Get Paid to Teach Online (When the Classroom is Just Too Much)

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It seems like everything is evolving online, including teaching. There are various opportunities for teachers or aspiring people with knowledge to teach others on a large selection of topics. If there is a topic you know a lot about, then you can get paid to teach online.

There are traditional teaching jobs that you can now do from home in addition to other virtual opportunities. The key to being a successful teacherโ€“ no matter the subjectโ€“ is that you have to be passionate about what you are teaching. Without passion, you will lose your drive and the students along with it.

Learn how to get paid to teach from home with the ideas I have come up with in this list. From actual jobs that are hiring teachers to opportunities that you can create for yourself, there is no shortage of ways for you to make your mark teaching others.

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9 Real Ways to Get Paid to Teach From Home

First, start your search with companies that have sites to teach online and earn money. These sites are already established so they make it easier to get started with an online teaching career.

1. Teach English on VIPKid

VIPKid is a company connecting teachers in the US to children in China who want to learn English. It is a fun way to get paid to teach English online, and there is little stress because you donโ€™t have to create the lessons yourself. Simply follow the slides created by VIPKid for each lesson and teach your Chinese student in a one-on-one environment.

VIPKid pays per 25-minute lesson. As a teacher, you will receive a base rate per class and can earn other incentives to increase your paycheck amount. Have fun while you are teaching and get cute thank you gifts from your students as well.

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2. Tutor Students Online

There is a high demand for tutors online. There are several sites and topics others need help learning and they are willing to pay you to become a tutor. You can use sites like for general tutoring inquiries or sites like BrainFuse and TutorMe to help college students.

If those sites donโ€™t interest you, consider offering your virtual tutoring skills to younger students in and around your area. You can advertise your services online, use social media, and connect with other parenting groups. Set your own rates and establish the specialty that you will teach the students.

3. Apply to Community Colleges

Many community colleges have transitioned into an online platform, which means there are many jobs available to get paid to teach online.

Partnering with a community college means you will need to have some sort of qualification and experience. Make sure that you meet the criteria for the role before applying. The salaries for this kind of work are typically on the generous side plus benefits.

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Best Ways to Get Paid to Teach Online Courses

Woman getting paid to teach online

Get paid to teach online courses using the following ideas I have come up with. Keep an open mind and consider ways outside of a traditional classroom setting.

4. Create Online Courses

Create your own online course and get paid to teach online. You choose the subject and create the content. Sites like Udemy are booming with many courses people can take to learn a new skill or further develop the knowledge they have in a subject.

Set yourself up as the expert that knows what you’re talking about and why students would want to buy your online course. From baking to screenplay writing and business classes, there is no limit to what you can teach and sell.

5. Become an Online Coach

Use your expertise to actually coach others to learn about whatever topic you want to teach. This is more than just creating an online course. Becoming a coach entails holding your students accountable to actually do the work and implement the strategies.

Charge your clients for the time you spend coaching them through these life-changing events. Provide them an hourly rate or create a longer partnership to really increase your revenue.

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6. Start a YouTube Channel

Start your own YouTube channel that is geared toward teaching others. While YouTube is known for entertaining videos, it is also a great resource to create opportunities to get paid to teach online. Show your viewers in-depth videos about how to change a tire, create a website, or give birth without medication. Whatever the topic, you can make a visual for them to follow and learn something new.

YouTube allows users to incorporate ads into their videos. For every person who watches your video and sees the ad, you can get paid. If they actually click the ad, you will get additional pay.

7. Create a Tutorial-Style Blog

Get paid to teach online with a tutorial-style blog. No matter what subject your blog is about, you can make it more of a tutorial to teach others in-depth about the information you are sharing. Write the directions in long-form to make sure you donโ€™t miss a step so that your readers can fully comprehend the subject.

With a blog, you have the ability to generate a passive income by allowing ads on your site. Get paid for each ad view and ad click that occurs from your readers. You can also incorporate affiliate links for any products you might share in your tutorials. Anyone who purchases a product using your affiliate link means you earn a commission on that sale.

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Other Ways to Get Paid to Teach Online

Increase your income with other ways to teach online. Show your potential students what you have learned along the way in your field.

8. Create and Sell eBooks

eBooks are a great money maker. They are easy to consume for the buyer, which makes them convenient. They also donโ€™t typically cost too much to purchase, which makes them appealing to those on a budget. Take advantage of their potential and create your own eBooks on topics you have thorough knowledge about.

Sell the eBooks on your own website, on places like Amazon Kindle, or on social media. Make your eBooks interesting yet informative about topics that are popular so you can increase your sales.

9. Create Printables for Teachers

Teachers Pay Teachers is a website specifically for teachers to sell their own printable designs to other teachers. The best way to get paid to teach online is to share the worksheets with other teachers that work for your students. Let them learn from you how they can help their own students flourish.

Sell them for a rate you are comfortable with. The best part about printables is that you spend time making them initially and then they can make you money for months, even years to come with no additional work needed.

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Teaching is Rewarding in Many Ways

Teaching is a profession that will always be needed. No matter what the subject is, there will always be an audience that needs to learn about it. Essentially, you can never go wrong with learning how to get paid to teach online.

From actual teaching jobs to becoming a coach for others and even creating ebooks, there is no limit to how you can become a teacher. It is rewarding knowing you are helping others learn and expand their world through your teachings. It is also rewarding to get paid to do something you love.

Try any of the ways listed here to get paid to teach online and change your life one student, one eBook, or one printable at a time. 

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