Top 10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Each Person on Your List

Shopping for everyone on my Christmas list is surprisingly more difficult than I thought it would be. I want to purchase practical gifts, yet I want them to be excited about their gift. This can really make me think twice before making the final purchase.

As a mom, I’ve learned quickly what kids need and what products will be durable. There’s nothing worse than a toy breaking as soon as it’s taken out of the box or if my kid loses interest with it after two days.

As a friend, wife, and sister, I have also learned what to get those people who say they don’t want anything for Christmas. These people can often be the most difficult to buy for each year. So, I’ve put together a guide of practical gift ideas.

Through my years of purchasing gifts for others, I’ve learned what the top 10 practical Christmas gifts are and how much everyone on my list enjoys them.

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Top 10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Everyone

These gifts are the gifts that keep on giving. No matter who needs a gift, you can find a gift here for almost anyone.

1. Smartphone UV Cleaner

The Smartphone Cleaner has two UV-C bulbs that sanitize an entire smartphone, killing 99.9% of germs and bacteria. It is known as a bacteria-zapping case that helps kill germs and keeps illnesses at bay.

Smartphone UV Cleaner

2. Travel Mugs

For the person on the go, a travel mug is one of the most useful gifts. Choose a travel mug that fits anyone’s personality.

Travel Mugs

3. Stick On Gadget Finders

It is such a time waster when we have to stop and look for our gadgets during the hustle and bustle of the day. Help others stop wasting time and give them the gift of a gadget finder.

Stick On Gadget Finders

4. Shower Speaker

I can think of quite a few people on my list who would love some good tunes while in the shower. A waterproof shower speaker that pairs through Bluetooth to play favorite tunes is a perfect gift.

Shower Speaker

5. Coffee Cup with Lid

A coffee cup with a lid is perfect for those times when we can’t finish our coffee right away or need to leave the house unexpectedly.

Coffee Cup with Lid

6. Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

Reduce the need for having to stare at a small screen with a cell phone screen magnifier. Magnify Android or iPhone screens three to four times their normal size.

Cell Phone Screen Magnifier

7. Gooseneck Phone Holder

The gooseneck phone holder can mount to a headboard for a hands free experience when watching movies in bed, using FaceTime with family and friends, or taking selfies.

Gooseneck Phone Holder

8. Portable Charger and Flashlight

Perfect for the outdoor experiences, a portable charger that is a solar power bank used to charge Apple or Samsung phones is a great gift. It can also be used as a flashlight.

Portable Charger and Flashlight

9. Tactical LED Pen

A pen that does more than write, a tactical LED pen has special skills including transforming into a bottle opener, window breaker, flashlight, and an all-around self defense tool.

Tactical LED Pen

10. Gift Cards or Cash

When all else fails, the gift of cash or gift cards is among the top 10 practical Christmas gifts. Let the special people on your list buy what they need and everyone is happy.

Gift Cards

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Top 10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Him

For the men on the Christmas list, it’s easy to get carried away with the latest trending gadgets. Consider getting gifts that are practical and that he can use for years to come.

11. A New Grill

Quite a few men pride themselves in their grilling abilities and the tasty stuff they can create with it. Give the gift of a new grill for any man in your life.


12. Tool Set

You can never go wrong with a new tool set for men. There always seems to be room for more tools in their arsenal.

Tool Set

13. A Flashlight

Flashlights of any kind are a great gift for the house, car, garage, or taking on manly adventures outdoors.


14. Bluetooth Beanie

Beanies have leveled up to offer Bluetooth so that you can keep your ears warm and filled with tunes during walks, runs, or just because.


15. Universal Socket

Save time from searching all over for the right wrench size with a universal socket. This tool is adaptable for power drills as well.

Universal Socket

16. Sweater

Keep the men in your life warm with practical sweaters they can use for work, leisure, or doing outdoor adventures.


17. Wallet

Not just any wallet, but a wallet that is RFID protected and made of carbon fiber is among the top practical gifts. RFID blocking means thieves can’t scan his pockets and retrieve credit card information.


18. Wireless Charging Station

Keep track of all the necessities with a wireless charging station that can be used for smartphones, earpods, and an iWatch.

Wireless Charging Station

19. BBQ Rubs

Men love to try out new rubs, spices, and flavors for their grilling pleasures. Gift a BBQ rub set with unique flavors that will enhance any grilling experience.

BBQ Rubs

20. Self-Care Kit

Men need self-care, too. Treat them to a self-care kit that includes grooming necessities, cologne, deodorant, and beard oils.

Self-care Kit

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Top 10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Her

Gifts that are practical are a double prize for women; especially for busy working moms. Make her life easier and exciting with some awesome Christmas gifts for her.

21. An iRobot Roomba

Keep a home clean and less for her to have to do with an iRobot Roomba. Connect with WiFi and the Roomba works in the home cleaning pet hair, carpets, hard floors, and it also self charges.

iRobot Roomba

22. A Gardening Tool Set

Find the perfect gardening tool set for the women in your life who have green thumbs and love spending time outdoors.

Gardening Tool Set

23. Throw Blankets

You can never go wrong with a good throw blanket. Keep warm or make a home extra cozy with throw blankets.

Throw Blankets

24. Personalized Triple Slot Charging Dock

Keep track of all the electronics she uses with a watch and triple slot charging dock. Personalize it with a name or monogram for an added touch.

Personalized Triple Slot Charging Dock

25. Bath Caddy

No one needs a soak in the tub more than a mom. A bath caddy is perfect for holding the wine glass, phone, or book all while enjoying some self-care time.

Bath Caddy

26. Precision Cooker

Never under or over cook food again with a precision cooker. Save time with this cooker that will let her know when the food is ready and safe to eat.

Precision Cooker

27. Rub-A-Way Bar

Remove any odor from the hands, especially after working with onions, fish, and garlic. Use a Rub-A-Way Bar with or without water and throw it in the dishwasher for a safe cleaning.

Rub-A-Way Bar

28. Robot Floor Mop

Give her a hardwood floor expert that can mop the floors for her with structured navigation so that it cleans evenly and effectively.

Robot Floor Mop

29. Blender and Mixer

Save time, energy, and create healthier habits with a high speed blender and mixer designed to blend the toughest whole foods.

Blender and Mixer

30. Auto Replenishing Scale

The smart shelf scale senses the weight of everyday items in the home and places a reorder or notifies her when items are running low. Always stay stoked up on items.

Auto Replenishing Scale

Top 10 Practical Christmas Gifts for Kids

Having more than one kid, I know the importance of not just getting more toys for my kids for Christmas. I’ve discovered how to keep moms’ sanity as well as give kids the magic of Christmas with these practical gift ideas.

31. Clothing

Clothing is always in the top useful gifts category because kids are constantly growing out of their clothes.


32. Books

A gift that is timeless is the gift of literature. Books help kids keep their mind busy, builds imagination, and helps them in the real world where reading is everywhere.


33. Their First Phone

Depending on the child’s age, a first phone can be a exciting and useful gift for kids. A phone will teach them the importance of responsibility and to respect boundaries.


34. Journal

Every kid can enjoy a journal whether it be to keep a diary, log their daily inspiration, doodle, or simply practice their writing skills.

Get Your Journal Together - Journal Cover

35. Gloves

Keep little hands warm in the winter with gloves. Find their favorite styles for the gloves to help keep better track of them.


36. Clock

Alarm clocks or wall clocks are a great addition to a kid’s room for added decor as well as to teach kids how to stay on track and on time.


37. Mindfulness Therapy Game

Use the Mindful Therapy Game to engage the inquisitive minds of kids with a variety of fun activities designed to help kids feel grounded, find calm, improve focus, and relax.

Mindfulness Therapy Game

38. Mobile Photo Mini Printer

Memories made real in an instant with a mini photo printer. Kids can print their favorite pictures to hang on their walls, decorate their binders, or keep with them for reminders of all the people in their lives that care for them.

Mobile Photo Mini Printer

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39. Responsibility Chart

Decorate a kid’s room with fun responsibility charts to help them keep track of their daily and weekly chores.

Responsibility Chart

40. A Watch

Help kids learn the importance of being responsible with their time or simply knowing when it is time to come home for dinner with a fun and practical gift.


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Christmas Gifts Can Be Both Useful and Desirable

Every year for Christmas, I strive to make purposeful purchases for my family and friends when getting them gifts. I have learned that gifts can be both useful, desirable, and exciting. As a mom, I can appreciate when others have the same thoughts in mind when giving my family any presents.

From home management to self care to educational products, a family’s Christmas can be filled with gifts that are practical. Useful gifts are the only kind of gifts on our Christmas list this year.

Thankfully, these gifts are not hard to find. Many of them don’t come with an expiration date either, meaning these gifts can be used for years to come.

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