15 Ways to Get Paid to Hunt Deer, Turkey, Pests, and More

Hunting cabin in the woods

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Learn exactly how to monetize your passion for hunting in this comprehensive guide. The serenity of nature offers more than just sustenance and appreciation of our surroundings.

For those who hunt, there are multifaceted benefits beyond providing food for the family. This includes numerous opportunities to earn income from your hunting activities. Tailor-made for your lifestyle, this guide will reveal over a dozen ways to get paid for hunting.

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15 Best Ways to Get Paid to Hunt

1. Download the Big Buck Hunter App

Big Buck Hunter app displayed on smartphone

Whether or not you can make it outside to go hunt, you can get paid to hunt from your phone. Play the Big Buck Hunter game on your phone and make money without having to actually leave your home. Or if you still prefer to go outside to hunt, you can take the game with you and play while waiting in the hunting stand.

Big Buck Hunter is available for Android (through the Galaxy Store) and iOS users. It is like the classic arcade game, but with a little twist. Use your sharpshooting skills to compete against other players. Challenge your opponent to a hunting game with you. The best way to get the most points is to shoot far and accurately.

Big Buck Hunter is a mobile game powered by Skillz. When you win against other players, you can win real-world prizes. There are some states where prize tournaments are not allowed so be sure to check your state’s status with the game first.

Enter the Skillz promo code ARA503TN4J and get a 50% bonus cash match with your first $100 deposit.

Please Note! Cash tournaments are available in most of the world. Cash tournaments are not enabled in the following states: AR, CT, DE, IN, LA, ME and SD. If you don’t live in a prize-enabled region, you can still play for free.

2. Become an Outdoor/Hunting Photographer

Take your photography skills with you on your hunting trips. Whether you are the one hunting or just tagging along, you can get paid to take pictures during the activities.

Snag some pictures of the hunters and get paid to hike through the woods. You can also grab some pictures of the beautiful fall foliage or snow-covered landscapes. Additionally, you can take shots of the animals you see.

As a photographer, you can sell those pictures from your own website to those who are interested in your style. You can also sell your photos to other online platforms. Also, consider selling your photos to businesses in your area that would be proud to display an artist from the neighborhood.

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3. Hunt Pests

This is probably not something that was on your mind, but you can get paid to hunt pests. Get an outdoor job in the pest control industry and suit up to hunt pests. Some pest control companies will pay more for individuals willing to get down and dirty with larger pests, such as raccoons, opossums, snakes, and other creatures that like to hide around people’s homes and properties.

Be the hero for homeowners when you come to make their homes free from pests. Hunt pests, trap them, and make sure they never come back to that home.

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4. Get a Job as a Hunting Guide

Think of all the nature parks and hunting areas in your vicinity. Many hunters need guides to help them. This could be to teach them gun and hunting safety or to show them the best hunting spots. 

As a guide, you would be an employee of the park or business that hired you. You would get paid to live in the wilderness while you hunt with those you are guiding. 

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5. Start Your Own Hunting School Business

If you already have hunting experience and knowledge about doing it safely, then consider opening your own business to teach hunting to others. It is a dangerous activity that requires education to engage in properly. Your hunting school could be the exact resource new hunters need to start a new hobby.

Charge per session or consider having package deals that new hunters can come to you for a specified amount of lessons. You are the expert and students will pay for your expertise.

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6. Become a Hunting Filmmaker

Filmmakers make movies, shows, commercials, and any other productions they can dream of. Consider using your filmmaking skills to record hunting productions. Whether that be for hunting commercials or the next hit about a movie that takes place in the woods, you can make money hunting through film.

Connect with businesses that could use your material and sell them your film. Sign up on a project with a production company to be its filmmaker for hunting movies. There are several ways you can go about getting paid as a filmmaker with hunting movies.

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Best Ways to Get Paid to Hunt Online

Keep an open mind and consider how you can get paid to hunt online. The online space is booming with resources; don’t miss your chance to join in on the hype.

7. Start Your Own Hunting Niche Site

Create a website as a resource for hunters to go to for hunting tips. This niche site can be dedicated to all things hunting like the best gear, tips for hunting safety, how to spot the perfect area to hunt, and much more. Keep content flowing consistently to continue bringing readers back to your page.

With niche sites, you can incorporate affiliate links to products you refer to your readers. For each time someone makes a purchase using your link, you earn a commission. You can also display ads on your posts to generate a more passive income. Ad views and clicks won’t make you rich right away, but they will get some money in your pocket.

8. Create a Hunting YouTube Channel

Create a YouTube channel that is dedicated to all things hunting. Show your viewers what kind of hunting materials they should have to get the most out of their experience. Introduce them to weapon safety, take them live with you on hunting trips, and answer questions any of them post on your channel.

On YouTube, you can get paid by allowing ads to be displayed on your videos. Each viewer who watches your content is considered an ad view, which is something you can get paid for. Additionally, you can get paid even more when viewers click on those ads.

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9. Become a Hunting Social Media Influencer

Use social media to your advantage and start promoting hunting products, accessories, and materials as a social media influencer. Grow your following and dedicate your social platforms to all things hunting related. Become the expert in the hunting space so that your viewers will trust, know, and like you. This will allow them to trust you enough to buy the products you promote, which will then earn you a commission.

Each time someone uses your special discount code or purchases through a link you share, you make money for promoting that company. Social media is one of the best marketing tools nowadays. Use it to your advantage.

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Best Ways to Get Paid While Hunting

Hunting cabin in the woods

10. Join Opinion Outpost

Opinion Outpost is a member rewards site that allows people to make money in their spare time doing things like taking surveys. While you’re hunkered down waiting for Bullwinkle, consider taking surveys to pass the time and make money.

You can sign up for a free account with Opinion Outpost and start taking surveys right away. Opinion Outpost rewards you with points for each survey you complete. Turn those points into money by cashing out through a PayPal deposit or a gift card to Visa or Amazon.

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11. Proofread in Your Tree Stand

Take some work along with you while you are out hunting. After you’re settled in your tree stand, take out your phone and proofread for clients while you wait. You don’t need internet access to proofread on your phone.

Create a draft in a note-taking app then copy and paste your client’s work before you head out to hunt. You can also choose to print out the material beforehand so that you have a physical copy with you that you can make notes on.

If you haven’t yet begun your proofreading career, consider joining Caitlin Pyle’s free webinar as a starting point to get insight into how you can become a proofreader. Make money hunting while proofreading for clients.

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Other Ways Hunters Can Make Money

You don’t have to physically hunt to make money as a hunter. Consider these other four ways that hunters pad their income.

12. Flip Hunting Gear

As with nearly every product, material, or item out there, you can surely find something for hunting that is gently used and then flip it for even more than you purchased it for. Whether that be boots, camo, knives, or weapons, there are other hunters out there who would be willing to purchase gear from you.

This could be as simple as going through your own gear to sell items you no longer use. Maybe you could find items at a flea market and sell them for a higher price. Don’t throw things away; clean them up and resell them for extra money.

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13. Upkeep Hunting Land for Others

Some landowners head away for a season or a vacation. Take the opportunity to upkeep their hunting land for them in their absence. Additionally, you might be able to make this a full-time gig if the landowner would prefer to hire out this task and leave it to you to upkeep year round.

Charge by the hour or request a monthly salary for your service. This job could entail ensuring the property lines are visible, proper signage posted, and recognizing if maintenance is needed for fallen trees. There is quite a bit that goes into managing a property.

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14. Flip Hunting Land

Buy land in your area and then flip it for a higher price later on. Some land might need help with maintenance, flooded areas, or just overall cleanup of debris. Do the work, put in the time for land to appreciate in value, and then sell it off to other hunters. You could be responsible for creating one of the most beautiful hunting grounds in the area.

15. Rent Out Your Land to Other Hunters

Instead of selling your land, you could also rent it out to other hunters for them to use when they want to hunt. Charge a daily fee or a season pass for them to use the property. You can also rent out the land on a monthly basis for hunters to use as their own place to go hunting whenever they choose.

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Deer Hunting Jobs Aren’t the Only Way to Get Paid to Hunt

From hunting pests to creating a blog and even flipping gear, there are more ways hunters can get paid these days that go beyond deer hunting jobs. The key is to find which of the ways works for you. You don’t have to choose just one way to get paid to hunt; choose several from this list to really maximize your earnings.

Hunting is something people have been doing for a living for thousands of years. There are many resources now that make hunting more profitable and sustainable for life. It’s all about finding your way in the hunting world to make money in nature.

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