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Let me guess. You think you’ve heard all the Pinterest mistakes and you’re doing everything right, right? But you’re still failing at Pinterest. Maybe it’s time to buckle up, listen up, and stop making these Pinterest mistakes immediately!

I love learning and sharing what I learn about Pinterest, but some days it seems that Pinterest does not love me. I would like to attribute my ups and downs (mostly downs) to the constant Pinterest updates recently, but maybe the fact is that I just need to shift strategies and remember the basics.

So in all my Pinning ventures, both manual and using my free Pinterest scheduling method, I’ve learned a few things that could help you grow your Pinterest reach! Or sign up for Tailwind’s free trial because they make it so easy to schedule your Pins.

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Pinterest blogging mistakes

These Pinterest mistakes are no-brainers if you’re really trying to be successful on Pinterest and I’ll try to explain why. So keep reading if you want to learn about these mistakes and then make these issues right as soon as you can!

Pinterest Mistakes That Should Be Fixed Now

I apologize ahead of time for the fast paced, slightly annoyed tone of this blog post. I promise that I am not chiding beginners. I am actually finding many of these errors on high traffic, popular bloggers’ sites and this is why I feel slightly annoyed.

To the new blogger just getting started, just know that I love you and I’m here to help you not make these same mistakes that so many others are making!

Let’s jump right in and talk about the Pinterest mistakes that everyone should be avoiding.

1. you are not placing a Pinnable image in your blog post

Hey, maybe some bloggers forget to add a Pinnable image to their posts. But I’m sure that many ignore this on purpose. I have no idea why!

When I click on an image on Pinterest it’s either to A) verify that the image belongs to the domain or B) read the blog and then share it if I love it. Many times I love it and there is no Pinnable image to be found!

You might say, “well, I upload my Pinnable images to Pinterest directly and share from there.” That’s great, but they should also be in your blog post! Even if you need to hide your Pinterest images.

Think about it. Let’s say I Google a keyword phrase and your blog answers my question. I enjoy it so much that I want to share it with my followers. I push the save to Pinterest button and BAM there is no Pinnable image to share.

This frustrates me and makes me sad for the blogger who probably lost the share not only from me, but from many others who are like me.

So please, add at least one Pinnable image to each of your blog posts! You will get so many more shares.

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2. you are not sharing on Pinterest consistently

Perhaps Pinterest isn’t your main source of traffic or you don’t even have much traffic to your blog yet. That is okay! But that also means that you need to harness the power of Pinterest and start sharing you content consistently.

If you struggle to stay consistent, try scheduling your Pins using Tailwind for free.

Pinterest loves when you share Pins that are relevant to your audience and popular. It’s important to keep your own blog’s Pins circulating, but as you get started maybe you don’t have more than two or three Pins to share each day.

When you’re getting started on Pinterest, share third party Pins that are not from your blog. This let’s Pinterest know what type of content you will be creating and who to start showing your Pins and profile to.

If you are unsure how to get started on Pinterest. Grab this affordable Pinteresting Strategies book. I saw amazing progress on my Pinterest reach within the first 2 – 3 weeks of following this strategy.

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3. you are not adding keywords and value to your meta descriptions

This Pinterest mistake may not be as obvious as some of the others because I genuinely believe that many bloggers do not know how Pinterest works. But please remember that you must create your meta descriptions with purpose.

When you save a Pin from your blog post, Pinterest will pull your meta description for that post and use it as the main description for your Pin across all shared instances.

What do you think is more important to be showing on your Pins? A legal disclaimer letting readers know that you are using affiliate links or a keyword rich synopsis of exactly what readers can expect to learn when they click on your Pin?

You guessed it! It is so important to make sure that your meta description is well keyworded and creates interest in your potential readers! This is not only a best practice for Pinterest, but also for your overall SEO strategies.

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4. you have not upgraded to a free business account

Upgrading to a business account from your personal Pinterest is absolutely free! Having a Pinterest business account is important for these reasons:

  • It tells Pinterest you’re a creator (Pinterest NEEDS creators)
  • It gives you access to Pinterest analytics to track your reach
  • It allows you to have Rich Pins (see mistake #4)
  • It allows you to promote Pins to your audience

There are plenty of other benefits of upgrading to a business Pinterest account, yet many bloggers are forgetting to take this important step! If you’re serious about getting traffic from Pinterest, head over to Pinterest and upgrade your account.

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5. you have not setup Rich Pins

According to Pinterest,

Rich Pins provide more context about an idea because they show extra information directly on a Pin. There are four types of Rich Pins: app, product, recipe and article.

Basically what this means for bloggers is that each Pin you save will include even more information on it than the average Pinterest user. When your Pins are “rich” your Pinterest name, link and board name will show up on your Pins as they circulate the smartfeed or trending tabs.

The extra information that your Pins show when you setup Rich Pins are enough to stand out in a crowd of Pins and attract clicks to your blog and visits to your Pinterest profile.

It’s not hard to setup Rich Pins, so make sure you do this and benefit from the extra exposure!

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6. you are not adding descriptions to your profile, boards or Pins

There are three places to add keyword rich descriptions on your Pinterest profile (four if you include your meta description from mistake #2).

When you first create a Pinterest profile, your first concern should be to tell Pinterest exactly what your content will be all about. Your Pinterest name and profile short description should be packed with keywords and helpful information.

Pinterest Profile

Notice that I have maximized the character count in my profile name and description to ensure that Pinterest knows who will enjoy my content.

If you like what I Pin, please follow me!

Next, every time you create a new board, your first action should be to fill out a complete description with keywords that describe exactly what you will be saving to that board.

Pinterest board description

Notice how I pack relevant keyword phrases into my board descriptions on Pinterest. The very first pins that I save to brand new boards are the top pins that show up when I search for my targeted keywords.

So for example, after I created this new board I searched Pinterest for “how to start a blog” and then saved the top 4 to 6 Pins to this board. I then saved my relevant Pins to this board and continue to add to each board at least two times per week.

Lastly, keywording your Pin descriptions as you save each one from your domain is crucial to how Pinterest will rank your Pin for searches. This description is separate from the one that pulls from your blog’s meta description.

Keywords are so important for your Pinterest SEO! Remember, Pinterest cannot read the text on your image, so unless you tell them, they don’t know what your Pins are about.

[click_to_tweet tweet=”Pinterest Mistake #6: you are not adding descriptions to your profile, boards or Pins.#PinterestMistake #PinterestTips #Pinterest #PinterestKeywords #PinterestSEO” quote=”Pinterest Mistake #6: you are not adding descriptions to your profile, boards or Pins” theme=”style6″]

7. you’re not collaborating with others in group boards

This Pinterest mistake may change in the future, but currently, Pinterest group boards are still an important part of growing your blog’s traffic.

Group boards on Pinterest allow you to save your Pins to a shared board with a large audience. If you have a new account with fewer than 100 followers and get accepted to a group board with 10,000 followers, you’ve just increased your audience by 9,900!

If you are not working on joining new group boards, then consider adding this to your to-do list! You can quickly increase your audience on Pinterest using this strategy.

If you blog about personal finance or blogging tips, join my Pinterest group board!

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Correcting These Pinterest Mistakes Can Make A Difference

If you are struggling to gain traction on Pinterest and get traffic to your blog then don’t give up yet. Make sure that you are avoiding all of the above listed Pinterest mistakes.

I learn new things about Pinterest all the time! Don’t let all of the information you read overwhelm you but instead soak in all of the Pinterest tips that you can. They will help you avoid these Pinterest mistakes and many others like them.

Are you struggling with Pinterest? Let me know your struggles in the comments and I’ll try to answer your questions or direct you to helpful resources!

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