How to Get Paid to Do Weird Things Online and In Person

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Many people today earn money by doing tasks most of us might consider “weird.” Whatever your abilities may be, you can use them to provide you with an extra income stream.

The below list details many ways to turn a weird idea into money to support yourself and your family.

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14 Ways to Get Paid to Do Weird Things Both On- and Offline

All of the below methods can be completed right from the comfort of your own home, as long as you have reliable internet access.

1. Download Apps for Cash Bonuses

Get paid to download free apps to your phone. This is an easy way to add some extra cash to your wallet. Some apps will even pay you to simply sign up for an account.

Locate these free bonuses with apps like Cash App, InboxDollars, and Swagbucks.

The amount you can earn will vary (a $5 bonus, or a $15 signup incentive, for example), depending on which app you choose. Read the fine print to ensure you complete all required tasks needed before you earn your free money.

2. Post Ads for Companies

It is as simple as it sounds: post ads for companies online and get paid for it. Companies all over the world are looking for exposure and marketing in the online space, so take advantage of this need and post ads on your own blog, YouTube channel, or social media accounts.

Ads are a great way to drum up a passive income. Earn money for ad views and clicks, and the pertinent companies will provide you with a commission for the amount of traffic you generate for them.

Get paid to share links to brands that offer refer-a-friend bonuses, affiliate commissions, and more.

3. Print Coupons

Apps like Swagbucks and InboxDollars pay their members to complete tasks like printing coupons.

Collect points on Swagbucks or actual cash from InboxDollars for each coupon you print and use. Redeem your earnings for prizes like gift cards to retailers including Amazon, Target, and Home Depot, or cash in your bank account.

4. Sell Pictures of Your Feet Online

Images of feet are a hot commodity online, and you can earn money by taking photos of your own feet or someone else’s.

Protect your identity if you are selling your own feet pictures online, as some individuals obsess over this type of imagery.

Take this method to another level by posing for a pedicure business or modeling shoes for companies that will pay you for your feet pics. Charge per picture or create a package that includes a set number of images. Choose your own rates and start making the kind of money you want.

More Weird Ways to Make Money

Group of friends looking at a tablet

5. Start a Worm Farm

A list of weird ways to make money wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a worm farm. This is a low-maintenance way to earn a great income. You will simply need a dark, cool space like a basement or garage, and a dirt-filled container in which to store your worms as they multiply.

Sell your worms by the pound, or collect their excrement for farmers and gardeners.

6. Assemble Furniture

Start a furniture assembly business and help others who need help putting their home or office pieces together. Use sites like TaskRabbit or share your information on your various social media accounts. Other people would gladly pay someone else to complete this time-consuming task for them.

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7. Watch Commercials

Get paid to watch or stream commercials while you are completing other tasks. Sign up with free sites like Swagbucks or InboxDollars and have your device continuously play these ads.

Cash out your earnings via a PayPal deposit or a gift card to a major retailer. You will first need to meet the payout threshold, but any passive income will be worth it.

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8. Quit Smoking

Current smokers who want to kick the habit can actually get paid to quit smoking. There are a variety of resources that offer this incentive, including research studies, clinical trials, and even arrangements with employers and family members.

9. Become a Test Subject

Companies will be happy to pay you to participate in a variety of studies and product testing roles. Become a test subject for NASA and get paid to sleep, or try out new toys as a family and earn some extra money on the side.

Your role as a test subject will help influence future products, services, and advancements in technology. Get paid per study or submit a feedback form through sites like Opinion Outpost.

10. Watch Netflix

Existing Netflix fans can turn their love of using this binge-worthy platform into a lucrative side gig.

If you already enjoy movies and TV programs, start getting paid to watch your favorite Netflix shows and originals.

11. Drive Cars Across the Country

Add driving vehicles across the country to your list of how to get paid to do weird things. This could look like participating in ride-sharing, completing app-based deliveries, driving for Amazon, or even becoming a traveling babysitter or nanny.

Payments will vary, depending on the method you choose. Regardless of how you decide to go about this process, you can make a lot of money – especially if you get your CDL and drive trucks cross-country.

12. Eat Out

Get paid to eat out using apps like Rakuten that offer cashback opportunities. Simply add your debit or credit card to your Rakuten account and use it to pay for your meals when you eat out.

Start your own food blog and highlight all of the best dining spots in your town or city. Partner with those establishments to create paid sponsored posts, or allow ads on your blog so that you can earn money from the traffic that comes to your site.

13. Live in Someone Else’s House

Make money by living in someone else’s home as a house sitter. Homeowners need house sitters for a variety of reasons: vacations, business trips, and emergencies, to name a few.

Get paid per day that you stay and tend to a home. House sitters aren’t asked to do much other than make sure the home is safe, the mail is brought in, and the plants are watered.

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14. Become a Surrogate Mom

A very small percentage of babies are born each year in the United States through surrogacy. Some people may consider this a weird money-making method, but it is a legitimate way to earn some extra cash. Get paid to do weird things by becoming a surrogate mother.

Compensated surrogates are paid to carry out a full-term pregnancy and give birth to someone else’s baby. You would essentially become an incubator for human life and then hand the child to its biological parents after birth. Surrogates earn a decent salary on top of having all pregnancy-related medical expenses covered by the family.

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Doing Weird Things Can Be Lucrative

Use one or several of the methods listed above to increase your monthly income. You’re probably doing a lot of them already, so incorporate these ideas to start getting paid for them.

Enjoy doing some weird things while your bank account grows.

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