ways to Make Money Instantly for Free

There are even more ways to make instant money online absolutely free in your spare time. If you have skills that match up with these ideas, it’s a great opportunity to get free money right now.

19. Upload and Sell Original Slogans

Have you ever wondered where t-shirts, coffee mugs, and brands get those catchy sayings that resonate with consumers and sell like crazy? Companies buy those slogans from creatives like you. You can actually get paid to write slogans and earn instant money each time it sells (over and over).

20. Wrap Your Car in Ads and Make Instant Money

There are a few legitimate car wrap advertising jobs that allow you to earn money for displaying ads on your car. You can display ads for your own business, local businesses, or online businesses and make money instantly each time a new customer places an order.

Wrapping your car in ads is an easy way to get paid to do nothing but drive around as you normally would.

Earning Instant Money Online Absolutely Free is Mind Over Matter

It’s not easy to make $5,000 fast, but it’s more than possible to make instant money online absolutely free. The more time you can spare getting your affairs in order, the better your chances of getting instant cash in hand.

If you want a more stable income online, and you’re willing to apply to different positions, then consider starting an immediate hire work from home job. The money you earn is not instant, but it’s possible to earn a stable income this way.

After you’ve built up some savings, consider investing it into starting your own small business from home. A business can be the best way to make instant money once you’ve established a client or customer base.

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