Zoey Review: The B2B and B2C Platform for Growing eCommerce Websites

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During my web design days, I built some eCommerce websites on Zoey, the drag and drop platform that has become so much more than that since its debut in 2014.

I want to share my experience on the platform as a website designer, along with some valuable information on the company itself. This includes what Zoey is, how it’s different from other eCommerce platforms, and who/what type of business should consider a Zoey store online.

The best way to find out if Zoey is right for your business is to request a walkthrough and live demo of the platform. One thing I quickly learned when working with clients using Zoey was that the company cares about the success of each business that uses its platform.

If your eCommerce store is leaning into the B2B (business to business) space, outgrowing Shopify, or needing a flexible solution with tons of apps and integrations, then check out Zoey. The platform supports both B2B and B2C (business to consumer) eCommerce stores but heavily caters to B2B clients, making it the best eCommerce platform for wholesale.

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Zoey eCommerce Review: Platform Features

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I have both designed new storefronts on Zoey and helped manage client websites from the backend. There are far more features available than the ones I used on a day-to-day basis, but here are some of the areas I am most familiar with and what you can expect.

Designing a New Store

Every store migrating to Zoey needs to start with a fresh website design. Zoey’s drag and drop tools make this simple. If you’re not ready to hire a web developer to code your website from scratch, it’s easy to start with Zoey’s premade templates and design tools. From there, you can add and move elements around to your liking.

Creating New Categories

Whether you’re migrating a large store with hundreds of product categories or just need to add a new category here and there, you can do this one of two ways: via spreadsheet upload or manually. During a migration, uploading categories is a breeze. You can create page names, descriptions, URLs, and more at one time.

Uploading Products

Zoey makes the migration process easy by providing the ability to customize and upload products using spreadsheets. There are plenty of existing fields ready to use when uploading products like product name, SKU (stock keeping unit), URL, meta information, visible product description, and more. If you need to add custom fields, you can do that, too. This makes both the migration process and adding new products simple and scalable. You can also associate every product with one (or more) of your categories using a spreadsheet.

Zoey eCommerce stores sell all kinds of products with virtually no limitation. Zoey offers fantastic search functionality, variable image capabilities (color, size, type, etc.), and the ability to up- and cross-sell related products.

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Blogging Capabilities

Creating fresh content is important for any online business. You can keep your customers up-to-date with the best ways to use your products using Zoey’s blogging feature. It’s easy to create categories, write blog posts, and interlink to your specific products in this area.

Quoting Abilities

Many B2B eCommerce companies have variable pricing based on each purchase. Zoey makes the process simple by allowing customers to add items to a list and then request a quote from your company. You can use Zoey’s quoting functionality to accurately quote prices based on your customers’ needs.

Interview with Joshua O’Connell, VP of Marketing at Zoey

Zoey home page
Source: Zoey.com

In my three+ years of experience working with eCommerce clients on Zoey, I’ve hardly scratched the surface of what the platform is capable of. This interview with Josh O’Connell, Zoey’s VP of Marketing, should help you determine if Zoey is the right platform for your eCommerce business needs.

1. What is Zoey?

Zoey is an order capture and management system which includes the ability to take orders wherever you are, whether in the office or on the go. We offer self-service ordering tools, including eCommerce capabilities, but we also offer tools for customer service, salespeople, marketing, etc. We know many businesses rely on a team to run their operations, including their online component, so we make sure Zoey can help them all.

2. How long has Zoey been in business

Zoey was founded in the summer of 2014 inside another company, and was spun off as its own company in 2015. We originally started as a B2C-focused eCommerce platform, but found ourselves attracting and having success with B2B customers after launching our first suite of tools for them. Since 2018 we have been 100% focused on B2B and wholesale seller needs, including manufacturers, wholesalers, franchisers, etc.

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3. What makes Zoey different from other eCommerce platforms?

Well, for starters, we think beyond eCommerce to other types of order taking requirements, such as salespeople working out in the field, at trade shows, or on site with customers. Not everyone who needs to take orders needs eCommerce, so we offer an order portal option that is a more streamlined order taking setup. We also offer a robust admin for those in a business who take orders in other forms – over the phone, via email, and so on.

4. Who is Zoey for?

Zoey empowers B2B and wholesale businesses who sell in volume – franchisers, manufacturers, distributors, resellers, etc. Zoey can also support businesses that have both B2B and B2C operations, all through the same store.

5. Can existing businesses migrate to Zoey?

Most of our new customers are existing businesses looking for a more powerful solution. There are various ways to move data. We do have data import apps for a few of the most prominent eCommerce solutions such as Shopify and Magento. We also do work with third parties like Cart 2 Cart for some other platforms. Many businesses, though, use our CSV importing tools to import products and customer data via an import, because they have a bit more control over the final input and can make adjustments and corrections a bit more quickly.

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6. Are there templates for new Stores?

Zoey has a Visual Design Editor, our drag-and-drop design editor. It comes with some pre-packaged templates to get things started. There are also hundreds of pre-built blocks, which are effectively small segments or building blocks for a page, so if you need to add something or want to swap something out, it’s easy.

7. What type of technical and customer support does Zoey offer?

We offer a robust ticketing support system and our 2019 average was to respond to a ticket, on average, in less than one business hour. We know the longer our customers wait for an answer, the more frustrating it can be, and we know getting quick help unblocks them from moving forward with other things they need to get done. So we work quickly to get answers and resolve any questions!

8. What are current customers saying about Zoey?

We believe strongly in customer testimonials. On the Customers page of our site, we have quotes from a number of customers; our blog has a number of case studies with more to come. We also have additional quotes on our homepage, and have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 with Trustpilot based on our customer reviews. We have a number of those reviews featured on our home page, too.

Other websites, like Capterra and G2 Crowd, have additional reviews from our customers. We know we’re not everything to everyone, but I think our customers are generally very fair and accurate about where we excel and what our limitations are.

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9. How can I learn more about Zoey to see if it’s right for me?

On our website, we have a Request a Demo option where you can be given a customized review of Zoey based on your business needs. We do also offer a trial, but we’ve found that conversation is a helpful starting point and can enrich the trial. So reach out to us and we’ll be happy to talk you through it!

10. If I want to switch to Zoey but don’t want to do it myself, who can help me?

Zoey has a partner program that includes an array of agency partners who know our solution and can help you get up and running. This can be a specific segment of getting online, such as marketing or product entry, or a soup to nuts complete build out and migration. We find some of our customers have the in-house know-how and interest in doing it themselves, while others prefer to get outside help. Our merchants have been successful with either path in getting up and running, so both are viable ways to get started.

11. Is there anything else you think I should know about Zoey?

Zoey is a SaaS-based solution, meaning we manage the hosting and the code. Each year we push hundreds of updates, everything from the exciting (major new feature releases) to the more mundane (bug fixes and simple setting additions). Customer feedback is an important part of the process, and many new features that come out are informed in part by our customer conversations. We continue to invest in building and evolving Zoey to ensure its ability to support our clients as they grow.

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Zoey Review: Final Thoughts

For someone who is ready to move on from Shopify, but not interested in coding a store on Magento, Zoey is the solution. If you are considering starting a Zoey store online, make sure to request a walkthrough of the platform. You won’t know for sure if it’s right for you until you’ve seen first-hand how it works.

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