Pinterest Group Boards Hack: Find and Join 100s in Minutes

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Pinterest is an ever-changing search engine with frequent algorithm updates. In English? Everything you read below may no longer be accurate. So proceed with caution!

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If you’re looking for Pinterest group boards to join, then you know by now how time-consuming this can be. My first few group boards took me days to join because of the tedious searching, requesting and waiting to get approved.

Of course, we can’t just give up on joining group boards because Pinterest makes up for ~90% of many bloggers’ traffic. But there has to be another way to join hordes of group boards without spending hours at a time.

You’re in luck! I am going to walk you through how I send up to 100 Pinterest group board email join requests at one time. Altogether, it takes about 10 – 15 minutes to prepare and press send on 100 emails!

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Pinterest Stats

Pinterest Group Boards Myths

Before I walk you through the steps to join 100s of group boards fast, let’s clear up a few myths about joining Pinterest group boards.

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Myth 1: Only join boards with the most followers

The number of followers on a Pinterest group board is hardly important anymore! In fact, the broad boards with tens of thousands of followers and hundreds of contributors are probably not performing well at all. So do not only request to join group boards with a high follower count! Active boards with few followers and few contributors perform better than diluted boards.

Myth 2: Only Request to join a few great boards

Keep in mind that you might have to send 400 emails before you’re accepted to contribute to 50 boards. Quitting after requesting to join 20 boards is not going to get you very far! It’s important to stick to it and send requests for 100s of boards to find a few well-performing boards in your niche.

Myth 3: Don’t bother pinning from your group boards, There are plenty of followers to do that

Don’t let your group boards go stale! You must keep up their health by pinning from them. Some group board owners will require you to pin from their board as often as you pin to it. Even if it’s not a requirement, it’s great to do this!

6 Steps to Join Pinterest Group Boards Fast

So let’s jump right in and get started with my Pinterest hack that lets you request to join 100 boards at a time!

Step 1: Find group boards in your niche

To join group boards, you’ll first need to find some that are relevant to your niche. It’s easy to come up with a list of boards quickly using sites like PinGroupie. It’s a free site that gathers group boards from Pinterest and tags them with niche-specific keywords. You can find good boards to join just by entering relevant search terms into the search bar.

Using PinGroupie, start working on a master list of group boards that you can potentially join.

Step 2: Follow group boards and their owners

Run through your list of group boards, visit the first board you want to join and “follow” it. If it is no longer accepting contributors, you can unfollow the board and remove it from your list.

Once you’ve followed the group board that you would like to join, click over to the board owner’s profile and follow him/her as well. If you do not follow the board and board owner, she/he will not be able to invite you to join the board and be a contributor.

Step 3: Prepare your spreadsheet for a bulk email request

Open a blank Google Sheet and distinguish three important columns: Board Name, Email Address, and Name.

  1. Under the column titled “Board Name,” copy/paste all the names of the boards that you would like to join.
  2. Under the column titled “Email Address,” list the owner’s email address.
  3. Under the column titled “Name,” list the owner’s first name (or business name).

You can list up to 100 in one sheet! It should look something like this in Google Sheets:

Pinterest group board

Step 4: Install YAMM (Yet Another Mail Merge) plugin on Google Chrome

YAMM is a free browser extension that allows you to send up to 100 emails per 24 hours from a spreadsheet. The extension pulls unique information from your spreadsheet.

So go to YAMM and install the extension for free. Using my link will give you 50 free emails per day. That’s up to 100 emails per 24 hour period in total.

Step 5: Prepare your email draft in Gmail

Every bulk email that you send using YAMM will pull from a draft that you have saved in your Gmail account. Hop on over to your Gmail, copy/paste this email as a draft and tailor it to your niche.

The <<markers>> are very important for sending bulk emails, so make sure not to remove those. They will pull information from our spreadsheet under the columns that match the marker label.

Email Subject Line: Group Board: <<Board Name>>

Hello <<Name>>,

I came across your group board, <<Board Name>>, on Pinterest and would love to join if you are still accepting contributors! I followed both your profile and the group board in question.

I mainly blog about [your niche] and will only contribute related, high quality pins to the board.

My Pinterest email: [your email]
My Pinterest profile: [your profile URL]
My blog: [your blog URL]

Thank you for your consideration! If I can do anything for you, please let me know!

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Save this email in your Gmail drafts and use it over and over as you compile lists of new boards to join.

Step 6: Send up to 100 emails per 24 hours from your spreadsheet

Sending your group board join requests in bulk (without copy/pasting emails over and over) is the fun and easy part.

  1. Open your Google Sheet with the Board Name, Email Address and Name columns that you’ve prepared
  2. On the navigation bar, select “Add-ons”
  3. Hover over “Yet Another Mail Merge
  4. Select “Start Mail Merge”
  5. Select “Continue”
  6. Adjust your Sender Name: [Your Name]
  7. Select the Email Template: Group Board: <<Board Name>>
  8. Select “Alias, filters, personalized attachments…”
  9. Select your send from address: [your Pinterest email address if possible]
  10. Select “Back”
  11. Select “Receive a test email”
  12. Review the test email you receive
  13. If everything looks great, select “Send # emails”

Sit back and wait a few seconds while your emails send. You can even go to your Gmail “sent” folder to verify that each one sent.

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Joining Pinterest Group Boards the Easy Way

This is how I send up to 100 Pinterest group board join request emails at one time. After you’ve done this once, you will have it all set up to do again and again.

And don’t forget, you can still get great traffic from Pinterest by joining small group boards. Join many and diligently pin to and from them. It’s better to join boards with few followers than to only try joining large boards that you never hear from again.

Just joining Pinterest group boards is not enough. Make sure to “Pin with purpose”! Get this Pinterest strategies eBook. You won’t be disappointed.

Happy pinning!

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