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Pinterest Traffic Tip from a Pro

The Pay At Home Parent presents Saranya Ramanathan, a career blogger at One Fine Wallet. In this guest post, Saranya shares exactly how to fix your pin images in order to garner amazing Pinterest traffic.

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    As a beginner blogger, Pinterest seems like the perfect platform for blog traffic.

    And rightly so.

    When I started my blog back in March 2018, I was able to reach over 6,000 pageviews in my very first month. Fast-forward 10 months later I now get over 100,000 pageviews a month, with a mix of Google and Pinterest traffic.

    Tailwind, a Pinterest pin scheduling tool, also promoted one of my posts (in my 2nd-month blogging). This put me over the minimum requirements to apply to Mediavine — an elite advertising network which has tremendously boosted my ad income.

    Definitely give Tailwind a try for free to see if it’s right for you!

    Pinterest Traffic Tips

    Pinterest and SEO

    I believe Pinterest traffic aids Google SEO to a certain extent. There have been a few times where some of my viral pins started ranking on the first page of Google. But for this to happen you need to have your posts well optimized and keyworded for search engines.

    In all honesty, you can choose any Pinterest guide that teaches you how to set up a business account, create personal boards, join group boards, and research the right keywords to include.

    But these basics alone are not what give you massive Pinterest traffic.

    Once you have keywords and hashtags you might still struggle with gaining views from Pinterest.

    Let me explain.

    I see this question come up in Facebook groups so often — “I purchased a Pinterest course and did everything in it, but I still can’t increase my blog traffic. Can someone help?”

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    Pinterest Traffic Quick Fix

    Today, I am going to show you the one big mistake that is hurting your Pinterest traffic.

    It’s your pin design.

    Yes, your pin image can make or break your chances of reaching a wider audience.

    I once created terrible pin images. Designs that were either too dull or too noisy — too much text with an overdone background.

    Don’t believe me? Take a look at this one.

    Pinterest Traffic - Bad Pin Design

    And just when you think it can’t get any worse, I did this, too.

    Pinterest Traffic - Poor Pin Design

    If you are wondering what’s wrong with these pin images, let me explain.

    Noisy Background

    They have a terribly noisy background.

    Image #1 is heavily worded and has a dark text and a dark background.

    Image #2 has too much going on. It’s got a bright and colorful background and I’ve topped it with some zigzag wordings AND a script font that is not visible.

    Script Font

    I believe it’s important to keep the script font to a very minimum – not more than 2 words for your title. These fonts can get really hard to read, and pinners are not going to take the time to stop by and figure out the words in your title. You need to make it easy for them, and the only way to do it is to make everything clear and to the point.

    So, after those disastrous pins, I started to test out different pin styles. And with more pins I sent out, I got a feel of what worked and what didn’t.

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      Two Key Components to Good Pin Design

      • The choice of background image
      • The readability and contrast of text

      Pin Background Images

      If you are a food, or fashion blogger – let your images do the talking. Keep your text to a minimum. Long pins can work well if you need to include more than usual text.

      Many bloggers worry that because Pinterest has a predominantly female audience, business-oriented pins might not do well.

      Not true.

      I blog about online work and personal finance, but this hasn’t limited my reach on Pinterest. So whether its business, blogging, career or technology you can get that Pinterest traffic.

      Now an important question: is it really important to have stunning stock photos? Not necessarily.

      This pin image below is a very simple design WITHOUT any stock photos, and yet I received over 1,000 Pinterest views from it.

      Pinterest Traffic - Good Pin Design

      It’s light, clean and gets the message across. A lot of times, designing a pin doesn’t necessarily mean you need to decorate it and use high-end stock images.

      Minimal is plenty in most cases.

      A standout infographic can also draw attention to business/tech oriented topics.

      If you blog about crafts or tips and hacks create a Pinterest image that shows a step by step image. This can be a hit because your pin shows the reader exactly what you are going to teach in the post. And if they like what they see, they are going to click through to your blog.

      Pin Text

      The text on your pin is the next important bit. You can write as much as you want or as little as you want. They are both perfectly fine. But how you size them matters.

      Having a very tiny font can get hard to read.

      Make two or three of your title words big and bold, and let the rest of the text blend in. When you scroll through the Pinterest feed and you see words all over the pin, it just looks like a chunk of letters.

      These type of pins can easily go unnoticed.

      You definitely don’t want to make this mistake.

      Also, don’t write a pin title like everyone else is doing in your niche.

      Here is a pin image that didn’t gain a lot of attention to a post.

      Blog Traffic from Pinterest - Poor Image Text

      So I created a new image to that post.

      This new image got more traffic than the first one.

      Pin Image - Good Design

      Although the first image looked like a neat pin, it had an ordinary title. One that everyone else in the niche was using for their pins. So I changed it up a bit and gave away a lot more information.

      The pin tells you it’s a new list (year included), and that you don’t need a website to be able to write and get paid. Simple, and straight to the point.

      So if you are a food blogger, instead of a pin title like, “vegan pasta recipe,” create a title like this instead: “15 minute Vegan Brocolli and Mint Pasta.”

      Do you see where I’m going?

      Your title gives away information that it’s vegan, its a quick recipe and mentions some of the ingredients used — more reason to click and read if they like a broccoli pasta.

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        Need more inspiration?

        I’m no graphic design expert, nor do I have great computer skills, which you don’t need in order to gain Pinterest traffic.

        I get my inspiration from the grocery store. As funny as this sounds, I enjoy looking at the fonts, colors, and size of the text used for product branding. I am talking about labels printed on coke or beer bottles too, cereal boxes or even a bag of chips.

        Get inspired, and learn how to create the right sized fonts. Make it easy on the eye to read.

        Sure, you can’t copy their exact theme, but you can use these ideas to work on your pins and create stunning visuals.

        Remember, pinners are mostly mobile users. I say this because the majority of my Pinterest readers use their mobile phone (as per my Google Analytics). In one stretch, mobile users get to see only 4 pins at a time as compared to pinners on their desktop who get a wider view. This means you MUST catch their attention before they scroll past your pin.

        And the only way to do this is with your captivating pin graphic.

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        Don’t Ignore Pin Design

        I can’t stress enough how important pin design is. I have had pins get over 1,000 click throughs within a few days of pinning them.

        Good Pin Design

        And have also had poorly designed pins that resulted in maybe 30 click throughs. I used to blame it on my post topic and felt that there wasn’t an audience for it when in reality, it was the pin image.

        If a pin is not up to standard, readers may not take the blogger’s content serious enough to click through and read.

        It’s time to look back at all your old posts and refresh them with new click-worthy images.

        Take as much time in creating pins as you would with your blog posts and you will enjoy the Pinterest traffic it brings you. You don’t need to be a pro-blogger to get thousands of Pinterest views a day. I managed to do this in my first three months blogging and so can you.

        Are you ready to work on those pins?

          For a limited time, grab this FREE email course by a fellow introvert mom who spills ALL of her secrets that helped her earn $50,000 per year working a part-time schedule at home!

          Saranya is a career blogger and a mom of two who has side hustled her way to a full-time income from home. Her blog, One Fine Wallet, helps you gain financial freedom by starting a flexible work at home career.

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