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work from home small business ideasYou’ve just landed on the most extensive small business ideas list on the internet (or at least it will be soon).

If you are toying with the idea of starting a business but you’re not sure what business to start, this list of small business ideas is for you.

Let’s not waste any time. Your small business idea is waiting for you to discover it!

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Small Business Ideas

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    Top 10 Small Business Ideas

    If you don’t have time to read through the entire list of small business ideas, then at least consider my top 10 small business ideas. These businesses are some of the most successful small business ideas to consider.

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    Freelance Proofreading

    If you enjoy correcting spelling and grammar mistakes, then a proofreading job might be right up your alley. A freelance proofreader reads books, manuscripts or other text for clients and fixes any errors along the way. It doesn’t require any special education or degree to get started.

    Caitlin Pyle successfully earns more than $50,000 per year by proofreading from home! She has a free 45-minute workshop teaching how to get your proofreading business started. Sign up for a spot in her free class right here.

    Start a Blog

    Seriously. Real people make real money from home with a blog. You can read all about affiliate marketing and making money with a blog here if you want to know the details.

    But in a nutshell, there are bloggers making anywhere from $10 to $150,000+ per month with a blog! It all depends on if you treat it as a hobby or a business. Start a blog for only $3.95 per month – the cost of a specialty cup of coffee.

    Affiliate Marketing Website

    If churning out content for a blog doesn’t sound appealing to you, consider starting an affiliate marketing website instead. Much like a blog, affiliate marketing website’s run on content and help readers find a product that fulfills a need. The difference, however, is that once you’ve set up some amazing affiliate marketing webpages, you could potentially continue to earn money from it passively for years to come.

    Blogs and affiliate marketing websites are extremely similar. Either way, you’ll have to do some upfront legwork such as setting up a website, writing content and plugging in affiliate products or services that meet your readers’ needs. Wealthy Affiliates promises to teach new members how to make money with affiliate marketing. Check out their free plans where you can create up to two affiliate marketing websites for free!

    Start a VA Service Business

    Virtual assistance is a growing service that other small (and large) businesses need badly. With more and more business transactions taking place online, many business owners don’t have the skills or the desire to handle their own online affairs. That’s where virtual assistants come in! The sky is the limit when it comes to what kind of online VA services you can offer.

    Gina Horkey is the master of helping people find a place as VA on the world wide web. After only a few months as a VA herself, she was making more than $4,000 in addition to her day job. Check out her amazing list of 150+ services you can offer as a VA.

    Flea Market Flipping

    Scope out your local flea market, thrift stores, and garage sales and snag cheap items that have a great potential to sell online. Then list those items online and sell for a profit! You can even search each item on your smartphone to get an idea of price and demand before committing to buy.

    Rob and Melissa are the gurus in flea market flipping. They’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of second-hand items over the years. And even better yet, they teach their entire strategy here!

    Pet Care

    To start a successful pet care business, you will need to have a love for animals and an unquenchable thirst for spending time with other peoples’ pets (not just your own). This isn’t for anyone, but it could go a long way!

    Sign up for a free account with Rover to get your services in front of people who need your help.

    Used Clothing Consignment

    This can be as simple or as complicated as you’re willing to make it. Rent store space, a spot at your local flea market or sell the clothing online. The choice is yours! Give your consignors a cut of the profits and return the items that don’t sell.

    Get some startup cash by selling your first batch of used clothing in Thredup or If you like the prices they offer, you can continue selling clothes there, or start your own used clothing website on Shopify.

    House Flipping

    Perhaps a little more complex, but if you’re a DIYer, purchase a cheap fixer upper and remodel it to your taste. Then sell at a profit. Many people will live in the house they are flipping to save on the additional mortgage or rental payment.

    Lawn Care and/or Snow Removal

    Hoards of people need help cutting grass in the summer and removing snow in the winter (in the North). What better way to make money from home than to offer your own services?

    Car Detailing Service

    Set up shop in your own garage or take your detailing to your clients. People will often pay a pretty penny to have their car cleaned from top to bottom (inside and out).

    Cleaning and Organizing Service

    Cleaners and organizers can charge top dollar for their services. You can build your own client base and one day build a team of professionals that work for you.

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      Rent Out Storage Space

      Talk about residual income – renting storage space is just about as easy as it gets. Purchase property and build rental units or use an existing building that you already own.

      Uber Driver

      Drive for Uber nights and weekends or replace your day job if the demand in your area is high enough. Driving for Uber can be a fun side job, or you can turn it into your own small business.

      Sign up for Uber and start driving neighbors to appointments, date nights, errands, you name it.

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      Creative Small Business Ideas

      The following creative small business ideas should give you inspiration for a home based business that works for you. Take one of these ideas and create a business plan that is perfect for you and your creative abilities.

      Creative Small Business Ideas

      Decorating Service

      If you have an eye for design and enjoy helping others decorate their space, then consider starting your own decorating service. You can create your own business website or start a Facebook business page describing the services you offer and the areas you cover.

      Party Planner

      Perhaps you’ve spent your last dime on the party of your dreams, but you can’t wait to plan another. Just because you don’t have a reason to plan your own party, doesn’t mean you can’t plan one for someone else. Start marketing your business on social media to get new clients, and make sure to share photos of your last successful party as proof of your talents!

      Indoor Painting

      Sell Crafts

      Sell Baked Goods

      Design T-Shirts

      Host Children Craft Parties

      Virtual Home Office Designer


      Makeup Artist

      Small Business Ideas From Home

      These small business ideas are perfect to start and execute from home (without the need to meet clients face to face). Most of these ideas can be arranged without spending time on the phone. As work at home moms and parents, phone jobs are increasingly more difficult to hold long term.

      Small Business Ideas From Home

      Virtual Assistant

      Laundry Service

      Transcribe Documents

      Write For Money

      Web Design Service

      SEO Service

      Travel Agent

      Voice Over Services

      Video Editing

      Closed Captioning Service

      Virtual English Teacher

      YouTube Star

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        Small Business Ideas For Small Towns

        Every small town has a decent amount of demand for each of these small businesses. The hardest part is getting the word out and building a reliable customer and client base. But with the growth of local Facebook communities in recent years, it becomes increasingly easier to share your services locally.

        Small Business Ideas For Small Towns

        Dog Walking

        Tax Professional


        Sell Insurance

        Fence or House Painting

        Handyman or woman


        Grow and Sell Produce

        Sell Eggs and Fresh Chicken

        Sell Fresh Milk

        Sell Piglets

        Breed Dogs

        Property Management

        Open a Gym


        Party Entertainment

        Childcare Provider

        And there you have it. 51 small business ideas for all types of people with varying talents. Whether you prefer to stay at home or get out in your neighborhood, you will definitely find a small business that works for you. Let me know which idea inspires you the most! I would love to hear your thoughts.

          For a limited time, grab this FREE email course by a fellow introvert mom who spills ALL of her secrets that helped her earn $50,000 per year working a part-time schedule at home!

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