15 Small Home Office Design Ideas That Will Make You More Productive

Last Updated Mar 06, 2021

When I first started working from home, my couch was my home office for more than a year. For some people, this is perfect, but for others like me, we get too comfortable and distracted.

After I realized that where I work affects my productivity, I set out to find the perfect desk and office necessities. I quickly turned an unused guest room into my home office and my productivity soared through the roof.

Since moving to a new home, my home office is still under construction. While I create the perfect space to work from, I’ve decided to document the office supplies, fixtures, and furnishings to help you set up a place to work from home.

You can get started with just a coffee table and couch, or remodel an entire room to fit your taste. Most importantly, design your office to become a place where you actually want to be.

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Small Office Design for the Home

I truly believe that the design of your small office is important. A few things to consider when designing your office include organization, lighting, color scheme, furnishing, placement, and total space. Let me briefly explain each of these important small office design features!


Having an uncluttered, well-organized workspace helps you focus on your work. You’ll be able to spend more time working and less time stressing about lost paperwork or pens. Your office could need something as simple as a desktop organizer to change the entire feel and design of your space.

Mesh Organizer

Metal Riser

Wood Shelf

Proper Lighting

If you’re using large closet space, a section of the basement, or a dark corner of the house as your office space, it can become dreary without proper lighting. Sunlight during the day is the best for work productivity, but if you have limited options or often work after daylight hours, then make sure to light up your space with lamps or overhead light fixtures.

Desk Lamp

Shelf Lamp

Floor Lamp


Working from the couch is possible, but for some, a dedicated office desk is important. There are both simple and elaborate desk options to choose from depending on your space and needs.

Folding Desk

Wall Mount Desk

L-Shaped Desk

Color scheme

Did you know thatthe color of your office walls could affect your productivity? Choose a room paint base color of blue for productivity and add touches of orange in your decor to evoke emotion, yellow to evoke creativity, or red to stimulate physical activity.




Room placement

Be sure to choose a room that is not going to attract too many “visitors”. For example, your productivity will skyrocket if you take your work away from the family room couch and into a corner guest room.

Total space

Though a small office design can be quaint, be sure to allow yourself more than some closet space if possible. It does not take a whole empty room to increase productivity, but it is important that you have room to stretch your legs and change your view as needed.

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15 Small Office Ideas for the Perfect Home Office Design

If you need some inspiration, check out these gorgeous home office spaces created by individuals who work from home.

Bedroom Offices

This gorgeous space requires nothing more than a bright spot in your bedroom. Choose some rustic farmhouse pieces to create the perfect space for you to work from home.


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This incredible office space flows seamlessly into even the smallest bedroom. Decorate to your taste.


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Here’s another great setup that works well in a bedroom. Build out your space to fit even the most elaborate setup.


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Small Space Office Ideas

Wondering what to do with that space under the stairs? Turn it into a fully functional small office space!


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This office requires nothing more than a clean spot in the attic. If you have a skylight, you can also get some sun while you work.


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One tiny wall space for an office doesn’t mean you have to keep it simple. Install wall shelves to make your office as elaborate as you’d like!


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Not sure what to do with that tiny nook in the wall? Turn it into your office with just a few simple additions.


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Here’s another tiny space turned home office. Slant ceilings can be a pain, but make the perfect spot for setting up a place to work.


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Clean out that cluttered closet and put it to use as your tiny workspace!


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You can even turn a corner of your garage into a cozy office space!


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Couch Office Ideas

If all you have available is some couch space, you can still set up a simple spot to work!


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If you’re in a bind, just grab the nearest couch and a coffee table. It’s really all you need when working from a laptop.


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Full Room Office Ideas

If you have an unused room to dedicate to your small office, use this beautiful yet simple setup for inspiration!


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Here’s another incredible office setup for a small room. This modern look is both cozy and functional.


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If you already have a sitting room setup, you can easily add a floating desk to instantly turn it into a small home office.


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More Home Office Desks from Amazon

Take a look at these office design ideas for small spaces and choose one that fits your space and taste.

Analiese 4-Drawer Writing Desk Antique Nutmeg and Black

If you work from home, you may not have a dedicated room to call an office. That’s okay! You can still create a beautiful space in your bedroom or living room.

Consider a beautiful writing desk finished in antique nutmeg with a black base to match. This small office design idea perfectly complements homes with a vintage style or rustic style.

Complementing Decor:

CHEFJOY Computer Desk

Brighten any small office design layout with a wooden topped white trim desk. Mornings in this small office space will be a dream!

Complementing Decor:

Particle Wood & Metal Frame Desk

This modern office design idea for small spaces is both simple and affordable. All you need is a small desk and small work space to multiply your productivity while working from home!

Gray Pedestal Desk

This gorgeous small office setup idea features a pedestal desk in washed gray. The keyboard space is concealed in the single drawer. Store your office supplies and paperwork in the spacious storage cabinet.

L-Shaped Corner Desk

An L-shaped small home office design setup is attainable, even in a small home office! This beautiful corner desk is made of salt oak and contains plenty of storage space for any home business supplies and paperwork.


Caramel Latte Wood Desk

A perfect desk for small office space, this caramel latte wood desk fits in the small corner or closet. It doesn’t take 50 square feet to have a fully functional office!


Jamocha Wood Finish Sauder Shoal Creek L-Desk

Surprised to see a corner desk described as a small office interior design idea? I’m not! My office space is tight, but I wouldn’t give up my own beautiful L-shaped desk for anything.


Vintage Oak L-Shape Desk

A small office setup is within your grasp with this beautiful vintage oak L-desk! Plenty of leg room, storage space and desktop area for your work.



Update Your Home Office with Just a Few Small Changes

I am thrilled to share these small office design ideas with you. While shopping for my own home office desk and interior design ideas, it was always helpful to see the full picture of what my finished office could really look like. Today I work in my home office daily and wouldn’t give it up for anything!

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