Co-Founder and Editor

Jared Owen

I proofread and optimize personal finance content for accuracy to ensure that millions of readers are equipped with the knowledge they need for financial literacy.

Jared Owen

about Jared

Investigative Journalist

I ensure clarity of content based solely on facts. I make sure to thoroughly research the legitimacy of information using multiple sources so the reader can trust the soundness of my work.

Empathetic Editor

I put myself in the position of the reader by immersing myself in articles crafted to help meet specific needs. I am sensitive to the daily struggles of my readers and can relate to many of their persistent concerns.

Gaming Guru

I keep up with virtual trends relating to handheld, PC, and console gaming and ensure all published articles are relevant and trustworthy.

Jared Owen, co-founder of The Pay at Home Parent, is a personal finance content editor and expert proofreader. He optimizes written content so that it flows well and can be easily digested by a wide variety of readers. He has mastered grammar, spelling, and clarity, which he applies to topics in real-money gaming and financial literacy.

After earning a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Bob Jones University, Jared became interested in investigative journalism. He uses that drive to ensure published content is truth-based and free from manipulative sales tactics. His work is always straightforward, with no subliminal messages integrated.

Jared has years of experience working from home as a content editor on numerous topics in the field of personal finance. The content he oversees is thorough and published only after the documents have been rigorously scoured. His personal life experiences and relationships with money have translated into a solid foundation in financial literacy.

Early on in their marriage, Jared and his wife Trinity determined that they did not want to live a paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle. As a result, they paid off over $30,000 in debt in just one year. It took a strict budget, frugal living, and a solid debt-payoff plan to achieve such a feat.

When he is not working, Jared can be found indulging in online gaming, playing disc golf, deer hunting, and passionately watching his local sports teams lose heartbreaking matches.

Jared’s Contributions to The Pay at Home Parent

He is constantly honing and evolving his editing prowess. He keeps himself updated on gaming trends as well as a variety of financial literacy topics to provide the reader with an unparalleled learning experience.

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other Featured Work

Jared is the gaming expert at The Pay at Home Parent. His investigations into scams, proofreading, and editing skills ensure content is up-to-date, accurate, and helpful for fellow parents who wish to make money through gaming.

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