9 Apps Like Venmo: Find the Right Alternative P2P App for You

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Transferring money or paying someone instantly has become an integrated part of modern society. Dwindling are the days of writing checks or having to stop at a bank for cash. Now, it is becoming more common to have payment apps like Venmo on your phone so that you can conveniently make those transfers or pay for other goods and services.

If you don’t already know about Venmo, it is a popular payment app used to transfer funds to and from others. It connects to your bank account so that you can have money in your account instantly (for a fee) or within one to three business days (for free).

Venmo makes managing your money easy and convenient. With the app on your phone, you can pay people instantly or accept money from others. Choose a personal or business account depending on your needs. You can also add a debit card to your account for immediate access to your funds.

The main issue others have is that Venmo is only available in the US. You will need to check out apps like Venmo that work internationally if your finances require transactions outside of the US. You may find giving one or more of these apps a try will help you determine the right fit for your lifestyle.

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9 P2P Payment Apps Like Venmo

If you are looking for the right peer-to-peer (P2P) payment app to make your life easier in the financial arena, then consider these Venmo alternatives. Find the app that works for your lifestyle by reviewing what each app does and how the pros and cons will impact your decision.

1. Cash App

Cash App is an all-in-one app that is great for managing every part of your finances. It is convenient and easy to use. Cash App gives users the opportunity to not only make transfers to and from other users, but to also receive direct deposits, invest money, and file taxes.

Cash App has become increasingly popular because it offers more money managing options than most other apps. It is leading the way to being the most sought-after money app because of its features.



  • Can’t transfer to other money apps
  • New accounts are limited during the first 30 days
  • Only available in the US and UK

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2. PayPal

PayPal is a consumer favorite. It is one of the top alternatives to Venmo because it has been around longer, making it a trusted app. PayPal allows users to have personal or business accounts. This platform makes transferring funds easy and convenient.


  • Pay at stores with PayPal
  • Apply for loans
  • Use of a debit card
  • Free to use
  • Available in over 200 countries worldwide


  • Business accounts collect a fee for transfers
  • Can be overly aggressive with freezing accounts
  • Can take several days (even weeks) to get help from the support center

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3. Zelle

You can use Zelle even if your bank doesn’t yet partner with it. This app makes it easy to send and receive money from others no matter where they bank. Some banks and credit unions integrate with Zelle to make connecting your account secure. If you don’t have this option, simply download the app to your phone and connect a debit card to still use it.


  • You don’t have to use a bank account
  • Transfer to anyone regardless of their bank
  • Free to use
  • Fast and convenient


  • Only available in the US
  • No debit card feature (yet)
  • Limited to just making transfers and receiving money

4. Apple Pay

Apple Pay is like a digital wallet for Apple device users. It stores credit and debit card information so that you can easily make online purchases or transfer money to other Apple users without having to dig through your wallet to look for the card. You can also make in-store and in-app purchases with Apple Pay.


  • Free to use
  • Fast and convenient to use
  • Stores payment information on all of your Apple devices
  • Safer to use than a physical card


  • Only available to Apple users
  • Only available in the US
  • Set up process can be time consuming and challenging, which takes away some of the convenience

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5. Google Pay

Google Pay is one of the top Venmo alternatives. It is a great app to use for making online payments, transferring money to others, making purchases in stores, and making purchases in other apps. It is also handy for keeping your train tickets, airplane passes, and other passes for you to use during travel.

Google Pay is available for Google users. It works with many financial institutions and keeps your credit card information secure.


  • Conveniently saves credit card information securely for contactless payment options
  • Stores travel passes for easy access
  • Available for all major credit card companies
  • Free to use


  • Debit card issuer has to be supported by Google Pay in order to use
  • Only available to use in the US and UK
  • Not accessible for Apple users

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6. Samsung Pay

Apps like Venmo include Samsung Pay. This app works specifically with selected Samsung devices. It acts as a digital wallet storing payment information for faster, more convenient ways to pay. It is accepted almost everywhere major credit and debit cards are accepted.


  • Free to use
  • Available in 29 countries worldwide
  • More secure than card payments


  • No ability to pay friends or family
  • Only available with select Samsung devices
  • No integration with other systems or payment options (i.e. PayPal)

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7. WorldRemit

WorldRemit is a stellar option in the running for apps like Venmo. It is an easy-to-use app available to download for free. It is a top option for anyone looking for apps like Venmo that work internationally. WorldRemit has a strong reputation in the money management apps world. Transfer money internationally to friends, family, or pay for services.


  • Available in over 130 countries and 70 currencies
  • No minimum transfer amount
  • Easy-to-use and easy-to-access customer service


  • Fees can range up to $3-$4 per transaction depending on the currency and amount of the transfer
  • Can’t be used to make in-store or online purchases
  • No debit card feature

8. Remitly

Remitly is a US-based money transfer service that is available to transfer to 135 countries. It takes away the hassle of having to go to a bank to make transfers by being able to do them now all from the comfort of your phone from wherever. Transfer fast and conveniently with Remitly.


  • International transfers available
  • Fast transfers
  • Variety of payment options available


  • Varying fees associated with transfers
  • No option to make in-store or online purchases
  • Lower sending limits compared to other apps

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9. Wise

Formerly known as TransferWise, this app allows users to send money to different countries and make purchases with a Wise debit card. It is a replacement for traditional banking because it allows you to transfer funds, receive money, and make purchases as you would a regular bank account. The app has been used by over eight million users, making it a trusted app by many when it comes to managing money.


  • Quick transfers
  • Free to download
  • Available to send money to over 80 countries
  • Multiple transfer options available (bank debit, credit or debit card transfer, wire transfer)


  • There is a fee to use the transfer service (fees vary based on the currency you are using)
  • Can take time to verify your account in the beginning
  • Some transfer limitations

Apps Like Venmo Make Life More Convenient

Convenience is often what consumers are looking for, especially in a world where life is continuously busy. With more options to pay people and purchase necessities, money management apps are bringing all of the conveniences people need. No more rushed trips to the bank or having to dig around for a lost checkbook.

When it comes to apps like Venmo, it’s important to consider what features you need for your lifestyle before choosing an app. Cash App is currently the app that has the most to offer in terms of transferring funds, saving, and other benefits.

Consider what you need in your financial life and how any of these apps can help you achieve that goal. Money management apps could be the key to your financial success.

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