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Using Ebates is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money online. I am writing this Ebates review because I’ve earned $103.53 total in only a few weeks and even have received my first verified PayPal payment.

From a quick online purchase at Walmart to a shopping spree for gifts at Christmas time, there are always ways to use Ebates to make money online while you shop.

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What is Ebates and How Ebates Works

Ebates is an affiliate marketer. Basically, like everyone else in the blogging and affiliate marketing world, Ebates affiliates with stores and refers customers to those stores via unique referral links.

The affiliate links are tracked every time an online shopper like you or I click one and makes a purchase (usually within 30 to 90 days).

Whenever a purchase is made through one of their links, Ebates earns a commission from the company that they are affiliated with.

Affiliate marketing is not complicated. It’s extremely common and it’s a legitimate, honest way to make money online.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Well, Ebates does all of the above mentioned, but they also do one other thing that makes them unique and popular among shoppers like you and me.

As an Ebates member, after Ebates takes that small piece of each online purchase that I make using their unique affiliate links, they give a portion of the sale right back to me in the form of cold hard cash!

Okay, it’s not cash, it’s a check or a PayPal drop, but you know what I mean.

Ebates Stores

I love shopping online. So it’s easy for me to hop onto Ebates to see what promotions they are running. Here are a few major stores that they give cash back just for shopping their link:

  • Walmart
  • Amazon
  • Best Buy
  • JCPenny
  • Kohl’s
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Old Navy
  • Priceline
  • Target

And that list is just scratching the surface. If you have to do a quick shopping trip online, you make some of your money back from the purchase.

It’s so easy and you don’t have to change your spending behavior to start building up the cash. Even the smallest cash back amounts add up in time.

Think of Ebates as an extra discount coupon only it comes back to you in the form of cash. It’s kind of cool to get a check in the mail or PayPal payment down the road that you never had to work for!

Ebates Review: How to Make Money with Ebates

Let’s dive right into how Ebates members can make extra cash from their everyday online purchase.

My most recent payout via PayPal was for $16.40 and I currently have an accrued balance of $87.13 that will be paid after the end of this quarter. In all, I have earned $103.53 in only a few weeks. I plan to continue to use Ebates to it’s fullest so that I’m not wasting extra savings or earnings!

This is $103.53 that I would have never had or even thought about before I used Ebates and it is 100% legitimate. I have actually received the first bit of money in my PayPal account!

Ebates review

There’s no doubt in my mind that Ebates will pay my next accrued amount of $87.13 (and climbing) as promised.

Ebates cash back

5 Ways to Make Money With Ebates

Signup for Ebates and try it

The first and simplest way to make money using Ebates is to signup and try it.

Just for signing up using my link, you will earn $10 after you make your first $25 purchase at a favorite store using one of Ebates’ referral links.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

It’s so easy to signup and buy $25 worth of necessary items at a favorite store like Walmart, for example.

Keep in mind that you still make the purchase through Walmart and not through Ebates. You simply click on an Ebates referral link to Walmart (or any other store for that matter) and it activates your cash back earning potential.

Open the Ebates app and follow your store’s link

For this simple way to earn money with Ebates, you literally need only to open the Ebates app, search for the store you need to make a purchase from, and follow the link to the store before shopping.

It’s really so simple! Remember we talked about affiliate marketing and unique tracking links? Well, this is one easy way to make sure that Ebates is tracking your purchase.

Once you make the purchase and Ebates is notified from the store that you shopped using their link (usually 24 to 48 hours), you will receive the cash back credit amount!

Install the Ebates Chrome extension

If shopping from your phone is not really your thing, then you can also open Ebates on your computer’s browser and search for the store you would like to shop at (same method as described above).

It won’t do you any good if you forget to go to Ebates before making your online purchase. In fact, Ebates is very strict about not giving credit to anyone who doesn’t use their link before shopping because in this case, they don’t get a commission for your purchase either.

The Ebates Chrome extension also searches and applies coupons to your purchases so that you don’t have to! That could add up to double or triple the savings!

Add Ebates to Chrome

So if you’re prone to forget and you love to save extra with coupon codes, install the Ebates Chrome extension. This extension is pretty amazing and has reminded me many times to use Ebates’ links before making a purchase!

Ebates Review of Chrome extension with example

As an example, let’s say that you are shopping for a car seat online.

You type “car seat” into Google to see your buying options.

Ebates will mark each result with their symbol and the cash back percentage that you would earn by using their link.

So if we follow through with the example, the first organic search result for “car seat” is from Walmart (surprise surprise!).

Because I’m using the Ebates Chrome extension, they are telling me that Walmart has car seat options and Ebates will give 10% cash back if the car seat is purchased through Ebates’ link!

It’s so easy to get cash back this way without even thinking about it.

Ebates Walmart

So my two cents is to sign up for Ebates, install the Chrome extension and shop as you normally would.

You will be surprised how many stores you already shop at could earn you cash back with Ebates!

Link your card and earn cash back on in-store purchase

Ebates is not just a cash back solution for online purchases. You can also opt to link your credit card to your favorite stores within Ebates and earn cash back rewards on your in-store purchases as well!

If you have a few favorite local stores, make sure to check to see if they are also on Ebates! It’s yet another way to earn cash back rewards from your favorite stores without even thinking about it.

Refer your friends

Possibly the fastest way to earn money with Ebates is to refer your friends and acquaintances to also give it a try.

For every person that clicks your link, creates an account and purchases $25 or more at their favorite store(s), you earn $25 in cash!

Referring friends to Ebates is easy. Simply tell them your experience and how easy it was to make your first $10 (signup here for that) and how you’ve earned cash back on everyday online purchases ever since signing up.

For every four friends that seize the opportunity, you put an extra $100 bucks into your pocket! Oh, and that’s on top of your $10 signup bonus and cash back earnings for purchases over the course of time.

Ebates is a legitimate way to make money online without working.

Ebates Review of the Benefits

Other than the obvious benefit that you can make money online or in store on your everyday purchases, there are a few other benefits that I think are important to know share in my Ebates review.

Low minimum payout

You might think that having a minimum payout of any kind is annoying, but $5 is one of the lowest thresholds I’ve come across.

Think about it, there is no reason to receive checks or PayPal payments of $.50, $1.00, $1.50, etc. every time you shop online or in store.

Instead, just set up your Ebates account and forget about it until you hit the $5 minimum threshold and you receive a check or PayPal payment (your preference)!

So yes, there is a minimum payout balance, but it’s a super low $5 minimum and that is easy to hit again and again.

Keep in mind that very first payout minimum is $15 because it includes the $10 signup bonus along with the first $5 in cash back earnings.

Stack cash back bonuses with coupons

As if cashback wasn’t an incentive in itself, I also love Ebates’ ability to search and apply active coupon codes for additional savings while you shop.

No more coupon clipping or sifting through expired online coupon codes. When using the Ebates chrome extension, you’re seriously saving the most money possible and earning cash back on top of it.

Endless earning and saving opportunities

With Ebates, the sky is the limit. Whether you are saving money on purchases because Ebates found an awesome coupon for you or you’re raking in cash on all of your online and in-store purchases, the earning opportunities truly are endless.

You can even refer an unlimited number of friends, family members, coworkers, and other online shoppers to earn $25 in cash for each one! When I say the sky is the limit to your earnings with Ebates, I mean it.

It’s incredibly easy to use

I don’t think that it gets any easier to earn extra money online that with Ebates. You literally click a link and do what you would already be doing… SHOPPING!

You’re basically giving money away if you’re ignoring this cash back opportunity. You may only earn a few dollars this week, but multiply that by 52 weeks, 104 weeks and more! You would be throwing out cash to not take advantage of Ebates.

Ebates Review of The Cons

Every business model has cons, but if you know much about affiliate marketing, Ebates’ method of giving part of their commission back to their members is genius.

You typically cannot refer yourself to a business using your own affiliate link, so using Ebates to earn your commission back is the next best way to shop online.

There are a few things however that I do not love about Ebates and I feel are important to share in my Ebates review.

Ebates is addicting

Okay, so this first not-so-great thing about Ebates is not their fault (or is it?).

When you see how much cash back you can earn from your everyday purchases, it’s tempting to justify pleasure purchases because you’re earning cash back.

If you’re staying within your budget, that’s just fine! But if you’re stepping outside of your budget, then the cash back earned is not making up for the purchase of a random item that you may never even use or need.

Simply put, make sure you use Ebates to your advantage and don’t let it use you to its advantage.

Ebates Chrome extension reminds you of everything

The Ebates Chrome extension is amazing and worth the initial annoyance of getting used to, but there is a bit of something to get used to in my opinion.

The Ebates Chrome extension will put their mark on every Google search if you have it installed. It’s not a big deal because it will help you make money online when you are making a purchase.

But unfortunately, Ebates can’t read your mind and doesn’t know when you’re just searching Google for answers and not purchases.

It’s seriously not the worst thing in an app though and if you don’t like it then you can always uninstall the app from Chrome and learn to hop on Ebates directly before shopping online.

Even Ebates doesn’t have everything

It’s true. Some of our favorite stores are just not on Ebates. Whether they can’t afford it or do not want that type of exposure, who knows?

But there will be times that you just won’t be able to locate a store that you love to shop online. If this is the case, you can always try price shopping for substitutes and stores that do have the product or brand that you need.

Also, Ebates’ in-store shopping options are even more limited than their online options. It seems as though that section of Ebates is in a developmental stage and could include many more businesses in the long run. It’s hard to say.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

Ebates FAQ

It seems that I could literally go on and on for days in my Ebates review! To wrap things up, here are just a few of the frequently asked questions about how Ebates works and more.

Is Ebates for Amazon?

Yes, yes, yes! If you’re already a loyal shopper on Amazon, you don’t have to change your ways! Ebates for Amazon works the exact same way you shop on Amazon already. Simply signup for your Ebates account, follow any link on Ebates to Amazon and then shop away as normal!

It’s important that you either checkout within 24 hours of clicking Ebates’ link to Amazon or you play it safe and click on another link from Ebates to Amazon right before you checkout on Amazon.

Amazon saves tracking links (cookies) for only 24 hours before eliminating all chances of receiving a commission, so don’t lose out and forget about this little detail when using Ebates for Amazon!

Is Ebates for Walmart?

Absolutely. The best thing about Ebates, in my opinion, is that they cover all of the big stores. And some big stores have surprisingly high cashback opportunities! The Ebates Walmart affiliation is fantastic when you’re looking for a deal on every day low prices.

Are all Ebates reviews positive?

In my search for information on Ebates I’ve only found positive Ebates reviews. In some cases that sends up a red flag, but with Ebates, there really is nothing to lose. The positive Ebates reviews are real!

How does Ebates make money?

So let’s be honest. You’re not the only one making cash back on your purchases. You better believe that Ebates is also raking in some pennies for each sale members place using one of their referral links.

Ebates has rebated more than $1 billion dollars to more than 10 million members since 1990. That’s a lot of rebates, and also a lot of opportunities for Ebates to earn their cut as well!

Is Ebates safe?

Heck yes. In light of the answer above, the sheer volume of members, money rebated and the number of years in business are good indications of the safety of using Ebates.

Remember, as a member, you are not shopping at Ebates, you are simply clicking their referral links and giving them a commission when you shop online. They in turn rebate part of that commission back to you!

Does the Ebates app work the same as the website?

Yes, the Ebates app is just like visiting the browser on your computer (only mobile friendly). I personally like to shop from my laptop because I feel like I can navigate quicker and “see more” when I’m shopping. But the Ebates app is great when you’re on the go or prefer to shop right from your smartphone.

How do I reach Ebates customer service if I have a question?

It is easy to reach Ebates customer service if you have questions or you’re missing orders and would like them to investigate. You can call them at 1 (415) 908-2200.

An Honest Ebates Review

Just because I don’t have a lot of negative things to say in my Ebates review, doesn’t mean that I’m not being honest. Ebates is one of the most reputable cashback sites on the web and they’ve been in business since 1999.

I do not promote things on my blog that I do not believe in or have supporting knowledge of. Because I have proven above that I earned cash back and received the payment in my PayPal account, I feel comfortable saying that Ebates is a great way to make money online.

Add your Ebates review to the comments! I would love to hear your progress and if you’ve made some easy money using Ebates yet. If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?! Use my link and get your first easy $10! That in itself is a good enough incentive to try it out.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back

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Hi Trinity! I have been a faithful Ebater since 2009 and love it! Reading this article you posted, I realized I have been shortchanging myself, not knowing I could link my cards for in-store Ebates, as well as online purchases! Thank you! You have saved me even more $$$! -T-