• Fun Saturday Night Dinner Ideas

    It’s finally here. The weekend. The hustle and bustle of everyday life takes a temporary hiatus as you and your family enjoy some rest. These fun Saturday night dinner ideas will bring even the toughest weeks to an enjoyable end! For once, your calendar has nothing on it. Typical Saturday night plans include a movie, dinner out and of course a coffee or dessert. But for the average family of four, those nights on the

  • how to save money for kids

    Wondering what is the best way to save money for kids? I’ve got you covered. Though we didn’t plan ahead and specifically save money for our son before he was born, we were in a great place to start saving for children as soon as he made his debut in 2015. I’m sharing my top 5 ways to save money so that you can implement them before, during or after pregnancy until you’ve reached a comfortable balance

  • save money on groceries

    Whether you’re shopping for an army (aka large family) or just for yourself, there are many ways to save money on groceries. We’ll talk about how to save money on groceries with and without coupons, shop in bulk for large families, and use your phone to seek out the best deals while on the go. First, you may wonder how I would know anything about grocery shopping hacks that you might now know. Well, growing

  • How to save money as a kid

    Let’s talk about how to save money as a kid (and how to teach kids to save money as a parent). I am going to give you some actionable tips to help kids save money (with or without a job). I’ve been there. My teenage years are behind me, but that doesn’t mean I don’t remember them well! So how can you save money as a kid? Or if you’re the parent, how can you

  • How to Save Money for a House

    I am going to tell you exactly how to save money for a house. You may be wondering how I could possibly know how to save money for a down payment on a house? Fair enough. My husband (then fiance) and I saved up $30,000 quickly in less than one year to pay off debt and pay $7,000 toward a house down payment. Without going into too much detail (because this about you, not about me), I

  • How to save money each month

    Learning how to save money each month is key to living a frugal yet comfortable family life. Could we really be spending more than $350 per month extra unnecessarily? Let’s find out! If you want to know how to save money each month, then we need to agree that there are two undeniable realities in life: death and bills (okay yes, and taxes). I get it, you’ve read budgeting blogs and tried everything to cut