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When I first started proofreading for clients, I admit that my skills were a bit rusty. For a beginner proofreading, this can lead to immediate termination or bad client reviews.

Thankfully, the clients I’ve worked with have always been understanding. But if that wasn’t the case, I would be telling you a much different story.

Since I’ve been blessed to continue working as a proofreader for more than 2 years, I decided to put together a proofreading quiz for others to use as a skill assessment test.

If you don’t get a 100% that does not mean you don’t have what it takes to become a proofreader. Instead, it just means that you will need to brush up on your proofreading skills and learn from the professional.

Caitlin Pyle is one such professional proofreader who teaches beginners how to become successful in the industry. She started proofreading part time and grew her income to more than $40,000 per year from home.

She put together a free online workshop where she walks through some of the most common errors that proofreaders need to recognize.

Whether your goal is to supplement your income with some proofreading jobs on the side, or replace your full time income one day, proofreading could be your solution.

20-Question Proofreading Test for Beginner to Advanced Proofreaders

If you can ace this proofreading quiz without consulting Google for the answers (no cheating!), then you can possibly land some of the best-paying proofreading jobs for beginners.

But if you miss a few questions, don’t give up on proofreading just yet. You can still brush up on your skills and attend Cailtin’s free online workshop to learn more.

1. Which word is spelled correctly?
2. Which word is spelled correctly?
3. Which word is spelled correctly?
4. Which word is spelled correctly?
5. Which word is spelled correctly?
6. Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
7. Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
8. Which sentence is punctuated correctly?
9. Which sentence is correct?Lay vs. Lie
10. Which sentence is correct?Farther vs. Further
11. Which sentence is correct?Lose vs. Loose
12. Which sentence is correct?Then vs. Than
13. Which sentence is correct?
14. Which sentence is correct?Your vs. You're and Me vs. I
15. Which sentence is correct?Who vs. Whom
16. Which sentence is correct?There, Their, and They're
17. Which sentence is correct?There, Their, and They're
18. Which sentence is correct?There, Their, and They're
19. Which sentence is correct?There, Their, and They're
20. Which sentence is correct?Split Infinitives
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What Did You Score On The Proofreading Quiz?

I’d love to know how well you did on the proofreading quiz above. Check your email for your results and come back here and let me know in the comments! Whether you need more practice, or you’re ready to become a proofreader now, I’d love to hear your thoughts.

But don’t give away the answers for everyone else coming by to take the proofreading test! 🙂

For more than 10 years I've been researching, testing, and sharing work from home opportunities with fellow introverts.I created The Pay At Home Parent in February of 2018 to help you be a successful home-based business owner, blogger or side hustler.As a wife, mom and frugal homemaker, I make a full-time income on a part-time work schedule and I know that you can too!

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