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    • Summer Jobs

      Looking for summer job ideas to supplement or potentially replace your income during prime vacation season? Whether you’re a mom, teacher, or college student looking for seasonal summer jobs hiring now, this list is for you. Ah, summer. The season of the year when things seem to slow down just a bit. The kids are out of school and the warmer weather presents the ideal canvas for memories to be made and good times enjoyed.

    • How to Become a Virtual Assistant

      Starting a virtual assistant business just might be your answer to successfully working from home. With each passing day, the world becomes more digital. Innovations in technology have streamlined business and communication, flipping the traditional business model on its head. Think about it. From the palm of your hand, you can do virtually anything. Whether it is ordering food, chatting with clients or friends or even booking appointments or hotels, gone are the days when

    • Work From Home Jobs

      It’s about time someone combined all work from home jobs into one ultimate guide. This is where you’ll find the best work from home jobs no matter your life circumstances. Whether you’re a mom looking for part time data entry work, or a college student trying to make money while studying full time, you will find a job on this list worth applying for. You can also take a look at these lists of more than

    • need money now

      “God, I Need Money Now” “God, my baby is due any day now and our bills just keep coming! Please show me a way to stay home and raise my own son. I will do almost anything to make this work.” Is it just me, or does it tire you too that everything revolves around money? I’m not proud of it, but in the past, I vividly remember praying (more like begging) God for more money. Its thoughts

    • Ebates Review

      Using Ebates is one of the easiest ways to make some extra money online. I am writing this Ebates review because I’ve earned $103.53 total in only a few weeks and even have received my first verified PayPal payment. From a quick online purchase at Walmart to a shopping spree for gifts at Christmas time, there are always ways to use Ebates to make money online while you shop. What is Ebates and How Ebates

    • How to create a business website

      Whether you’re starting a new business or bringing an existing business to the online world, this tutorial will teach you how to create a business website. With free templates, affordable hosting solutions and small business website examples to follow, there are no surprises when it comes to creating a business website. Even the small local business can benefit from building a business website to promote to local and surrounding customers. Using local SEO techniques, small