Free 38-Item SEO Checklist

Do you want to increase organic traffic to your blog but you’re unsure how?

I hear this dilemma all the time. And the strange thing about it is that SEO is not hard!

As long as you apply the right techniques when you publish a new blog post, you can see results.

The more effort you put into your SEO strategy, the better results you’ll see!

Grab my FREE SEO checklist to help kickstart your strategy. It’s got 38 items you can fly through as you SEO each new article you publish.

I hope it helps you as much as it has helped me over the years while working for happy SEO clients!

If you’re wondering who I am and why I’m giving you all of this SEO help for free, allow me to explain.

My name is Trinity, and I’ve been working as a freelance SEO for more than five years now. As I neared my due date with my son in 2015, I frantically searched for ways to supplement my husband’s income so that I could stay home for a couple of years.

Freelance work started out slow, but my very first client taught me the basics of SEO, and I loved it. I spent the next few years researching SEO strategies and applying them, while helping many more clients grow their organic traffic.

Fast-forward to today. I earned more than $60,000 from SEO-related work in 2019 alone. Since I only work part time (that’s how I’m able to take care of my kids without childcare), I can’t help as many bloggers with SEO as I’d like. I’ve nearly maximized my availability, but I still get additional work requests.

I hate to say no to anyone because I know it’s not easy to find an SEO that can do the job well. So instead of taking on more clients than I can handle, I wrote a book called Get Your Keywords Together: How to do Keyword Research With Only Free Tools.

My ebook accomplishes two things: It allows me to help many more content creators than I could by providing my personal services, and it saves bloggers money on expensive keyword research tools.

SEO software like Ahrefs and Semrush can cost upward of $99 per month; meanwhile, my ebook is barely half the cost of a single month of using one of those. Not to mention that my ebook teaches the concepts of keyword research and doesn’t rely on anything more than your critical thinking skills and a few free tools to make searching for new keywords faster and easier.

If you’re interested, you can learn more about my ebook Get Your Keywords Together here! Nothing is more satisfying than seeing the light bulb go on when a beginner or intermediate level blogger learns how to do SEO the right way.